Friday, December 19, 2008

Equal Rights for Comedy

My in-laws are prejudice.  They hate The Office.  My FIL called it, and I quote, a "dippy" show.  

Is it politically correct to discriminate against dippy comedy?  (Because if so, I'm so hoping they don't find my blog.)

We are trying to help them enlarge their scope of tolerance toward "dippy" comedy so we forced them at gunpoint to sit down and watch The Office with us tonight.  We even promised them Fat Boy ice cream sandwiches if they cracked a smile.  

So we all gathered around the television at 8 p.m.  (Well, actually we'd been gathered around the television since 5 p.m watching Family Feud.  Did you know strawberries are the sexiest food? And guess what's the 2nd sexiest food?  Not spam.  I thought for sure it would be spam. It's bananas.  My IL's eat bananas every morning and it's not sexy at all.)   

ANYWAY, we were gathered around the television at 8 p.m.  We didn't have a gun so we used a broomstick to keep the IL's from turning the channel.    

It was tricky because Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader was on at the same time and my IL's would MUCH rather watch adults be outsmarted by 5th graders than watch adults act like 5th graders. 

I know this because they told me (several times).

So The Office began with an awkward bang.  It was the Crime Aid episode where Michael and Holly have their first encounter and they say the S word 6 times in the first 5 minutes. Needless to say we heard a lot of  "oh my goodness!" and "oh gad!" and "honest to pete!"  but we held fast to the broomstick. 

My MIL looked each of my children in the eye at one point during the show and said, "Do you think this is funny?" and my FIL murmured under his breath and shook his head several times. He didn't think I could hear him. 

I may be old and over dressed, but I can hear a needle drop in a haystack. Especially when I have my hollowed-out-secret-agent-eagle-ear-spy-broom-stick to my ear.  

These are some of the things I heard: "I don't . . . see . . . the . . . point . . . of . . . watching . . . this!!!!"   

"I guess this is supposed to be funny?"  

"This is just dumb."   

It was probably the funniest night at The Office I've ever had.  

The only thing that would have made the night better would have been a round of Fat Boy ice cream sandwiches because we don't discriminate against obese ice cream.


April said...

I hope I never get "that" old to where The Office is not funny any more!!! Way to stick to your broomstick! I hope you didn't get any slivers fighting them off! And Jeff, I mean Crash, I am NOT smarter than a 5th grader!

PS.....I was first!!! Unless I took too long to write this! hahaha!!

Brooks said...

The Office is may favorite show and I can't imagine a person, let alone two people not liking it and laughing histerically the during the entire episode!

Barbaloot said...

I used to quite enjoy The Office. Especially the episode when Michael stepped on his foreman grill. But I haven't loved it's a little TOO awkward for me to appreciate.
Can I please still be allowed to read your blog?

Jillybean said...

I think some people may need to watch several episodes of The Office before seeing the humor.

Perhaps, for Christmas, you should buy your ILs the first few seasons of The Office on DVD.

JustRandi said...

Oh sheeze, what an episode to make them watch.
I used to love The Office, but honestly, I think the writers have gotten lazy and are using sex jokes to fill in gaps. It's not nearly as funny as the real, original humor it used to have.
Apparently I'm getting old!

I could totally go for the Fatboy ice cream, though.

CaJoh said...

I don't know what it is, but there are some shows that I don't like, but wind up liking when they are in re-runs. But I know there are some shows my wife likes and I could care less— but watch just to keep her company.

OldBoatGuy said...

Hmmmmm, you told me not to anything....woops, I said "anything".

Nicole said...

OK, I have never actually watched The Office, but I think I may have to give it a try now. By the way, have you ever watched Pushing Dasies? It is the funniest show, my husband and I have to pause the DVR, stop ROTFL,& wipe the tears from our eyes before we can go on.

I am LoW said...

I've tried and tried and tried to get into The Office. I hate being out of the loop and not in with the cool kids.

But I don't think it's funny.

(Did I just hear gasping?)

