Sunday, March 14, 2010

How cute is that?

Today I was talking with a friend at a basketball game when we suddenly figured out that she is also good friends with my sister. She immediately asked me "so are you as talented as your sister?" (You remember my sister, right? The one with the Pottery Barn eyeballs?)

I said, "NOOOOOO!"

She must have thought I was lying because she then turned and asked my daughter, "Is she as talented as her sister?"

My daughter hesitated, then said, "No. But she's a good writer."

Did you hear that, peeps? My daughter thinks I'm a good writer.

How cute is that?

Then tonight my daughter told me that she would start cleaning the house and doing the cooking so I could just write and make my dream come true.


I'd have to pay her, but still!

So here's another cute story: Remember my youngest son who recently discovered the magical powers of the library? Well his older brother (by one minute) mentioned today that his teacher was reading The 39 Clues to his class.

"Soooo good, that book, " he said. "I like it!"

I took this as an opportunity--an open door. "Would you like to go to the library?" I asked him.

He looked confused. "And do what?" he said.

That same son declared this morning that he was only going to wear slippahs on his feet from now on. It was 41 degrees and sleeting at the time, but he kept his promise.

Until tonight when I caught him wearing tennis shoes.

"Thought you were only going to wear Slippahs from now on," I said.

Apparently he got a blister between his toes while walking to Taylor Drug to buy 16 Zots for $1.

How SAD is that?


Jami said...

Oh no! The poor kid has lost the flip-flop-perma-callus from living the land of the frost.

How much do you have the pay the wanna be housekeeper? Never forget how cheap labor is in Utah. Check the job boards, if you don't believe me.

katie t said...

so cute and so sad!?!

all of it!

T said...

how quick he is to abandon the Slippahs... gotta have staying power (or at least some moleskin for those blisters!)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ha ha Jami about the cheap labor.

Katie, I was looking for you today at church. I wanted to give you a big hug? Were you there? Did you hear the talk? I need to blog about it. Sponge Bob ward ROCKS!

T, hee hee I just read your comment on my Twhylight review. HA I'm so glad you didn't have to go see your bishop for being a Twilard. My daughter wrote a poem for her English class about how I was reading Twilight and everyone was laughing and it got picked to be read in the front of the class and the teacher was rolling and making fun of me and asking her if I'm one of those Twi-moms, and she said YES! I'm going to smack that girl. I think she's a Crash Test Dummy Junior the way she twists the truth.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Thanks for stopping by, sorry it was to be bored with the mundane life I lead. I am really struggling with things to write about. I wish I knew why I have lost my Mojo.

Do we get to read the funny poem so we can all laugh at you together? Just wondering.

I called april when Diana and I were driving through town and she was just sitting down to diner at Texas Roadhouse, so that is how that happened. who knew she lived in the mecca for bloggers and their kids, huh?

IWA (e - va) said...

I love that they're still talking pidgin.. i hope they never lose it!

my 10 yr old started that series a couple months ago(The 39 clues) from the bookfair. The only thing bad about buying a good book in a series at the book fair is that the libraries wont have the other books so we bought the rest of the series from Borders... but didnt mind!

I would love you to post T's Poem! :)

wv: thonondo.. "Can you hear the drums Thonondo?" (the pidgin version)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh yes, you will get to see the poem. As soon as her English teacher hands it back.

Braden said...

I love that your daughter did that for you. Or at least offered. LOL about the moleskin, T!

Melanie J said...

My ten-year-old son is on the same book trajectory. He polished off all the Percy and the Olympians books and now he's on book 5 of 39 Clues. I can't keep up and I love it.