Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Seriously, So Sad!

Seriously so sad right now!

I just sang Aloha Oi and So Long, Farewell and bid adieu, adieu adieu to my night class.

It was seriously so sad.

They all hugged me, peeps! They HUGGED me!

That doesn't happen every day. Or even every semester.

Seriously sooooooooooooo sad right now!!!!!

Who am I supposed to watch American Idol with now????? Huh? huh? huh?

Did I mention I was seriously SO sad!?

But don't tell anyone, okay. I don't want people to know my heart is dyslexic.

It's better if nobody finds out I've transposed it from stone cold to Cold Stone and I now have root beer pumping through my veins.

I guess I still have my morning class. For a few days anyway. But my morning class won't hug me. Mark my words! Students have their boundaries in the morning.

I guess there's always the bright side--no more papers and no more late nights drinking V-8.

No more bright-eyed, smart-mouthed jukebox heros messing with my mojo (for at least another week).

So why don't I feel better?


Maybe I'll feel better if I fess up about my favorite student.

In my last post I declared that I would pick April over Benjamin Buttars because she plays college softball and he just plays music, but then I remembered that softball players are annoying.

STOP THE (politically incorrect) PRESS! This just in: Kute Kasey used to play college softball so I just remembered softball players are not annoying--they're way cool.

But I'm still going to disqualify April and Benjamin Buttars because they are in love and love is annoying. Especially their love.

April? Benjamin Buttars? My class is not a romantic comedy and I can't deal with chick flicks at 7:30 a.m. You're Fired!

Raphael isn't eligible to be my favorite either (even though he really is my favorite) because he's French and everyone knows the French are annoying.

And Kyle Kyle? It's tempting . . . I mean you gotta hand it to the guy for being straight forward--except when he's turning his back on me.

It's hard to resist a guy who turns his back on you, but he doesn't love Tim O'Brien and people who don't love Tim O'Brien have a brain disorder.

So I'm officially going to declare Rachelle my favorite student.

You gotta love Rachelle because she puts more stock in movie wisdom than I do. And she can quote Nacho Libre better than I can too (plus she grew up across the street from me, babysat my kids and her aunty is one of my best friends).

Is that politicking? Politicking makes me cry. Rachelle, you're FIRED!

Okay, then Jason is my favorite.

Jason turned me on to Terry Pratchett novels and the phrase "wicked funny." Plus he's always doing exciting things like reading five novels at at time and swimming with sharks. And bonus, he follows both my diary and my Dummies are people too! blogs.

But then he's a sucker for country music and country music is uber annoying.


But no matter. Erin is my favorite anyway because she wrote the funniest pidgin Hamlet parody ever.

She truly is my favorite because her dad is a cop and I'm afraid of her. Plus her mom is the best third grade teacher of all time and taught each of my kids that they're good enough, smart enough and, doggonit, people like them!

I should return the favor, huh?

But look what I caught her doing at PCC. My my! Tahitian dancing is unrighteous.


Bobby's dad is a cop too so maybe Bobby should be my favorite. Plus he's a bend-a-roo and can pull his leg backwards 180 degrees.

He also played Kenicki in Grease (He looks like a Kenicki, don't you think?)

Wait, wasn't Kenicki a player? No players allowed in my heart! (Unless they like root beer floats).


Argh! It's so hard to pick a favorite.

And I'm still seriously so sad!

I gotsta hit the sack. (I'm pretending to post this at midnight because I'm embarrassed that it's much later than that!)

Maybe I can think about picking my favorite tomorrow.


SO said...

I can see why you would have such a difficult time picking a favorite. I can also see why root beer might be flowing through your veins right now, but I'll keep that on the down low.

Barbaloot said...

Poor Kyle. I wanted him to be the favorite. Not the 180 degree leg guy---that type of thing should be illegal.

Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

Oh man...that would be hard to be around that lovefest all day. :) Tell him to watch where his hands are going too :) is a church school after all :) I'm totally kidding.

Kristina P. said...

