Monday, March 15, 2010

Suck it up!

Well, it's done. The choice has been made and the weight of the world has been lifted.


My son decided to go the hard/easy route rather than the easy/hard route.

He decided not to trade what he wants MOST (college basketball scholarship) for what he wants NOW, (to stay at the same Junior high with his new friends, rather than start all over AGAIN at another new school so he can be part of an outstanding high school basketball program.)

He chose the road less traveled. By his school bus. In fact he chose the road not traveled at all by his school bus, which means it will become the road most traveled by me.

"It won't be easy," I told my sister, as I sighed deeply and did my best puppy dog pout.

"But it will be worth it," she said.

Later I saw my sister-in-law so I pulled the same sighing/pouting routine on her.

She looked me square in the face and said, "Ah, suck it up!"

It's not bad advice if you think about it.

I used it on my daughter tonight because for the past week she's been grumbling an awful lot about the lingering cold.

"Suck it up!" I said. "Two more weeks and we're home free."

But she didn't suck it up. Instead she wrote two poems for English:

Free Verse

I am protesting jackets!
No more snow! No more dead trees!
Too much ugly--time to take a stand!
If everyone goes on strike,
Won’t Mother Nature listen to us?

Rhyme Scheme

Slouching, pouting, shouting in my head.
I crave warmth--shouldn’t it be almost here?
Itching, twitching, antsy in my bed.
I see the sun—so far and yet so near.

The wind bites, chills run down my spine
I wear three coats, winter is the worst.
Please, Lord, I don’t mean to whine,
But please send spring or I am going to burst

Truly, she is showing signs of being a Crash Test Dummy, Jr. The silly goose doesn't wear one coat, let alone three coats.

And don't you have to wear jackets to go on strike from wearing jackets?

Just sayin'.

Don't believe a thing she says.

She lied in another poem too, which insinuated that I was obsessed with Twilight. Apparently everyone in her group thought it was hee-larious so they picked it as the best poem in the group, even though it clearly WASN'T.

So then she had to read it in front of the whole class and her teacher started deep belly laughing and calling ME a Twi-mom.

ME?!! A TWI-MOM!??

"But that's not true!" I told her. "You . . . lied . . . about me."

You know what she said to me?

"Ah, suck it up, mom!"

I guess what goes around really does come around, huh?

(Swirl, don't say a word.)

P.S. I will post the Twi-Mom poem as soon as the teacher grades it.


Sandi said...


Sandi said...

Don't know why that gives me such a thrill but it does. So for all of you who didn't get to be first.....SUCK IT UP! haha.
I'm glad your boy decided and I hope he is grateful to have a crash test mommy who is willing to be his chauffeur!
I love the poems and think that she definitely has inherited some of your wonderful talent. I wonder if when I am 80 I will be reading her dummy jr. blog? Tell her to be kind to me if that happens. I can't wait to read the Twi-Mom poem....seriously cannot wait!

IWA (e - va) said...

Glad for Z...

As much as I hate making hard decisions, once they're decided, I usually realize that those are the times when I am dependant on the Lord most, which make the decision all that better... if it was the right choice (and vice versa)!

Suck it up is my mantra. I say it so much My 2 yr old tells it other kids who cry! I give my honors class the "Suck it up! speech " at least once a week!.. and then give them some story about how I am preparing them to meet their doom next year (Yamagata or Leiataua)! haha!

Jillybean said...

Yesterday I was whining about the stupid weather too. I refuse to suck it up! I want it to be warm and pleasant NOW!
This is my least favorite time of year when Mother Nature says "Look everyone, it's springtime!" Then I get all happy and warm then it snows and Mother Nature yells "Psyche!"

Dolly said...

I wish the Seasiders could have sucked it up today. They needed three at the buzzer and had three tries for it but noooooo. No elite eight for the Seasiders.

I'm just thinking that someday Zach may be one of our Seasiders too. Or is he shooting for Cougar stardom?

I love this team. Seasiders forever!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I can't wait for the Twi-Mom poem :)

Some kids at my high school did the trading schools things because of baseball. I guess if he's that good, then you do what you have to to make your dreams happen.

And by your dreams I mean HIS dreams cause would you really dream about spending more time in the car on the lookout for the Police Who Have It In For You?

I am Lorinda W- you can call me LoW said...

That's like, the biggest dis ever.

My mom gave me a twilight board game for my birthday and I thought she meant to give it to my 16 year old daughter, right?

Seriously, I liked it, I lend out the books, but I am NOT a twi-mom!!!! I am not that big of a fan. I read it once. Geez.


katie t said...

i assume you mean that he will be going to the jr high that feeds into lone peak? and yes. much better program and much better school. my sister teaches there....

shoots right?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I feel like you all so get me today. This is awesome.

I'm going to go backwards. Katie, yep. You guessed it. What does your sister teach there? I do enjoy AF schools. Wish their b-ball was better.

