Monday, November 10, 2008

The CTD Diaries Goes International

Okay, I have a new follower from Australia and I can tell I'm going to like her because she compared the super hopeless romance scandal to The Blair Witch Project. I like a girl who can make connections.

Anyway it's exciting to see the Dummy family going international. We've got Mary, a Chinese/Japanese Dummy. We've got Liz, my Italian Foodland therapist, (who has a private blog which I'm not allowed to plug.) And now we've got an Aussie. Her name is Hel and her daugher's name is Bel. So I'm going to call her Hel's Bel's.

Let's make Hel's Bel's feel welcome on this continent, shall we? And if anyone's got questions about Crocodile Dundee, like is he as hot in real life, I'm sure Hel's Bel's would be happy to oblige.

(Actually I never thought Crocodile Dundee was that hot.)

I may also have an Irish follower. I don't know her name, but she says she hears voices. And then she says she hears more voices. And then she says that we're all just jealous because the voices talk to her. (Luck-o-the-Irish) But all of those blogs are private so I'm thinking she's possessive of her voices. She does have a really cute blog called My Last Shreds of Sanity so I'm hoping she hangs on to those last shreds for dear life.

She follows blogs like Welcome the the Nut House and A Womb at the Inn(sane), and she digs Rick Springfield, BIG TIME! I'm not sure how I fit into that company, because I believe I may be the only sane Mormon Mommy on the block and I've always thought Rick Springfield should STOP singing about Jessie's girl and go MAKE-OUT with her already!!

One of my followers, the stupid smart girl is questioning my sanity just because I said I'm always partly sad. She recommended that I get a good therapist. I already have a good Italian Foodland therapist. We meet at Foodland (or Costco) every week or so and she helps me work through my frustrations. (Come to think of it, I usually help her work through her frustrations). I've been wanting her to start an Ask Liz blog for years because whenever she speaks at our Enrichment meetings we seriously bring pillows and camp out all night. She is so cotton pickin' wise.

This stupid smart girl claims to be a mental health expert so I've been wanting to ask her why I'm always partly sad. I'm just waiting for her to get past her own issues with her boring, skinny friends so she can help her boring, skinny strangers.


Dal, Hel & Bel said...

ooh! I got linked! thanks CTD!

You are right, Crocodile Dundee was never cute. We Aussies prefer to claim the likes of Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman.... you know.... the beautiful people.

Alyson (New England Living) said...

You are always partly sad because you are a WOMAN! Tell stupid, smart girl she needs to see a therapist. I think it's worse to be stupid and smart at the same time than happy and sad at the same time.

Welcome, Aussies! I have family in the land down under!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

hee hee Alyson. You are on a funny roll, girl.

Funny Farmer said...

SHRromance = BWTrials. Pure genius. I must get myself over to her blog and tell her so myself.

I agree with Alyson - where does the stupid smart girl get off telling the dummy she needs therapy? Medication is much easier and cheaper.

:nods wisely:

stupid smart girl said...

Ahem... perhaps I was amiss in my tongue in cheek remark on that last post. I've been reading and laughing with y'all for awhile, and I forgot that while I feel like I know Crash and all her little dummies (JOKE! THAT'S a JOKE FOLKS!!!), none of you know me at all, and therefore would totally not get that I was joking (which is what we do here, is it not?). How very very stupid of me.

My dear Alyson, defender of happy/sad women everywhere - I agree that being stupid and smart is truly silly, if it's even possible. But I also think that it's better to be stupid and smart than sad and smart or stupid and happy, don't you agree?

And what's more... sometimes I'm sad and happy and stupid and smart all at the same time!

Gee, maybe Alyson's right: I do need a therapist!

Mariko said...

Today I got a verification that said "Queuded." If that is not a word, it should be.

Ummmm, so I am not special because I live just down the road? Man! What country do I have to move to to get some love around here (because I ain't movin' to Provo, honey, un-uh).

Stupid smart girl, you're allowed to say stupid smart things. That's CTD's community's speciality. Plus I loved your post about sometimes hating skinny people.

Besides, with a blog like this, no one needs a therapist.

Melanie J said...

I think something in your blog is broken because every time I'm going to say something, I get distracted and forget what I was going to say. This time it was because I realized I'm in your blog roll. Whoo hoo!


I remembered.

Wait, no, I didn't.

Daniel said...

Your an international blog star!!!!

*MARY* said...

Don't forget us when you make it big and start dummying for Porsche.