Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Beware the Ides of March

So they say. And I tend to believe everything they say.

At least I used to when I was growing up. Somehow, as a child, I got it stuck in my mind that the ides were some mysterious evil force that tried to mess with your mojo during the month of March.

When my dad died on March 28th of a drug overdose, I held the ides partially responsible and I mourned the fact that he couldn't hold on for three more days until April. After that it seemed like most of the family tragedies occurred in March, further confirming my suspicions that the ides were a force to be reckoned with.

"It's the hardest time of year," my mom always said. And so it was.

And yet it doesn't have to be, does it? Am I right? Or am I right?

In actuality "ides" simply means "the middle" or "to divide," so we only have to beware of the middle of March.

March 15th, to be exact.

Good thing I got married on March 16th. Dodged a bullet there, eh?

I didn't want to get married in March. I fought it tooth 'n nail. I fought it with every fiber of my being. I pouted and skulked and scowled about it. (That was back when pouting and skulking was still attractive on me.)

As it turned out, because my hub was playing college basketball, we could only get married in March or June, so I relented. But I relented like a lamb to the slaughter.

My MIL couldn't understand why it was such an issue for me.

"March is bad luck," I told her. "If we get married in March, we will be cursed forever and ever and ever. We will have a black cloud floating over our heads every day throughout time and all eternity."

"And ANYWAY!" I continued with my arms folded tightly across my chest, "If God had wanted us to get married in march, we would have been born in March."

She laughed and said "Oh my goodness!" twice. And then she said "Oh Gad!" twice. And then she said "Honest to Pete! March isn't bad luck. I was born in March."

"And your point is?" I said.

So she sat me down and gave me a Kellie Pickler pep talk. "Get married in March and change your luck!" She told me. "Make something good happen. Give yourself something to look forward to!"

Such a Polyanna! But you know what? She's right as Sprite.

It took me a while to change my mindset, because death anniversaries stink, but good golly, miss molly, I ain't afraid a no ghosts!

(I hope the ghosts didn't hear me say that!)

I ain't afraid a no ides of March neither.

(I  hope the ides didn't hear me say that either!)

So, here it is, my first March in Utah in 20 odd years. I can't help but wonder if there will be demons to face, but, I'm predicting NO.

A very confident NO.

I can feel the momentum of spring coming. Little green buds are already poking through the ground and the sun is getting up earlier and spending more time with us and I'm cleaning my bathrooms more regularly.

I'm going to send a boom-a-rang of positive vibes out into the universe and keep my fingers crossed that I will ease on down the road into April. And while I'm easing on down the road, I'll be extra careful not to step on any cracks. And I'll steer clear of black cats. And I won't steal any lava rock or walk underneath any coconut trees or break any mirrors or open my umbrella indoors.

And if I accidentally do do any of those things, I'll simply knock on wood and throw a pinch of salt over my shoulder.


T said...

3 of my children were born in March - and one on the 14th (just barely dodging that bullet)

although as I recall I REALLY wanted that last one to hold on another day and be born in April - little stinker. (seriously, then my Mother's necklace would have been symmetrical... is that selfish of me?)

Garden of Egan said...

March is awesome cause it's the first month that doesn't sound like winter.
I'm so tired of winter.
I'm sure now that you are residing in Utah you might be tired of winter too.
I'm sure you are periodically more emotional in Utah than you were in the sand.
It will be good to have winter over.
My verification word: know that stuff you look out of to see popcorn popping

IWA (e - va) said...


First off, Happy bday to your MIL, Happy anniversary to you and the dr. Happy Girls day (tomorrow.. its suppose to be a good luck day for girls.. or so i was told by my grandma!) and happy st.patricks day..... so i dont remember where i heard the ides of march from.. but wasnt it like a play or something... and now Im too wondering why "they" say beware of the ides of march.. because isnt that march suppose to be the lucky month... Im all confused now and this is way too much to be thinking about before white collar comes on!

DeNae said...

How lucky are YOU to be sharing a brain with me! We were married 25 years ago on March 14 -- not the 13th, because periodically our anniversary would be on Friday the 13th, and not the 15th, because of the Ides of March!!

Not that I'm superstitious. I'm not. At all.

March is a good month for me and my husband. First admission of reciprocated affection? March 24. First kiss? March 31.

Since we already share a brain, I'll let you share my March-y good luck, too!

Sandi said...

Well now if your Kellie Pickler MIL would read your blog, she would be very very proud :)

April said...

Bless her heart. Now send her our way. We need some of her Kellie Picklerness in our family on March 15th.

Martha said...

It's good that you gave in and got married in March since you were out backpacking through Europe instead of at his mission homecoming. You're just lucky he forgave you for that one.

Braden said...

Hurray for your MIL. I'm going to memorize that "change your luck" talk for my middle schoolers. For what it's worth, I'll send some positive vibrations/thoughts/and even prayers your way for an uneventful March.