LoW, EXACTLY! I am laughing that your mom gave you the board game for your birthday. HAHAHAHAH Are you serious? I so can't wait to get my hands on that poem. I only vaguely remember it. She read it to me BEFORE it became so famous in her classroom, and BEFORE I even started reading Twilight. I remember saying, "WHAT? That's NOT even CLOSE to being TRUE!" And she just laughed her evil mad scientist laugh.

Who did she get that evil mad scientist laugh from anyway?

Blogging Mama, you are so right on. hahahah I better not get any more tickets. I will make my son pay for every ticket I get. hahahahah Speaking of which, my twins have been in the car every time I've ever gotten a ticket and they are convinced I'm on the verge of getting arrested and thrown in jail. They are constantly telling me what the speed limit. You are right though, we must help our kids go after their dreams and take their skills to the limit if we can. Even if it means we have to SUCK IT UP!

Dolly, ARE YOU SERIOUS? Oh,NO WAY! What's with the choking every year? DARNIT! It's the same team they lost to last year with a buzzer beat. I was at that game and it was SHOCKING! I HOPE Zach does play for the Seasiders. We'll see what happens. He hasn't ever mentioned which team he wants to play for. That dream is still in the making. But I would love to see him at BYU-H.

Jilly, high five,girl. I couldn't have said it better. Mother Nature is a gamer, big time. But hey, today is bee-U-tiful so let us count our blessings. I appreciate every ray of sunshine now. In Hawaii I was always like, "SIGH! I wish it would rain or something!" haha

Iwa, TRUE THAT. It was such a difficult decision. Zach knew that either way he was going to disappoint people and that was a paralyzing thought. He's like a new man now that he's committed and he wouldn't have been able to commit without going through the grueling struggle. And I think he learned a valuable lesson about how to make a decision and rely on the Lord. It's awesome!

Iwa, I laughed so hard at your kids telling the crying neighbors to suck it up. And at your pep talks to your students to get them ready for Y and L. Ha ha ha ah Only a few of us know so well how true that is. Tatum had both those teachers and she had to SUCK IT UP. I wish my kids had been able to take your math class. You would have loved Zach. He's a math wiz. And Tatum is getting an A in her pre-calc class. I've never seen her so excited about anything in my life, which of course means she's not cheating. ;)

Sandi, I hope to post the poem tonight if she brings it home. And what a funny thought to think of my girl blogging, CTD,jr. style. hahahaha

Martha said...

Hey, I want T to play soccer or tennis for the Seasiders in two years and she won't have to wear a jacket.

Then Z will come here to play in 4 years.

I had to give Josh several suck it up speaches these last couple weeks. He would come home from bball practice tired as a dog and I would go make him play tennis with me. Their first tennis match was the right before his last bball game. So he hardly got any tennis practice in for this season. I told him you only have to do this for like 2 weeks, and then bball will be over and you can concentrate on one sport. Now he's constantly fussing about his team and coach.

On Sat. he got killed by the #2 kid in the state. I'm sorta glad because he was getting a little cocky thinking he was all that since he beat the #8 kid. They have 4 matches this week. He doesn't have time to fuss and complain.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Martha, tell Josh to "suck it up from me" too! It's good to keep these boys busy busy busy and physically exhausted at this age.

Hey, I CAN'T WAIT for my Twi-mom post tonight. Mwuahahahah

I DO hope my daughter brings home the poem.

Braden said...

3 cheers for delayed gratification! And as far as the driving goes, a few more smog particles in Utah valley won't make a difference. And, I'll be happy to record my book and send you a cd--you can listen to that in the car. I'll even use an English accent.

Seriously, though, "suck it up" is really great advice in almost any situation.

T said...

stupid computer glitched my entire witty comment earlier... so here it is (slightly more condensed, losing a little of the HAHA factor)

at our house the conversation would have been more like this:

"what mom, you want a straw?"


"ummm... so you can suck it up!"

(trust me, my daughter CRACKS up everytime she says it!)

CaJoh said...

Thought I'd choose Across The Universe (Nothin's going to change my world) as I wrote this.

Strange that he has to change his Jr. High School just to get into a particular High School. I'm just getting used to the Chicago system in which you petition to get into a high school, then they pick you based upon your grades and test scores from 7th grade. I'm so used to the suburban way in which you went to the school that was closest to where you live. Of course, that isn't true with me since Central HS was a quarter mile and South (the one I actually attended) was 2 miles by car and a mile and a half by crow fly (Darn highway that cuts the town in half).

So glad that he chose friends over fame. I think he'll be more well adjusted in the long run.

Heidi Ashworth said...

It's always a special day when I hear my words coming out of my daughter's mouth. Sometimes it happens within moments of my original utterance. Very lowering. SO SORRY about the getting sick of the cold and ugly thing--it must be such an adjustment for your kids. I find that I love snow but wish I could live in a place where I could order it up special when I'm in the mood and banish it with a snap of the fingers until next time. One day . . .