Friday, August 14, 2009

My Get-Rich Quick scheme (and another girlz day out!)

I had a brilliant idea while I was trying to think of a way to get rich quick so I can come back to Hawaii whenever I want. 

I'm going to create a blog where I cook my way through a recipe book.  I haven't decided which recipe book yet.  It's between, The Mormon Family Cook Book, Creative Cooking The Costco Way or Jack La Lanne's Health Master 100.  I'm leaning towards the Jack La Lanne book because it's only got 100 recipes and they're mostly smoothies.  

And I'm going to do what Julie did with her Julie/Julia project--add a paypal button so you guys can donate money for the ingredients to my recipes.  That way if the blog doesn't end up making me rich, at least my kids won't go hungry for the next year.   

With three days left to live.  In Hawaii.  We're down to a jar of pickles and 10 cans of vienna sausage so basically we're starving ourselves silly.  

Well I'm not because my homey's took me out to lunch today. 

Tai food at Haleiwa Eats. Mmmmm, mmmmm, goooooood.

Pad Thai is my new favorite food!

I went with my girlz.

Anjeny made all the arrangements.

And my girl, Dolly, treated us all to lunch.

Sometimes Dolly lives in Saudi Arabia and sometimes she lives in Hawaii. And sometimes she lives in an RV which she drives across the country so she can teach her kids to appreciate America. She has a million interesting adventures to share with the world. I wish she would start BLOGGING her BRAINS out! For OUR sake.

Look to it, Dolly.

My next door neighbor, Martha was there too.

And so was Swirl and her cute mom, Jane. And Jane's cute mom and Jane's cute cousin and Jane's cute daughter, Emily.

I was so excited to meet Emily because she is the one who started the Stepping Stones blog. It is a beautiful blog for anyone who has experienced pregnancy loss.

(btw, Emily is the uber duber cute one pointing the shaka/rock star/gangsta sign in my direction.)

Emily and Swirl and Swirl's grandma were going shark diving after lunch so they were a little bit nervous.

It was so good to see Jane again. Did I mention how cute she is?

And just between me and you, she is just as bedazzling the second time you meet her.

Hey, maybe instead of blogging my way through a recipe book, in which I would actually have to cook, I could blog my way through a different exotic restaurant every night, in which someone could treat me like a rock star.

Would you guys still donate to my paypal?


Kristina P. said...

I totally read that as blogging through a different exotic dancer every night. I need to go to bed.

Debbie said...

Yay for awesome friends. I love eating out but I'm a bit timid when it comes to exotic restaurants. You gotta start a show. Then they'll pay for it for ya. :)

I am LoW said...

No!.... because I am going to take your idea!!!

Gotta go start my blog first!! Wah-hoooo!!! Free foooooood!!

Alisa said...

That's a great idea if you can get people to donate. I recently discovered Pad Thai in San Francisco and loved it. Now I've been trying every Thai restaurant in Sunnyvale (where I live, 45 min south of SF) trying to replicate the experience. Maybe there just is nothing like the first time. I can't top it. I don't know but I'm trying.

Amanda said...

How did you get Jane to go to a Thai restaurant?!?! WOW! Did she actually eat anything?

Great pictures!! Glad you're enjoying your final days of life. In Hawaii :^)

DeNae said...

Love me some pad thai. And great friends! In my next life I'm going to be Dolly. I totally can NOT wait.

And I know how hard this move must be for you, Crash. But it will be great to have you on this side of the water!!

Sandi said...

I want Dolly to blog her brains out for our sake also! I want some of that shrimp! I want to go to lunch with you girls! I want to watch those crazy ladies go shark diving. I want to be you, Crash! How can you bear to leave??

Sandi said...

p.s. Anjeny is adorable and I bet she is so thrilled with that first pic...haha

Jami said...

I love Thai, but Thai doesn't love me. :(

I'd donate $5 to your paypal regularly to support any silly Crash thing you've got goin'. I love ya, babe.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Yay! I got my first $5 promise. Don't back out on me Jami.

