Saturday, August 29, 2009

Aloha ya'll

That's what my best friend from Kentucky always said (until we went to Jerusalem together and she started saying shalom ya'll.) 

I still have a tummy ache, but it's not from the Crunch Berries, it's from the shopping. I've been trying some non-stop shop-till-you-drop shock-n-awe therapy.  It's all the rage right now for those of us diagnosed with post-traumatic stress syndrome.

It worked.  For a while.  Until I got a little carried away with the shop-till-you-drop part and my hub got a little carried away with the shock-n-awe part.

Needless to say, my dream within a dream is still my reality, but all that shopping helped me embrace the fact that life is just a big matrix anyway so Carpe Diem! Viva la Vida! JUST DO IT! 

(That's what she said.) 

You guys thought I forgot about that line, didn't you?   Hee hee.   You didn't think I knew how to use that line in context, did you?   

If there's one thing I know, it's my Office.  Especially now that I have a bazillion channels.  (I also know my Beverly Hillbillies and my I Love Lucy and my Brady Bunch.)

So do you guys want to see what I bought during my therapy?

K, close your eyeballs. 

I bought a red spatula to go with my wire whisks.  

I also bought a red pencil sharpener.  An electric one for speed and efficiency.  All things I don't really need, but my therapist says this is my way of expressing my resentment over not being able to have a set of red front loaders.

Forks.  And spoons.  And butter knives.  I didn't need them because, as you can see, I have plenty of plastic forks, but hey, that's why it's called therapy.  

I also got some cute things: 

Is that the most adorable Brother Bear welcome mat ever?  I'm going to program my doorbell to play Welcome to the Family

And how adorable is this runner?  (And notice my cupboards are RED!) 

I LUB resentment. 

We also bought a trampoline.  Our very first one ever!  I am proud to say that we are no longer forty year old tramp virgins.  

Here we are losing our tramp virginity:

Our nephew, Chase, helped because he was a tramp virgin too.

That's not the only first this week. 

My thirteen-year-old son mowed the lawn.  


He MOWED the LAWN!  

Notice I didn't add a ba dum bum?  We cut our grass with a weed wacker in Hawaii so . . . enough said.

Lastly, here's one more first--photographic evidence of my twin's pack meeting in our new ward: 

Not bad as dreams go, eh?


Chief said...

You so went to IKEA, didn't you?

Jillybean said...

You went to Ikea without me? I bet you didn't accidently flash the security cameras like I did. (my toddler freaked out on the escalator, grabbed the front of my shirt and hung there, exposing all.....)

We had that same watersliding activity at a Stake party a few weeks ago. Did you have the same mud pit at the bottom like we did?

I love your floor runner and welcome mat. Very cute!

Homer and Queen said...

Hey big spender! Where is the red washer and dryer! (I heart red)

Funny Farmer said...

I didn't see any red spatulas when I was at IKEA last week. I heart that store. Even if it is the devil's store. That's why I'm going to helk I guess.

wf: andifib. And a fib: the other reason I'm going to helk.

Sandi said...

Your hub still believes that line about being a red raider forever.

DeNae said...

Love me some IKEA. And red everything. I totally want your cupboards. And your rugs. And that honkin' huge lawn. Oh, and the mower. And the cute smile from the kid doing the mower - haven't seen one of those around here for a loooong time.

Until this post I would never have imagined that one could be both a tramp and a virgin. But my eyes have been opened.

What's with my bloggy pals and their tummy aches? You all live in UT, you all are my friends...

Holy smokes! It all adds up! You're all allergic to having extremely cool blogging buddies.

DeNae said...

Gaaah! Doing the mow-ING!! And no evil grins when reading the above typo. I mean it.

April said...

IKEA is of the devil!! Way to live on the wild side! How many times did you get lost in there? I LOVE red! That is the accent color in my kitchen...and I have bin pull handles! Must be a Utard thing? But as Sandi knows....I did that in AZ too....HA!

wv says it talking about you or me?....hmmmmmm

T said...

I'm an IKEA virgin still... haha, better than being a tramp virgin anyday - which IS the funniest oxymoron of the week, thanks for the good laugh :)

val of the south said...

Wow, you're gettin' all fancy! I love the additions!

Sounds like a fun week of firsts!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Whoa! Hold on! IKEA is of the devil? I had no idea. I thought it was just Target that was of the devil because it's run by the French. I guess both the French and the Swedish are of the devil.

I DID go to IKEA, yes, and YES, I did get lost, but I didn't buy my red spatula there. I got that at Walmart. Walmart is not of the devil.

Ha ha Sandi, it took me a minute to realize my hub was wearing his Kahuku shirt in the photo.

I guess Red is the theme color. It's how we chose our kids schools.

Jillybean you live by me don't you!!!!!

Who else lives by me, raise your hand!

The Garden of Egan said...

Lub your cupboards! Congrats on healing from your retail therapy session, hope you are able to continue on the road to wellness in Utah.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Was your husband at all concerned about the tramp? I have a friend who is a doctor who won't let his kids have a tramp because of all the injuries he has seen. Of course the good news is that your husband can cure them when they get hurt, right?

That was the best thing about moving to Vegas, we inheirited a tramp. Of course what else but a tramp would you expect in Vegas? Tramps are very good for over active little boys. Well that didn't sound too good, did it? But you know what I mean.

I heart IKEA also but I haven't been to one since I moved from CA. Dang.

And did you sacrifice the red front loaders for the tramp? Just wondering.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Wow that was a very long comment.

Hey has anyone heard from Kritta. I wonder how her moving adventure is going. We should all send good Karma vibes out to her.

Barbaloot said...

Hey-my singles' ward just did the same activity as your twins!

PS-next to curly, dark-haired boys, I like red-heads:)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Nutty, my hub was concerned, yes, but being forty year old tramp virgins, safety is a first priority so our tramp uses protection. YES, we bought the enclosure.

Barb, that red-head is as nice and cool and funny as they come. He's also a baseball player for BYU. He's also available. AND YOU-KNOW-WHO can hook you up.

The Wixom Zoo said...

Looks like things are getting better in Utah. I'm glad your tummy ache went away - I hate being sick. Btw, I LUB the red spatula and the red cupboards and all of the other red stuff 'cuz I super LUB red!!!

Bloggin Betty said...

Is Target really run by the French? Dangit. Well, that about ruins my week.

I am LoW said...

I LOOOOOOOOOVE your red cabinets!!!

So jealous!

Annette Lyon said...

Likin' the red cupboards, I must say.

(Gotta say that with an Ed Grimley voice.)

Barbaloot said...

I'm not gonna lie; blind dates are a little scary to me. But also, red-heads are a little irresistible.... What's a girl to do?

Alyson (New England Living) said...

I MUST have red kitchen cabinets like those! Did your sister paint those? If she did, what was the exact color? Please tell! I want to paint my white cabinets red like now!