I wonder if you have to watch it from the beginning to get it?

WV- tring- the sound heard through the blogosphere when someone admits to not getting The Office.

P.S. I did laugh at the show once.

P.S.S. I loved Napoleon Dynamite. If that means anything.

P.S.S.S. Are we still cool?

Sabra said...

Eeekkk, I was at my daughter and SIL's over Thanksgiving and they MADE me watch the first 5 episodes of The Office, all in a row! I'm not sure I like being on THAT side of this funny post. Hehehe. I did laugh though, quite a bit.

Jen said...

I just love how anytime you have any parental watch a show you've assured them they'll find appropriate/funny/enjoyable/etc., it will be the one time it's completely riddled with the s.e.x. word, bad language, and/or questionable content. This used to happen to us regularly as kids.

So annoying!

Heidi Ashworth said...

The Office, like Coke, is an acquired taste. Since Coke was reserved for the adults in my house (at least until my dad became a counselor in the bishopbric at which time he switched to root beer) I never acquired the taste for Coke. In fact, I think it tastes gross. By the same token, I had to watch a number of episodes of The Office in order to appreciate it. The humor is very often subtle and dry and I missed it the firt couple of go arounds. Now I think it is hilarious, so there you go--but I'm still not willing to get used to the coke on account of the fact that I hate carbonation and because, er, it's coke. And all.

Melanie J said...

Hmmm...I still don't think I can do it. I'm afraid it will give me the idiot shivers so bad that I'll look I'm in the throes of an epileptic seizsure.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

OMGOSH! OMgoodness. OH Gad! Oh Golly! Honest to pete! I can't believe all the comedy bigotry in my comment box.

LO!!! NOOooo! NO NO NO, LO! Say it isn't so, Lo!

I guess we're still cool, but I didn't really love Napolean Dynamite. It could be because I watched that with my ILs too so all I can remember is a bunch of oh my gad's and honest to petes.

Brooks, you are my new best friend.

But I still love the rest of you too. Tis the season to be forgiving. Just DON'T tell me if you don't love Nacho Libre.

La lalalalala I'm not listening.

Here's my comedy bigotry. Don't throw tomatoes at me. I was bored silly through Mama Mia. (On Broadway. I never saw the movie because if I'm gonna sleep, I might as well be in my bed.) And don't try to tell me it's because I haven't been exposed to ABBA. I Loved ABBA as a pre-teen.

Lo, are we still cool.

Oh, and Heidi, I'm totally with you on the Coke. Mt. Dew or BUST!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Crash...I'm just wondering...did NICOLE pay her .25 cents for ROFL??? or is it ROFLOL??? Anyway, I'm just watching your back making sure you get paid so you can have a good Christmas.

I have made sure not to laugh because I want a good Christmas also.

I am with Heidi...I hate the taste of Coke...uuuuggghhh!

I love the I'm still in your FAV 5...

and it's BLASPHEMOUS for anybody to think differently, but I'm like your Crash...and it might be our TWIN-ness in us, but I'm in a forgiving mood as long as they don't say anything bad about Nacho Libre! :)

p.s. I don't have to pay for a smile do I?

Annie Valentine said...

In laws in general are stupid. And I really hope my MIL doesn't read your blog (since I like to keep the ones I comment on to myself).

I always love to read your stuff.

I am LoW said...

Crash- did you get to see Napolean Dynamite more than once? It def takes more than one viewing. It bumped Grease from being my all time fave- and it was my all time fave for yeeeeeeaaars.:)

And believe it or not, I've never seen Mama Mia or Nacho Libre. I reckon I'll skip Mama Mia and go for the Nacho's, from what I'm reading. :)

T said...

well honest-to-Pete... it took me awhile to appreciate the dippy humor of the Office - and although I do shield my children from its awkward-ness I admit that I quite relate to Jim.

The early stuff is much better for "easing" the IL's into the insanity... Of course, my OWN IL's... yeah, I was worried about having them watch Everybody Loves Raymond if that tells you anything :)

Mariko said...