I think you love the people you work with as much as I love mine. I am crying inside for you, dummy!

CaJoh said...

There are always those groups that mean a lot to someone that are hard to say goodbye to. Sure hope that they keep in touch.

Sandi said...

Oh to decide? I knew Jason was out when he harassed you on that last post, not to mention the country music thing. LOL @ your class not being a romantic comedy, it sure looks like it might be! I vote for Erin because I want to hear her pidgin hamlet thingy, and plus also she might hurt you with those tahitian dancing hips if you don't pick her.

T said...

Kenicki or not - being able to flip your leg all backward like that puts a vote against him, ewww...

maybe they'll all just show up at your house and give you a hard time even though the class is over?

WV says negot... the root word of negotiable?

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

They hugged you? Aww, so sweet. But if they really loved you wouldn't they have brought you an apple or something? Anyone get you gifts??

That bendy thing is pretty cool though... in a weird gross kind of way.

WV- stest

Chowder said...

It's such a shame I'm not one of your students. Because I know you would pick me :)

Heidi Ashworth said...

The guy saying Oui Oui is your fave. Duh. (Is that Raphael? duh)

lori said...

I for one think it's a good thing they are leaving....I mean if they stuck around much longer your cold stone heart might actually start melting.....and the guy with the 180 leg...gross.

(really, I'm sorry you have to let go of your rock stars, they seem like awesome people)

IWA said...

Seeing your cool classes makes me wish i really took a class from you... I'll just have to live vicariously through everyone else's cool stories about how they were on the verge of a mental breakdown and went to class and walked out a better person!!!

I see Rachelle around everywhere.. she's always dressed waaaay cute!

So did you even ask Raphael to say a -tion word for you... i promise it works all the time... haha! Actually it does get quite irritating to have to hear it everyday! but it's fun to imitate! heehee!

2 more days of school! woohoo!! twilight: last night made 16 times (but i cheated... i only watched the baseball scene and the final battle so really 15.3 times)... and even more pathetic.. transformers is going on 7 times! I really need to find another way to complete my homework!

Susan said...

You are hysterical. Seriously. Hysterical.

Lara said...

What an extremely difficult decision. And what a fun post!

Youngblood4ever said...

I'm still waiting on the favorite...

Kinda creeped out about the 180 degree leg thing.

It truly must be hard to pick a fav. You have a phenomenal class!

Love the huggy love!

LiafromLaie said...

Hmmm... I'd find it hard to pick between Rachelle, I too know her in RL. Or Jason because he likes Terry Pratchett and Discworld is DA BOMB!

Great Post btw :0)

Anjeny said...

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kitten, mmmmm mmmmm...blah blah blah, these are my favorite things...that is if I live in trouble Maria time..LOL.

You poor dummy, what a hard should just pick them all to be favorites....that bendy bendy does not look good on a guy. I'll vote for Jason, I like country music...does that mean you're going to ban me from your very comfy box? LOL

Oh yeah, what is the universe telling about who to pick? huh huh huh? And love your comment on my post.

Wolfgang said...

ahh excuse me! ... I thought I'm the favorite. Thats an easy choice, apparently NOT!!!! MHHH I'm so disappointed!!! its because I let Valjean fall down the stairs. I see how you truly feel about me.
now that not tremendous.
haha ;)
Ps. I still have to blog about dinner, I will get that done on the weekend. ;)

Wolfgang said...

oops, i meant thats NOT tremendous at all

The Crash Test Dummy said...

So, I bet you've got rootbeer flowing through your veins right now too. You are just sweet like that.

Barb, wow! Someone is rooting for Kyle. I'm sure he'll be happy to hear that.

Emily, LOL. I see what you mean. I just posted a rated R photo. That Benjamin Buttars is kinda nasty.

Kristina ha ha ha ha Thanks for the tears. It's hard to see your true self behind that blue snuggi shield.

Oh CaJoh do you always have to be so sweet and understanding? It's enough to drive a poor dummy to drink.

Sandi, ha ha LY! You are totally my fav. But don't tell my other favs.

