Thursday, November 13, 2008

Banana Republican Birthdays

There's nothing political about Banana Republican Birthdays. It's not a subliminal message to the universe that it's my birthday or that I'm a monkey Republican. I meant to to write Banana Republic and Birthdays. Sorry about the typo!

Today is crazy Laura's birthday--my favorite Girl in a Swirl--and she's having a give-away because for some reason she's super excited about turning 36. She's even got her excitement all broken down into percentages. How cute is that? But crazy nonetheless.

Guess what she got for her birthday? A darling blog make-over! But now she can't stop looking at herself, poor thing (we all know what she's going through). I'm predicting we'll soon see photos of her blog taking photos of itself in her bathroom mirror.

Happy Birthday, Swirl! (Even though I don't know you that well because you're just my cute neighbor who lends me onions and lasagna.)

In honor of Swirl's 36th birthday I'm going to talk about Banana Republic. Not because I want to but because it's boring to give tributes to people on their birthdays and because Swirl and I went to Banana Republic together a few weeks ago to get some classy digs for her much-ado-about-nothing photo shoot. (That was not an insult since I really love Shakespeare).

Swirl has been picked as Mother of the Month by Family Fun magazine.

Just between you and me, I don't see why she gets to be Mother of the Month just because she's a hockey mom with a Russian Doll collection. I saw her Russian Doll Collection when I went over to borrow some lasagna and it say's MADE BY HARRY POTTER on it. Wouldn't that be an English doll collection? Plus she's a ho-hum hockey mom who doesn't even wear lipstick.

So have any of you been to Banana Republic lately? Remember how it used to be all jungle/safari/khaki/outback?

Now it's totally vintage/glam/classic/romantic.

Alyson, you would have been having a stroke over the early twentieth century charm. I know you could have found something amazing to go with your killer boots.

Aloha World!

Picture the enchanting cuteness of these BR outfits multiplied by 10 because in Hawaii the BR has more plush swoop necks and cowl necks and double-breasted-bolero's-with-bows than mainland stores due to our high volume of Euroean tourists. (YaY for European tourists!) At least that's what the lovely fitting room attendant told me while I was waiting patiently for Swirl to finish her fashion show.

But remember these shoes from Old Navy?

The lovely fitting room attendent was wearing them! YIKES!

Besides these shoes everything about BR was sassy-cool. Except the music. They probably shouldn't be playing Disco if they're going for vintage. I would suggest something more classic/contemporary like Michael Buble. (I probably would have purchased that double breasted textured tweed jacket to the soothing sounds of Michael Buble.)

But other than that . . . the wood floors, the Pottery Barn toilet paper dispenser, the Glade plug-in's wafting delicious burnt ember flavors through the store . . . nice touch, BR!

They even display their ties on book shelves next to hardback classic literature. I bought the one resting on David Copperfield by Charles Dickens.

The hands-down, number one BEST thing about BR is their sizing system. If you're normally a size 10, you'll be happy to know you can fit into a size 6 at BR. And if you're a large in real life, you're a PS (petite small) in Banana Republic life.

Do they have psychological warfare down to a science, or what?

Anyway, everyone go enter Swirl's give-away and drop 36 birthday spankings in her comment box. I'm going to go make her a swirly, dum dum cake.

And btw, while you're at it go read Pat's last post . It was beautiful. MISS YOU, PAT! GWS, Jared. (Stop trying to figure that out. It's Get Well Soon, DUH!)


Alyson (New England Living) said...

Thanks for the shout out, especially when it's centered around my act of complete stupidity. :) I'm loving that BR clothing! You don't mean I'd literally have a stroke do you? If you mean that literally, I'll have to try to stay at least 5 miles away from a BR at all times. But, oh crap, there's one down the road from us. I feel something coming 911...hurry!

Happy birthday, Swirl! I wish I had a birthday blog makeover so I could swoon over myself all day. Post pictures of the photo shoot, Swirl!

"bitums" - buy tums? Does this have anything to do with my stroke?

Melanie J said...

Her blog taking pictures of itself?



Kristina P. said...

Ummmmm, we are soul sisters! I posted about BR today too! But mine wasn't as nice. And I own that blue ruffle shirt. Because it doesn't make my arms look like sausages.

Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

I haven't been to Banana Republic forever!!

Happy Birthday Swirl!!!!!!!

Heidi Ashworth said...

I haven't been to BR for years but now I must because I am nothing but old fashioned, but Crash, should you really have had us all go to Swirl's blog what with that really big clue? (to what I won't say or where or how but you know of which I speak). (My security word was "adition" which really does make one wonder if it is the computers they are trying to trip up or us people.)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Okay...second post on BR that I've read were one step behind Kristina P...which was a pretty spooky thing, being that WE were suppose to be twins and's like you and Kristina P have the same brain? Crazy!

and OMGOSH the word VERIFIER says REBOH...isn't that the way someone says REBEL with a speech impediment? WOW...I'm still laughing...that made my day for sure! :)

SWIRL said...