Amanda, actually, you know what, come to think of it, NO, Jane didn't eat anything. And neither did the rest of your relatives. They just stopped in for the photo. Not their fault though. The restaurant didn't open until noon and they had a noon thirty appointment with those darn sharks.

LoW, oh NO, don't you dare girlfriend. Jack La Lanne is MINE all mine. And so is every other Jack.

Alisa, I hope pad thai isn't like your first love. I'll probably become a pad thai slut now trying to replicate the experience. I hope their is a pad thai out there who can make me feel like a virgin again.

Yes Debbie, I'll start a show. And Dolly will be my sidekick. Crash and Dolly. I'll follow her around in her RV when she blogs across America. You should hear the things she has to say about Saudi Arabia. My my my.

Dolly, look to it, girlfriend.

Sandi, Anjeny IS totally adorable.

DeNae, No, I am going to be Dolly! I saw her first.

Kristina P. Only you would read that as exotic dancing. But not a bad idea.

val of the south said...

I'm with KP on the exotic dancing - maybe you could BE the exotic dancer and then blog about it - you could make money twice that way!

What a fabulous lunch! I want to meet Anjeny - I just adore her!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

aaaahhhh Anjeny is so cute!!! I'm going to miss pictures of all of them... *wiping a tear*

I've been reading Crash... just haven't really had time to comment and it takes to much to do it on my phone and i'm too lazy! :)

Love ya!

SWIRL said...

Went on facebook and someone made a comment about how cute we looked on your site--- we all jumped on to see!

YOU are ubber fast at posting!
WE survived the sharks!
It was cool- tell you more later!

now off to survive a spa trip-- girls vacays are awesome! Why do we ever travel with kids?

Martha said...

Thanks for lunch, Dolly. I appreciate more now that I will have to pay the vet $300 for heartworm treatment. Good thing I love our dog so much.

Crash, don't fall for those get rich quick schemes. Just write a dang book and sell it. Or make people pay just to read your blog.

aniC said...

mmmHMMMM!!! i love me some pad thai!! my favorite thai dish. possibly one of my favorite dishes in general. too bad my husband doesn't like thai food.

i'll donate to your paypal if you donate to mine.

Anjeny said...

Crash I hate the first picture and I don't like any of the pictures I'm

I'm with Martha Crash, screw the get rich quick scam..go for the blogging across America with Dolly and have people pay to read your stuff.

I had a great time yesterday....anxiously waiting on Dolly to get back to blogging again so I can live vicariously through her and of course, with you by her side, OMG, can you imagine all that fun and adventure I'll be picturing in my head? It'll be like travel around the world from imaginary world for me.

By the way, I'm going to steal a few of the pix on here and post on my blog. I was hoping you would send me some via email but I never got any. Don't forget I need one for my frame you gave me, aight?

Aw Val...I'd love to meet you too. In fact I'd love to meet all of the Utards that Crash is leaving us Hawaiians for...I guess it's a good thing Crash is coming over there, now I totally have a place to crash when I come to there, right Crash? Did I just write I'd crash at your place a double whammy, crashing at Crash's. Ok, I know, no one got that..**sighs**

April said...

I was waiting for the shot of Martha knocking Anjeny out of her chair. Did you forget to post that one?

I wonder if Dolly knows my friend Karen M. who lives in Saudi Arabia. I love seeing people who are so adventurous!

I love the first pic of Anjeny, she must be so proud! hehehe!

Funny Farmer said...

What exactly is cute jane doing in those last two pictures? It looks kinda almost like she's reaching for something she shouldn't, but Anjeny caught her in time! :D


Kritta22 said...

I'm jealous that you met Emily!

Did you ever see that movie with the cookbook? I wanna see it.

I was thinking about you. I don't envy you moving all your stuff, across the ocean. Do you have to cargo ship it?

Mariko said...

Um, if you stay in Hawaii I promise I will buy you lunch every day. Deal?

I can't believe you stopped by the room! And I wasn't there!
That always happens.

You can come eat dinner at our house every day before you leave. Seriously. No one should have to eat vienna sausage.