ARGH! I haven't watched it yet. Don't tell me what happens. I was saying, "LA LA LA LA LA! I can't hear you!" the whole time I read that part. Please tell me you love "Waiting for Guffman." Because then we can be BFFs (best film friends).

Mariko said...

Oh, and even though I had a performance due, apparently several kids got in trouble because they didn't show up for LL's class, where they were watching the raucous comedy, "Wild Hearts Can't be Broken." So good thing I forced her to stay, 'eh?

The Rogers Family said...

Oh golly, Shelle, that comment was classic heelarity. You should get more caramacs for that.

Annie, welcome back. I'm so happy you have your super hot secret agent husband back again. I think you should start a new line of t-shirts, Stupid In-Law t-shirts. I will put the button on my blog.

Lo, I loved Grease so we're good. I will give Napoleon Dynomite another chance. Maybe we should have a movie night. Nacho Libre is the same director as Napolean Dynamite so if you liked that you might like ND.

T, my IL's LOVE LOVE LOVE Everybody Loves Raymond. Does that make them cool now. I'm not going to tell them they're cool and that my bbf's don't love The Office either. I want them to think they are the only ones in the world who don't love dippy humor.

Mariko, I've never seen Waiting for Guffman but I'll put it on my netflix because I really want to be your best film friend.

I can't wait to see my daughter tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Okay! HOW EMBARRASSING! I just commented from my family account.

I should probably delete it and post incognito as THE CTD, but I'm too lazy.

So see that Rogers Family Comment above me? Well that's me. C

CTD's have family too. So there!

Funny Farmer said...

I like The Office. Can't stand Everybody Loves Raymond. LOVE Napolean Dynamite. Liked Nacho Libre - although it's funnier when my kids quote it.

April said...

That's what she said.

Sandi said...

LOL April, that was our favorite part of St. George---there was a car wash that had that very statement up on their billboard thingy..we cracked up every time we drove by it.
Yep I'm an office fan, although it does seem to be getting dirtier..season 3 was especially raunchy. I love Nacho, think Napolean is OK and absolutely LOVED Mamma Mia- am now on the search to find Waiting for Guffman because I read Mariko's blog and think she is hilarious. See how well rounded I am?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Okay wait! April and Sandi, What did SHE say? I need to know. Is this a St. George joke?

Funny Farmer, what about Mama Mia?

Sandi, it's amazing we can still be such close friends when you LOVED Mama Mia and HATED Twilight. If I saw you on the street I would probably poke you in the eye, but here in my comment box I always want to hug you.

There's a lesson here. There's a definite lesson here!

There's so much more to love than movies.

April said... MUST know that line from The Office. They usually use that innuendo at least once an episode.

Sandi....I remember the car wash that had it posted on their sign....we would laugh every time we passed it!

We now use that in our home for a multitude of uses. It helps break tense situations as well.

And if you came across Sandi on the street, you wouldn't want to poke her in the eye. If she disagrees with you on something she is so apologetic about it. She usually ends the sentence with, "Is that wrong?"

Sandi is AWESOME!!! She says what she feels but doesn't want to hurt your feelings about it.

Funny Farmer said...

And that's what's so great about Crash Test Dummy Diaries: It's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!


Mamma Mia: never saw the play, saw the movie and it was pathetic except that was okay because it was girls night out so instead of groaning at the bad singing and acting we just laughed ourselves silly and did cartwheels in the aisles. I even blogged about it.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

No, I'm sure I would want to poke Sandi in the eye. I'm sure of it. And then I would hit her over the head and drag her to the nearest movie theater where Twilight was showing and then I would tie her to her seat and and gag her and make her watch a double feature of that smokin' hot vampire.

And then I would say "Was that wrong?"

Funny Farmer, you never told us what YOU thought of Twilight!

April said...

