Friday, February 13, 2009

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind

You know how they tell you not to stay up past midnight so you won't be tempted to break the commandments?

That's not true! I never feel like breaking the commandments after midnight?

After midnight is actaully my favorite time of day because it's just me and my playlist (and my thoughts).

They should warn us about the temptations we'll face before midnight--particularly between the hours of 6-7:30 a.m. and 2:30-9:30pm. These are the hours when me and my playlist (and my thoughts) have to pay attention to the soft scrub and the mop and the broom and the laundry and the toilets and the dishes and the oven.

Oh, and the kids.

(Okay, that's not true. I don't pay attention to any of those things.)

So last night after midnight, me and my playlist (and my thoughts) were just hanging out and getting to know each other better. It was h.e.a.v.e.n. but it made me sad that the three of us don't get to spend more time together.

But it also made me happy becasue I love that you are listening to the same songs I am when you hit my blog. It makes me feel like we're two peeps in a pod--like your chi and my chi are snug as a bug in a rug. (Unless you push mute, in which case you're blocking my chi.)

Do you want to know which songs make me smile the widest when I log in?

1. Why Georgia Why--John Mayer ((AKA Jack Mayer) I never get tired of John/Jack Mayer asking me anything?)

2. Say What You Need to Say--(I also never get tired of J/J Mayer telling me anything.)

3. Lucky-- Jason Marz. (Love this son, even though I don't believe in luck. (I only believe in science!) (Nacho Libre alert.) )

4. How to Save a Life--(If The Fray's voice had lips I would kiss them lips silly.)

5. Where is the Love?--Black Eyed Peas. (Because I love rhetorical questions. Where's the love ya'll? Where's the truth ya'll? (And please don't tell me to go read my scriptures.))

6. I Wonder (wonder wonder) Why the Wonderfalls--Andy Partridge. (I've always wondered why the wonderfalls too.)

7. What's Going On? --4 Non Blondes. (Add one more non blonde to the protest.)

8. I Don't Feel Like Dancing--Scissor Sisters.

9. Better Together. Jack Johnson. (Amen, JJ. AMEN! Especially when you're arm is wrapped around me.)

10. Mr. Blue Sky--ELO

BTW, I need to do some adding and deleting to my playlist. Any suggestions?

So, tomorrow me and my hub and my cubs are running away for V-Day so I gots ta go pack, but allow me to leave you with a thought. Or better yet, a confession (in honor of my follower of the week).

You know how some people are functional deppressives? At this very moment I'm a non-functional non-depressive.

I can't get anything done, even though I'm totally fine and dandy.

I thought it might be because I'm now a Crash Test Granny. (Believe you me, it's a lot of work being a CTG).

So I asked the universe today "What's uh, the deal?" and guess what that silly universe told me?

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind. The answer is blowing in the wind.

And it was!

My hair's to blame!

There is one thing I fantasize about more than Jack Johnson taking me on tour with him and writing a song for me . . .

Straight shiny hair.

Can someone please start a collection for me to get my hair Japanese straightened so I can get my life back in order?


Anjeny said...

I just want to say that I love your play list. It was my best companion those two days I was brushing {toothpasting} and flossing my house.


Kristina P. said...

Now I feel guilty that I didn't even realize you had a playlist, and as soon as it started playing, I turned it to mute.

But, you do have great taste in music. And bloggers!

I will go away now.

Anjeny said...

P.S. You shouldn't blame it on ur hair, blame it on Angelina Jolie..LOL.

Youngblood4ever said...

How in the world am I not the first? Why are we all still up? Just waiting on pins and needles for Crash to post her next post. Okay, ya, that is really what I was doing. Don't judge me. Obviously I was too slow at the posting, though. Gotta get moving faster.

Okay, now I'll go read the post.

Youngblood4ever said...

Love that you love music. I feel very close to you. I might have to step back, though. Have you washed your cheek yet? I'm smelling something funky.

Kritta22 said...

Confession: I only lesson to your playlist when Chris Brown comes on first. If not, it goes to mute.

I ususally play in here, the comment box anyway so yeah. no suggestions here.

How's our Blogging across America going?

Kritta22 said...

I hope you have a wonderful time with your familia!

I love reading your posts. I don't think I say that enough. I don't just enjoy your comment box.

Martha said...

I've never heard that waterfall song before. Glad you have Blue Sky by ELO. I got R hooked on that one too. I think you need Suite Judy Blue Eyes by Crosby Stills and Nash. Also I'm surprised you're now promoting your buddy Cubworld. Put on "Rock Yourself Out" that's what I like the best.

That picture proves you were really were at Super Citizen today even though I never saw you.

Have fun on your Valentine's trip....I won't tell. Good thing the games are early tomorrow so you can get going.

Thanks for the Jamba.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I just discovered Colbie Calliert (thanks to the Lucky song you mentioned which I heard and loved on another blog) Also I just got Sara Bareilles. Fantastic. Then there's Lady Antebellum but it's got a bit of country and of course Erin McCarly. I'm a music junkie :)

I am LoW said...