The Framptons said...

Ha ha Martha, that comment made me LOL. I almost said Ba dum bum after I read it. You really do have a nice sense of comedic timing.

Braden, if you need any more pep talks I can send my hub to speak to your class. He can bring his "I LOVE IT" coin and do his van-down-by-the-river impression.

DeNae, I feel so honored to be sharing a brain with you. Can't wait to meet you at the conference. I find it sweet that your first kiss with your hub came 7 days after your first admission of reciprocated affection. ;) Usually it comes like 7 seconds later, or 7 days BEFORE! You go!

Iwa! Happy girls day to you too! I had no idea, but I'm not going to let it slide! And you're so right. St. Patty's day! The luck o the Irish. I wish I was Irish. Actually, I think I am. ;) And you're so right, Ides of March came from a play by Shakespeare. Julius Caesar. He didn't make it up though. Someone actually said it to JC before his empire went down. So technically the ides of March has nothing to do with us.

Garden, you're so cute. Have you done your spring cleaning to your indows yet? ;) I'm actually not tired of winter because it feels like it's over to me. I can totally feel spring in the air. The weather has been incredible. The sun is peering through my windows right now and lighting up my whole house. And I even have my front door open. aaaaahh Martha, remember how I used to have my front door open all the time? Feeeeels so goooood to have fresh air wrapping its arms around me.

T, no that's not selfish of you to want some symmetry in your life. ;) Happy Birthday to all your kids.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh hey, see that comment with the cute little oranges on the profile pic? That was me. My niece forgot to sign out yesterday.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

BTW, I can hear birds chirping outside!!!!!


The Crash Test Dummy said...

Okay, I just closed the front door. It's getting nippy and those birds are driving me nut.

hee hee

(j/k about the birds)

Migillicutty said...

Birds chirping... :) We've had that for a month already in Vegas, Hahahaha! :) <3

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Sometimes I wonder if just knowing a horrible no good anniversary is coming, well it adds to the pain. For instance this year I was so busy, I didn't have as much time to sit and worry and dread a certain Oct 29th. It was kind of refreshing for the first time in 13 years. But at the same time, then you wonder if not dreading and hurting means you don't care anymore. So complicated. I suppose that is how stone cold hearts are born, huh?

LY girl, here's hoping for a wonderfullest March ever.

CaJoh said...

I tend to think of odd years as unlucky and anything with a 06 in it seems to be very lucky to me (but that is just my statistics based upon my own crazy observations)

Happy Anniversary to you… way to break the spell and have something happy and good during this month.

Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

My birthday is March 31st. That's something I will let you celebrate all month if you want to ;-)
I remember many of my birthdays celebrated at funerals, but I have a feeling this March is going to be spectacular cuz.

Love ya x

Melanie J said...

I hate to admit to being superstitious, but just yesterday I was fervently hoping this baby doesn't come on the Ides. Still crossing my fingers. . .

Amber Lynae said...

Good job that you have changed your luck. And I will send all the luck I can spare to you for the ides. Can you bottle some of the chirping and send it my way. It isn't very nice today.

katie t said...

hmmmm...i felt the same way about august. that was the month of my "accident" but then one year the anniversary came and went without me even thinking about it!!!! i was cured!!!!

so here is to positive thinking cause like i always say...really..."it's ALL mental, no matter what"!

happy anniversary and happy march!!!


SWIRL said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you-- all month. I started March off-- getting a mysterious growth lopped off by Dr. Neilson... from my bottom eyelid!! ew! I had to share- since you weren't hear to see it in person...

Happy March Anniversary!

I am Lorinda W- you can call me LoW said...

I didn't know I hadn't visited in a few....

So I missed your YW's post. And your mentioning of Perssssssonal Progresssss.

When you visited my blog, did you happen to read down far enough to see that my Rae SURPRISED me and completed Perssssssssonal Progresssssss???

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Awww, I lubbed these comments for some reason.

LoW, wow! Congrats to Rae. I need to go back and read through your older posts. I feel like your kids are my kids.

Swirl, OMGOSH, are you okay? Did you biopsy the mystery? And DON'T cross your fingers. That's bad luck. ;) I'm going to send your Peter Pan play back tomorrow.

Katie t, I'm so glad you found me. Melanie says you LUB to write too so I'm going to check you out as well. I totally agree about everything being mental and YOU are the most credible example of that. I also love that moment when you realize you're CURED! xox

Amber, sending some song birds you're way as I type! LY!

Melanie J, are you serious? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Are you that close to your due date? REALLY?

Awww, Em, thank you. You are such an inspiration to me. REALLY. I feel so blessed to be related to you. LY!!!!

Cajoh, you're crazy. ha ha But Lub you too!

Nutty, I LUB YOU! YOU are so wise. You should write inspirational books. SERIOUSLY!

Migillicutty, did you just nani nani boo boo me????