Sunday, March 21, 2010

True Stories

Yesterday morning I was laying in bed, asleep as it were, when Carly Simon shook the whole house wide awake.

Apparently my hub has moved past Youtube to Jango. Jango is a website that allows you to create your own radio station by just typing in any artist of choice. It then plays similar artists of the same genre, (except sometimes they mess up and throw Andy Gibb or Donna Summer in the Carly Simmon mix.)

So there I was at 7:30 a.m. laying in bed listening to Helen Ready repeating Leave Me Alone 13 times per chorus, which means she told me to leave her alone exactly 39 times.

Back atcha, Helen!

This was followed by Leo Sayer telling me over and over again that I make him feel like dancing. If I hadn't stayed up until 4:45 a.m. writing the first paragraph of my first query letter for my first manuscript submission I would have been tempted to see if Leo was making my hub feel like dancing as much as he was making him feel like singing.

My hub can do that simultaneous air guitar/riverdance trick with his singing voice too.

True story.

Okay, so technically it wasn't my first manuscript submission. I did submit a manuscript to Deseret Book as one of my Writing for Publication class requirements in college. They asked me to revise it and send it back. And then they told me they totally would have published it if it hadn't been for the fact that it was a piece of junk.

I'm full of true stories today.

Here's another true story. Somewhere in between Leo Sayer and Helen Ready came Joni Mitchell and Olivia Newton John and Rita Coolidge. And somewhere in between them I heard my daughter call to my hub from the computer.

"Hey, Dad! I have 100% in my honors English class."

I know I've been poking my daughter's English teacher in the eye for labeling me a Twi-mom, but can I just say publicly that I secretly lub him. And not just because he's giving her 100%, but because last week when my daughter made some outrageous statement about who knows what during class he grinned and said, "I really love how you always go against the grain and how you never conform to the norm when you say what you need to say. Good on you for not being afeared to let your freak flag fly sky high."

And then he added,"Now you just need to learn that sometimes you're wrong!"

Insert evil English teacher laugh here.

And here.

And here.

(You tell her, evil English teacher!)

Anyways, gotsta go to church to learn some more true stories!


And LY everyone!!!!!!


Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Ha I can be first here, like you and ff.

Best of wishes. I was up til 4:45am drawering up Abraham's family tree so I could explain it all plain as day to Gospel doctrine today. And guess what, I think it helped. Who knew. Love family of Jacob and their fighting sons gives me hope.

Braden said...

I have also thought those query/cover letters are much harder than writing the whole book. I'd love to hear more about your manuscript.

And, three cheers for teachers!!!!! Especially ones who are a little hard on their students occasionally.

DeNae said...

Did you sign up for the boot camp classes at Storymakers? I signed up for all of them; I fully expect to come home with at least 12 bootprints camping on my kiester. And one of them is a query letter class! I'm waaaay excited for that!!

And how much do we love great teachers in our kids' lives??

Martha said...

You are finally doing it? Good on you. We're finally doing something too. We told Tom today that we are moving over by the park and he said that's his favorite place because that's where he plays basketball. We are signing mortgage papers tomorrow so I guess it's for real. Perry is so excited he makes new plans every day. I think I'll be happy anywhere, but if he's happy then that will be good.

We'll be sure to build extra rooms so you guys can come visit.

I'm uploading a video of Tommy slam dunking on his fisher price basketball hoop in the back yard. He likes to hang on the rim so we had to tie it up.

April said...

I have an evil laugh the english teach can borrow if he needs to. Although it may sound weird him laughing like a woman. True. Story.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Nutty, been there, done that. I remember drawing up the whole Abraham family tree about four years ago when I taught Gospel Doctrine. Now I can't remember a darn thing. Who's Jacob, btw? Ain't he that warewolf in New Moon.

hee hee

Gives me hope too. I have three fighting sons that I'm always forcing at gunpoint to say 5 nice things about each other as their punishment for saying "idiot" or "stupid" or "dumb" directly following the 2nd person preposition "YOU" as a contraction.

You get me?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Amen Braden, ain't it the truth!!!! OMGOSH so hard to be concise and succinct. Call me superstitious, but I'm afeared of discussing manuscripts too early on. Something about jinxes and hexes makes me antsy. ;) But you will be the first to know when I become rich and famous. ;)

DeNae, NOOOO I didn't sign up for bootcamp. I have an aversion to pushups. ;)

Actually I have societal ADD. I can't focus in groups and I can't get anything done under pressure. Especially if a drill sergeant is screaming in my face.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

OMGOSH, Martha, I can't believe it. You're doing it too. Wow! I'm kinda sad because now we can't be next door neighbors anymore. ;)

Good luck, girl. I hope you don't drop off the face of the earth like Kimballs did when they bought their fixer upper. You must continue to comment and chronicle the step by step process of your adventure.

ha ha ha April. I could conjure up a few evil laughs to lend out myself.

Don said...

Good luck on the query! That's very exciting, in one of those top-of-the-waterfall-in-an-oak-barrel kind of ways. But I have a feeling you will do well.

Storymakers Boot Camp is the best - the mental push-ups and obstacle course are SO worth it. Hopefully I'll get a chance to meet you during the conference.

You and your readers are also invited to the unofficial and informal conference eve soiree on the 22nd at Borders in Provo. We'll be hanging out between 6:00 and 10:00. Come on over and "crash" the party. (Sorry - couldn't help myself.)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I will totally be there at Borders to CRASH your party. ha ha I will even plug it for you. Borders is my favorite place on the face of the earth.

Is the bootcamp really worth it? Do tell.

Thanks for your words of support, btw.

Don said...

Bootcamp is like an instant critique group, with a talented Storymaker as the lead. We get to read our pages and comment on each others' writing. It's very helpful. A bit stressful, but the feedback is so worth it.

Heidi Ashworth said...

VERY excited about the first paragraph of your first query letter for your (almost) first manuscript submission. yay for you!

DeNae said...

Sign up for boot camp! Sign up for boot camp! We can hold hands and pat each others' heads when the drill sergeant screams "You got a PROBLEM with SEMICOLONS, soldier??"

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Lubbing all the support from the authors around here. Thanks guys.

Oh, DeNae, you will NOT have anyone yelling in YOUR race. Their chins will hit the floor in awe as soon as you open your mouth.

I don't know why, but I have this aversion to writers critique groups. I just don't know.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hey Martha, guess who Tatum is taking for Spanish next year. Lisa Collier. AAAAH! What a small world.

And hey Martha, One of Zach's teammates is coming to Hawaii in a few weeks. Do you think Adam would take him and his big bro (18 years old) surfing at goats? They've taken "classes" (tee hee) so they think they might get the hang of it pretty quickly (tee hee).

Martha said...

Yeah, Lisa teaches at AF. We had fun with them over Christmas. She's cool.

I'll have Josh take them surfing because Adam is pretty busy with school, work and all his chicky babes (so cute). Sean is going to stay with us for two weeks starting next week because Dolly is going to Saudi. So Sean and Josh can take them. The other problem is they don't drive yet. Josh is still doing driver's ed makeup from bball season.

I think Josh is getting bigger. He wore Adam's jeans yesterday and they were tight. Coach Akina called him and said that he wants him to play the summer league because he and Samala will be the main forwards next year. He was very encouraged by that. Except, Josh is going to be fixing a house this summer and won't have much time to play hoops.

Hey send me some sliced almonds. I can't find any here and I like them on my salads.