ME TOO!!!!

ME TOO!!!!

I want straight shiny hair!!!!!


Heidi Ashworth said...

I think you look like some kind of fashion model. Truly!

OldBoatGuy said...

You look beautiful, frizzy hair and all. I'm off for a V day also, in my thoughts.

Haynsy said...

May I suggest "Roundabout" by Yes

If the kids get loud, play something louder. Anything by Def Leppard, "Rock On, Armaggeddon It, Pyromania", and AC/DC "It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Want To Rock 'n' Roll).

Crowded House and Split Enz work, same singer, New Wave and Rock become one.

T said...

I'm afraid I do most of my blogging on mute... but I flipped on the speakers in your honor today :)

Anjeny and I blamed everything on Angelina yesterday - you should have seen the mess A.J. left at my house yesterday!

and no kidding - but your verifier says renovate... I guess it is time to overhaul the playlist... sorry I don't have any good suggestions...

CaJoh said...

Since I don't know your musical tastes that well, I don't think I'm qualified to make suggestions. But you are welcome to view my iLike profile to give you ideas.

April said...

As I told T yesterday...I think you should Blame it on the Rain...Milli Vanilli did. And I KNOW, that you wouldn't want my thin, scraggly hair Dummy!

Be careful what you wish for! You might get it!

Melanie J said...

I think the Raconteurs are kind of awesome, and you are, too.

Sandi said...

I just wish that your playlist would still play when I'm over here in the comment box- I even listen to it at work and am deathly afraid that they are going to be monitoring my internet use and think I am totally looking at your blog all day long. oh well. So about the hair- you are completely right, if you feel like you have bad hair, it completely ruins your day- at least it does mine and it makes me very grumpy to feel like my hair is ugly. How much does a Japanese straightening cost?

SWIRL said...

Hey I need some dummy music advice.
For my video project due next week... I am suppose to have music... something that would be good for bookclub4boys...

whatcha think?
and no eye-of the tiger... please!

Sandi said...

Oh Swirl, I think you came to the right place, although I have no brilliant ideas to offer you, I am positive you will get some great tips here!

Mariko said...

I'm so happy that ELO made the list, because I was about to slap you silly for ignoring it. I'm going to think of some more to suggest but right now I'm valentining, so I'm too busy to blog (supposedly).
I just wanted to make sure you knew your girlie is in a picture on mine.

Barbaloot said...

I love love love I Don't Feel Like Dancing. Such a great song. You might wanna check out some stuff by Motion City Soundtrack---also very worthwhile and fun.

April said...

Crash....the answer is Jackie Robinson....I just watched his autobiography today. I cried. He had such dignity and poise. Now I know where your love for Jack's began!

April said...

BTW...he starred as was made in the 1950's!!! Now I am in love with a Jack....SIGH....I want my boys to have that much dignity and honor under difficult and horrendous situations.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hey everyone,

I just got back from my weekend get-a-away! Can't wait to tell you all about it.

I am soooo far behind on my blogging I don't even get that Angelina Jolie joke. But I'll blame it on her anyway.

YAY Anjeny for listening to my playlist. BOO Kristina P for not even knowing I had a playlist

J/K KP, I know you're far too popUlar for the likes of my playlist.

Youngblood, AMEN! I totally love your playlist too. The first time I hit your blog I knew we had the same music philosophy. My chi and your chi are soul chi's.

Kritta, THANK YOU! My blog across America site is just starting to get it's template so it will be another week or so. My designer got sick.

Martha, I would totally promote Cubworld but only has one of his songs. And it's not my fav.

Andrea, they have no Erin McCarly either. I'm going to try some of the others you mentioned though. I love your taste in music.

Miss Heidi and OBG, you guys are the sweetest. OBG, sometimes our thoughts are the best place to hang out. Truly. I hope you didn't get too lonesome.

LO, HIGH FIVE. We sooooooo should get our hair Japanese straightened together. But it's so expensive . . . like $400. But my neice can do it for $100. I might do it when I go to Utah because that's where she lives.

Sandi, AMEN sister. I HATE bad hair days. It totally makes me self conscious. And I have a lot of them. And I wish my playlist would play in the comment box too. Sometimes I have to open two of my blogs just so I can listen while I'm writing.

Haynsy, you are hard core, dude. My hub would lub that playlist of yours. I'm more alternative.

Mariko DO make suggestions because I love your taste in music. I'll go check out my daughter's pics.

APRIL. AMEN! I know. I know. I know. Jackie Robinson made me cry so many times. He's da bomb of all bombs. And that film is only like 1/10 of what he actually went through and 1/10 of how awesome he was after the 50's. He's on the tip top of my love for Jack's list. I'm sooooooo glad you love him too now.

T, I need to come see the mess at your house. I will try to come by everyone's blog tomorrow and say ALOHA!

I am LoW said...

Straightened as in, permanently (or til it grows out)??? I'm SO in!