{Litella} I just have to say- Thanks Crash for the birthday shout out! That was seriously the best shopping spree/girls day I have ever had! (complete with Jamba Juice)

Love my little wallet too! Glad you decided you didn't want it so I could have your cast-offs.


Pat said...

That is pretty cool about the size thing except they stole me idea to become a millionaire.

Funny Farmer said...

Hee hee ho ho har har haaaaaa! Good one about the blog taking photos of itself... I'm still laughing over that one! And the lipstickless hocky mom... *snort* Oh! Excuse me!


Dude - THIRTY SIX?! That's OLD!!!

Not as old as me, but STILL!

"gaughts" It's a symptom of old age...

Mariko said...

Happy Birthday.
I would be a banana republican if I could be.
I hope that's the BR outlet, though. The real BR is too ridiculously expensive, and I'm ridiculously cheap (hence the tie dye-- I'm not hippie, I'm cheap-- maybe those are the same, but really a lot of hippies are better dressed than I).
Can you BELIEVE I had so much homework I didn't even have time to check your blog?! I'm so disappointed in myself!

Funny Farmer said...

Mariko, I surely hope you are not looking for compassion when you are the one who assigned the silly homework... at least that's what my 16-yo would say if she were me.

I've never even stepped inside a BR store, so I wouldn't have noticed the shift in their fashion line.

LOL'd at the picture of the shoe rack though! hee hee!

Amanda said...

WOW, I don't do enough shopping. I'm glad you posted pictures because I had no idea what kinds of clothing BR carried these days. I also couldn't envision a Pottery Barn toilet paper holder as I've never been into a Pottery Barn and I am not sure I know who Michael Buble is.

Where's my rock?!?! I need to get back to my comfort zone.

Mariko said...

I know, I am a total dummy. I assign homework that takes 30 times as long for me to grade as it does for them to do it. WHY?! I should have picked math as my major.
I don't even walk into old navy, unless someone else is driving.

Funny Farmer said...

Amanda - I KNOW! with the Pottery Barn TP holder. What the??

Well, Mariko the dummy, looks like you're in the right place then, eh?

:elbow elbow wink wink:


The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hey, you guys are having too much fun in here while I'm out throwing Swirl a birthday party. Some people have to work, you know!

I hope Martha doesn't read this because she actually threw the party.

But I've been out there partying with Swirl, while you guys have been in here, partying without Swirl. Which is kind of RUDE, Amanda, since you're related.

Oh, and I think the Pottery Barn toilet paper holder was a knock off from K-Mart.

Funny Farmer said...

That's my Dummy, taking credit for other people's work.

Lemme guess, you were just there for the food!

Love you!!! :blows a kiss:


The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ha ha ha. You took the words right out of my mouth, funny farmer.

Such a sidekick!


SWIRL said...

Thanks Crash for the cake- it might have looked like a dummy.. but it was truly yummy.
{har har- my weak attempt to humor}

I'm glad you gals are all wishing me happy birthday on her site- but come over to MY party on MY site! REally!

How's that!.. I'm crasing in on CRASH's site.. how rude!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Stop crashing my party, swirl. I never swirl your parties! ;)

Funny Farmer said...

Hey now, Swirl, be fair: I clicked over to your site immediately after reading this post, all ready to comment on today's Happy Birthday to Me post, but it wasn't up! So I was forced-- FORCED I TELL YOU -- to comment on boring old yesterday's post to wish you a happy birthday, and then later this evening (afternoon for you lucky lazy people living in paradise) I clicked over again and commented AGAIN on today's post. So don't go blaming anybody but yerself that the party was over here!

Bless your birthday girl heart! :P

The Crash Test Dummy said...

You tell her, sidekick!

stupid smart girl said...

Banana Republic has a smart thing going with the sizing strategy. But I'm one step ahead of them. My upscalebutafforadablewomen'sclothing store shall offer everything in a size 5. I shall call it the Size 5 Store. No matter what you wear at other stores, when you come to Size 5, everybody wears a size FIVE.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

See what I mean about the smart smart girl!!!

Rachel said...

Crash, I'm going to nominate YOU to be the next Mother of Month for Family Fun Magazine for being the best bloggy (as opposed to hockey) mom ever. Wait I should be the one getting that award. I'm the one out there playing football with all the kids everyday, (by the way G made a great touchdown catch yesterday).

I bet there's no chance you or I could ever get it now. No way would they ever pick two mom's from the same neighborhood. I guess we should just congratulate Swirl and be happy for her. So way to go Swirl and Happy Birthday.

So what kind of cake do you want for your bday party?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Okay, Martha first of all you're impersonating your cute daughter. That kinda psyched me out. I had Freaky Friday flashback for a second.

Second of all, if 6 kids from the same neighborhood can make it to Jr. Olympics, why not Mother of the Month?

You should get it though because I don't play football and I only have 1 Russian Doll.