T, I hope they don't show up at my house. It's drowning in laundry right now.

Andrea, one kid did bring me a Code Red. Of course I'll never drink it. I'll put it in my time capsule. (or maybe I'll shoot it straight into my veins and mix it around with the rootbeer. ewwww. Forget I said that.)

Chowder I bet you're right. I bet I would pick you. Won't it be fun if we all go to D.C. together and blog our brains out.

Heidi, you're right. And Lori, you're right too.

Iwa I'm laughing so hard that you're seen Twilight 15.3 times. No wonder you thought my mom was cute. You guys are two peas in a pod. I love that you are narrowing the scenes to the baseball and final battle, which is The Matrix meets Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon meet the Family Proclamation. Good girl.

I wish you had been in my class when you were about to have your mental breakdown. hee hee J/K I don't know anything about your mental breakdown. ;) Hey I never got to meet Danny Boy before he ran off and got married. How sad. That would have been a nice photo op.

High Five Lia. Jason will be happy to have a fellow Discworld groupie. He thinks it's wicked funny. I haven't read much, but I think you guys are right on!

Anjeny, I like your idea. I'm on it, girl. Youngblood, I'm on it girl!!! I'm on it!!!!

After my nap.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh great, now Wolfgand knows he's not my favorite anymore.

Who blabbed to Wolfgang?

Wolfgang, NO one will ever take your place in my rootbeer float heart. No worries.

And I plan on doing the dinner pics this weekend sometime too. Or early next week. I hope my pics are better than your pics. I just know you're going to make me look like a tremendous dummy.

kasey ferrell said...

oh pick erin pick erin! she is awesome and so nice probably the nicest girl backstage.

Annie Valentine said...

you make me want to go back to school. In Hawaii. And then ditch class. (Except for your night class which I would attend faithfully until you declared me your favorite student. Hey, a girl can dream.)

nelli said...

Honestly? I thought for sure I would be on there... this is EMMA by the way...
i want photo evidence of myself as your favorite next time i look at this blog...

Sis. frampton, this is Nelli... i think it's ok that EMMA isn't your favorite, it might humbel her a little

NO... i am the favorite and i want the world to know it!

Emma, it's ok i know and sister F knows... that's all that matters

wtf just put me on there

Don't do it!

YES!!! I command you to do it!

RED the color of da da
Black the something of ages past
Red... something something soemthin
Black the night that ends at last!

Whaat the heck Are you talking about Nelli. sis f just put me on the freakin list

we will not be threatened by you... we will fight with the revolution! YEAH!

whateve I know i am your favorite... who doesn't love me.
(p.s. I think kasey forgot that i work backstage)

kasey ferrell said...

Hey i work back there too! but did you see our pics up on the favorite list? no i was just voting on pictures... too bad i was never in one of your classes because i would win favorite hands down.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!

See what I have to deal with peeps! My students commanding me to provide photo evidence that they are my pest. I mean pets. oops--total slip of my dyslexic fingers.

And they can't even quote the words to the song correctly.

Don't they teach anything in college anymore?

ha ha ha

Lol-ing over Nelli and Emma

AND Kute Kasey. YES, she definitely would be my fav is SHE was in my class. For now I'll have to settle for Suli.

Mariko said...

WAIT a sec. Hold the presses.
Girl, I didn't know Rachelle was in the running.

The contest is over. I've already picked. Hands down, the winner.

Jen said...

It's bad enough every summer when the seniors graduate - I can only imagine the pain if it happened every semester.

May your next class be full of non-mutants who love you and write great papers!

(WV says sestrap. What does this mean??? What is it trying to tell me??? Now I'm stressed...)

Anjeny said...

Crash...I am back to see if I can make you less sad now...I know I know, I'm not Jack Johnson but hey, I have a little gift for you on my blog, come and get it. I hope that will cheer you just a tad bit.

Old Lady Palmer said...

What about me?? :( What a jip.

stupid smart girl said...

Ok I just have to ask if anyone else noticed, but is Benjamin's hand on her boob?!