Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkeyish Delight

I had the best Thanksgiving weekend ever! I slept through almost 80% of it.

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year (for a long winter's nap after blogging your brains out since summer.)

Best part of the weekend: I discovered the ancient Chinese secret to making the most delicious left leftover turkey soup in the history of the world. Even my kids were inhaling it and rubbing their satisfied bellies. Even Swirl's kids were inhaling it and rubbing their satisfied bellies.

You have no idea how many times I jumped for joy to see my Children inhaling soup.

For that reason I am no longer going to call it left over turkey soup. I will now, from this moment on, call it Turkeyish Delight.

I happened upon the recipe quite by accident. I was just clearing up the dinner table and instead of scraping all the plates into the garbage disposal, I just scraped them into a ginormous pot of boiling turkey broth. Even the cranberries. Even the pumpkin pie. Even the whip cream (hence the delight!)

Sooooo stinkin' scrumdidilyumptious!

Let it simmer for 13 hours then add some brocolli, grated cheese, applesauce and BAM! Turkeyish Deeeeeelightful!

This weekend I also discovered an alternative to Ambien. Tryptphan.

Can't sleep at night? Not a problem. Place a turkey on your nightstand and you'll stop counting sheep in no time.

Can't sleep on a plane? No worries. Stuff a turkey in your carry on and Zzzzzzzzz.

No doubt it will be FDA approved soon.

I think they should start calling Tryptphan Kryptphan, or Tryptonite because I'm sure even Superman couldn't stay awake through Thanksgiving dinner.

I had to take 2 naps to get through the main course and dozed off again during dessert. (Bannana cream pie ain't a bad way to break a face plant, btw).

I seriously slept for 3 hours after the feast. Then yesterday I made turkey sandwhiches and zonked out for another 2 hours.

But have no fear, Turkeyish Delight does NOT make you drowsy. On the contrary, all that delight is like an energizer bunny to the brain.

So go deck the halls! Trim the trees! And be Merry! (and bright).

But leave room to inhale your Turkeyish Delight!


Mariko said...

This recipe reminds me of Ruth Reichl's memoir "Tender at the Bone", which includes many stories of her mother, who considers herself to be a great chef, and effectively poisons everyone who comes over for dinner.
The amount of tryptophan in turkey is no more than it is in your average chicken, by the way. You must be tired from blogging so much.
Before you got to the part about the whipped cream, I was all set to write down your recipe. You shouldn't tease a girl addicted to food porn so.

Mariko said...

Freaky. The WV says "humble."
Is that for me or you?

Heidi Ashworth said...

Turkeyish delight! Love it! (though I'm pretty sure I would want nothing to do with Turkish Delight--sounds awful!) I love the tryptonite, too. I am going to have to figure out what my Big Guy's tryptonite is. Even though he is my Superman/hero, sometimes you just gotta take him down, you know? (turkey doesn't cut it with him, more's the pity!

CaJoh said...

I'll have to try this one as well as post on my turkey leftovers… Shepherds Pie, and Turkey and Rice Soup.

Susan said...

Today was my second full Turkey course - first with inlaws, now with my side of the family. I can't even THINK of turkey anything anymore. My stomach HATES me. OK, gotta go take another nap.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Okay, here's the real recipe. Eveything except the pie and the whip cream. I made that up. I just did a regular left over turkey soup. Made the broth form the bones, etc.--then sauteed onions and celery together, added carrots, left over corn meat, gravy, mashed potatoes, and plenty broccoli. Then I seriously did add apple sauce, a glob of cranberry sauce and some grated cheese. Mmmmmm. It's delicious.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Mariko, that humble is for me. I am feeling very lowly and humble today. You will see why when I finish my post for my sister site.

I don't believe that about the turkey/chicken tryptphan, btw. It's gotta be WAY more! ;)

Susan, I feeeee your stomach pain. And your need for a nap.

Jen said...

My wv says "mishle" - I'm assuming this is because you're Turkeyish Delight would feel like a missile if I tried to eat any right now.

Pie, however, I could probably manage.

Anonymous said...

We have so much leftover turkey that I think I'll try this recipe. I'm glad you warned us about the pie and whip cream, though. I was just about to throw that in.

Kristina P. said...

We don't have leftovers. I like to eat enough for 5 days, and store up for the winter.

Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

HAHAHAHA- you are crackers girl. I love it. I'm so glad you're my cuz.

I am so jealous of the sleep you got. Oh my, oh my, I want naps to be part of my life again. Miss Annabanana never let me rest. One day eh?

Ok- the verifier says pasta for me. I think it knows I am sick of my leftovers. I have had Thanksgiving for 3 nights now. :)

Pat said...

Come on, you know you stole this recipe from Martha Stewart. Glad everyone loved the soup. No one at my house really likes Turkey, how ridiculous is that. I guess more for me.

Melanie J said...

Since we didn't make the turkey, we didn't get any leftovers. Bummer. We've been consoling ourselves with butter pecan fudge because we DID make and bring that. Woot!

Mariko said...

Ha! Trick question. If you said it was for you, it was obviously for me, 'cause that's how humility works.
Dang it.

Alyson (New England Living) said...

I would totally want to steal this recipe from you, except that my husband and son are allergic to turkey. Anything for hamish delight?

Jami said...

Just wondering what inspired the applesauce?

I've had good luck with everything soup too. The family lovingly refers to it as "carcass soup." This year my mom hosted so we only had a heaping 9 x 13 pan of leftovers to eat, not enough for soup. Maybe I'll make applesauce turkey soup for Christmas.

Funny Farmer said...

Don't have a comment on the soup, but I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's post if it means that Andy won't be crooning at me anymore.

:blows raspberry:

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Lisa, just for that I'm going to leave Andy crooning for another day. Or at least until you say something nice about my Turkeyish delight!