I'll help you drag Sandi to Twighlight, but you could probably leave the gag behind if you snuck in a Sonic Limeade under your jacket......she LOVES their ice! The other stuff would probably be fun!

Make sure you record the fiasco! (That's what she said.)

Funny Farmer said...

What I thought of Twilight: The acting was subpar at best, the special effects were silly, the dialogue was cheesy, and the makeup was mediocre. But even underneath his pasty white unconvincing makeup, Edward was HOT. I especially enjoyed the steamy kissing scene in Bella's bedroom. Yowsa! And then I was alarmed that my teenage daughters had also watched that same steamy scene. And then I went home and lectured my daughters on how they are never to even have a boy in their bedrooms, let alone kiss one, even if he is a stinking hot vampire, and they are most certainly never EVER to use a boy (or a vampire) for a pillow, no matter how cute it was in the movie. There's more I'm sure but I forget just now. Maybe I should go see it again.

Sandi said...

Now I know that you have moved on to another post, but since my name keeps being brought up in vain, I am commenting once again. Thank you April for defending my honor and making me feel the need to make a sonic run so I can have some ice to munch on. Crash, you CANNOT claim to be a true office fan if you do not know "thats what she said" I jump for joy whenever I happen upon an appropriate circumstance in which I can invoke the spirit of Michael Scott and use his favorite line! I cannot say how much I hate Twilight. For all of you who think there is a stinkin hot vampire in that cheesiest of all cheesy movies.....Go see your friendly neighborhood optometrist PRONTO! p.s next time I am in the neighborhood of Crash, I will be protecting my eyeballs at all costs!
p.s.s. Mamma Mia was good because of the bad singing! it made me feel like it was okay for me to burst into song even if I can't carry a tune and that is why I loved it. That and Colin Firth of course.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Crash--Sandi is Blasphemous for even SAYING cheesy and Twilight in the same HOT VAMPIRE...that was like shunning words!

Mentally saying in my mind...forgiveness, forgiveness...

But secretly I know that the worst offenders of TWILIGHT are secretly the deep down LOVERS of it...

So I forgive and shall not SHUN!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh My Gad! Oh my embarrasing moment! Oh my fake Office fan, not even getting the inside joke. Now you all know I'm just pretending to love The Office just to bug my IL's. Maybe that's why I love it so much, because I don't watch it. That's what she said, anyway.

There, am I in the club now?

And FUNNY FARMER, you big hippocratic prude. Your poor daughter never getting to have any fun at all.

Amen Shelle, and Sandi, you better stay out of the hood or YOU'LL be the one going to the optomotrist.

Is that wrong?

You walked into that one, girlfriend. ;)

Funny Farmer said...


"I do not think that word means what you think it means."

Name that movie. Anyone who cannot name that movie shall be weighed and found wanting in the humor department.

(Psst - Crash! I live a mere three hours from April, Sandi, and Shelle. This thug for hire! hee hee)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Fav Movie eva. It starts with a PB and ends with . . . you killed my brother, prepare to die!

Funny Farmer said...

Father. You killed my FATHER, prepare to die.

Really. I am disappointed in you.

How long has it been since you have seen that purely delightful classic movie to end all movies?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

OMgoodness. I am truly humiliated.

Brother. That's what she said.


Verifier says acklevel. Is that the level I've stooped/sunken to. I think I'm getting too much sleep.

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Here's one of my favorite Andy quotes: Five of us transferred from Stamford. There are two of us left. Me and Karen. It's like we are touring Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory and dropping off one by one. Well, guess what? I am not falling in a chocolate river.

The Office is AMAZING! I loved it back when it was British. Maybe that's why so many silly Americans don't like it, because it's got a British, dry-wit sensibility. It wasn't an acquired taste at all for me. Funny off the bat. Twilight, on the other hand? The Office and Twilight should not be mentioned in the same sentence. Blasmephous, indeed!

My MIL acts horrified that we like the Simpsons and Conan. She thinks they're too dirty. But guess what she watches? Desperate Housewives!!! Umm...are you serious?