Sunday, December 7, 2008

Elders Got P.M.S!!!!!!!!

Here's a quick Mormon laugh, since it's Sunday (and since I'm on the subject of Mormon jokes).

I spent $2.95 on this joke. If you enjoy it, please reimburse me in my comment box (but NOT today because it's the sabbath).

Okay, I was in the BYU-H bookstore the other day when this greeting card caught my eye:

You can imagine my curiosity mingled with disgust. Of course I had to peek inside.

Oh, phew! Powerful Missionary Spirit. hardy har har. Nice play on acronym. The go give em' Heaven part is kinda cute, anyway.

I couldn't find the companion cards anywhere. I thought they might come in a set: Brothers got PMS, Bishops got PMS, Mission Presidents got PMS, Apostles got PMS, Prophets got PMS.

I was trying to think of who you would send this card to. What if you were a sister missionary and you really did have PMS one day and then you got this card in the mail?

Would you laugh or cry?

Maybe it would be fun to gave it to your companion as a not to be rude but subliminal message that you think she's cranky and irritable and unreasonable and you're sick to death of standing around the visitors center with her 24/7. But then, after the initial sting, you could say, JUST KIDDING (stop crying) I think you have POWERFUL MISSIONARY SPIRIT.

If only they carried one that says Relief Society Presidents got PMS I would have bought it and sent it to myself. (Or sent it to Annie's RS President).

But if they really want to tap the market they should mass produce a greeting card that says Elders got PMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that's funny.

I would have bought a whole hallmark store of those and sent one to every missionary on the planet. (Along with a box of caramacs to soften the blow.)


Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...


Heidi Ashworth said...

Such an imagination you have! What a trip to live in both Hawaii and church educational land--such fodder. Since I don't live in either, I can blame my lack of interesting topics on just that. (Only that.) My niece is just about to return from a mission to Ohio. She is the least PMSey person I know, less, even, than the bishop, but she had to put up with some real doozies as companions. It got to the point that we suspected her mission pres purposefully paired her up with the highly hormonal ones. Poor gal. I hope it isn't some kind of indicator of her future. Like, a husband with chronic PMS or something similar (like depression, anxiety, bipolar, those are all so similar they are practically indiscernable from PMS--trust me, we know of which we speak at here at Dunhaven Place).

georgie said...

this is where I have to be honest and say...
I didnt get it
now give me a blond joke and I am so there...oh wait i am blond pfffft

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Georgie, you're not laughing because it's really not funny. I didn't get it either.

But just for you . . .

Blonds got PMS!!!!!

There, are you laughing now?


verifier says WORKS. It's even CAPITALIZED. It's spanking me because I'm teaching a lesson in R.S. today so I should be doing my hair instead of checking my blog. But I'm hungry and I'm trying to distract my stomach.

I hope my PMS gives me just enough tears to appear spiritual so people think I have P.M.S.

SWIRL said...

I think it is one of those jokes-
it's so's funny.

I don't know- any Sista on PMS for reals.. isn't in the mood for dumb/funny.

CRASH I can't believe you bought it- you are too funny.

I think I'll go make some piph-o-roni for breakfast.

Martha said...

Crap, is it fast Sunday? I totally forgot and made chocolate chip waffles. Perry even ate them too and he never forgets. I was just so excited to actually have time to make waffles in my George Foreman grill with the waffle plates.

I'm pretty sure that if you get anything in the mail on your mission you would be estatic. We only got mail once a month on my mission so it was a huge highlight.

April said...

Now that was funny Martha! Martha has the dog, the dirth bikes AND the George Foreman Grill! Suhweeet!!! See....if I knew that I wouldn't have guessed that, Crash won't buy it because she can borrow it from Martha!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

You brilliant dummy you! (Sort of an oxymoronical sentence, wouldn't you say.)

I vote for Bishops got PMS. Sisters got PMS? Come on, that's too easy (and a bit sexist). To keep it unsexist let's go with Elders got jock itch. That's not an acronym...I know, I know. But there is no common guy acroym stuff. So, jock itch? Does that work for you?

wv: hiveler

Elders got hives? But that isn't sex specific!! No, thank you, word verifier.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Silly, silly. Thanks for the smile. And I think that elders should be trained about PMS in order to be better husbands in the future.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

dang I forgot to hit follow.

Mariko said...

That joke is just disgusting. How can people talk about such personal bodily stuff on their blog? Pshaw.
"nonsub" Seriously.

Youngblood4ever said...

I would have loved to get this as a missionary. I am a ward missionary- you totally can send it to me- I always have PMS- but not the Powerful Missionary Spirit kind. Maybe if I got this card I would totally be happy and keep it framed in the front room of my house to remind me of the right kind of PMS.

Sandi said...

So I came to check and see if you ever told us about your son's mystery present - I guess not, when oh when do we get to know?
I was living it up at BYUH 83-85- crap that makes me OLD.

Hey April !!
word verifier:derbac: what the rednecks say the car repo man shows up (there back) haha..or not.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Silly Mariko, don't you think you're kinda the pot calling the kettle black after your last post. hmmmm?

Sandi. I will give you a clue on Tuesday. I'm a bit afeared of my son finding out somehow through the townhouse grapevine.

But I will tell a story that may give it away.

Let me fast and pray about it. ;)

Erin said...

I have known some elders and some bishops who have had PMS, I swear.