Friday, October 31, 2008

Contest Winners

The votes have been tallied and the prizes have been awarded!


Funniest story finalists:

JEN--1st place and $50 cash gas money, compliments of Katie Holms Cruz.

SHELLE--almost 1st place and a Seriously, So Blessed T-shirt, compliments of TAMN, plus A Fanciful Twist print, compliments of Vanessa.

ANNIE--3rd place and A Fanciful Twist print, compliments of Vanessa.

MARIKO-4th place and her choice of a Stupid Vampire T-Shirt, compliments of Annie

Scariest Story finalists:

ELIZABETH--1st place and a blog make-over, compliments of See my Designs by Shauna

ALYSON--almost 1st place and an original work of art by Emily, compliments of Sewl.

LISA/FUNNY FARMER--almost 2nd place and a photo shoot, compliments of Plush Moments photography.

BINKS--4th place and a print from A Fanciful Twist, compliments of Vanessa

Funniest Special Award:

LAURA--1st place and a Seriously So Blessed T-Shirt, compliments of TAMN

Scariest Special Award:

WENDY--1st place and a group of beautiful notecards with original Audrey Eclectic art, compliments of Heather

Click here to look at the prizes.

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