Sunday, February 22, 2009


The Universe has a message for you.

Two messages, actually.

The first message is that racing home after Sacrament meeting to eat peanut M&M's is totally okay, especially if you are preparing to teach the Miamaids that being a wife and mother is not routine and boring.

The second message is that people are amazing! Yes, they are also stupid, annoying and weird, but amazing, nonetheless.

The Universe has been poking me and prodding me all week to tell you this, which is why I'm telling you this!

(Now BACK OFF, Universe, before I smack you!)

Wednesday morning the universe shook me awake. I bolted up and peered at the clock . It was 3:45 a.m.

John Mayer was in my head telling me to say what I need to say.

But for gads sake, is there ANYTHING you really need to say at 3:45 a.m?

I went back to sleep.

The universe shook me again at 3:50 and then 4:00 and then 4:10.

Finally at 4:15 I dragged myself out of bed.

I sat at the computer.

I sat. And I sat.

There was nothing I needed to say.

But there was plenty I needed to do so I pulled out my class stuff and started grading.

I graded. And I graded. A task which usually makes me cranky and irritable, but for some reason I was off my game and my stone cold heart heart filled up with overwhelming awe for each of my students. My tired, puffy little eyeballs swelled with gratitude that I could wake up at 4:15 a.m. to think on them.

This feeling of amazement and awe then moved to my children and my husband.

I had to slap myself silly as a reminder that my husband and children are annoying and that I hate grading more than I hate tatortot casserole.

I tried, I really did, to be realistic and crabby, but I just felt magical.

When I walked into class that morning I was actually giddy--like I was surrounded by a bunch of Jack Johnsons. I wanted to wrap my arms around each of them and say, "can I have your autograph?"

So here's my point: Everyone is beautiful. In there own way.

No, that's not exactly my point. My exact point is this: Everyone is a superstar! Inside. A beautiful, amazing, annoying superstar!

You may live 2 doors down from a superstar and not even know it.

It happened to me.

This is my neighbor, Spencer. I didn't know he was a superstar.

I thought he was just an ordinary kid who I see everyday in the hood.

Normally when I see him I think of the Turkey Trot because every year he runs it and even though he never wins he always has this sweet smile on his face.

Now whenever I see him I'm going to think what an amazing, beautiful superstar!

Last night he rocked my world as I was sitting in the BYU-H auditorium watching him play Jo Jo in the most fantabulous musical ever (second only to Spamalot) Suessical the Musical.

Jo Jo reached out and gave my soul a squeeze every time he opened his mouth and sang.

I added my two favorite songs from the musical to my playlist--Alone in the Universe and It's Possible. (Track 60 and 61).

I want you to go listen to these songs and then walk to your neighbor's house and give all of their children a hug. Don't forget to ask them for their autographs because they are all beautiful superstars.

(And then can you tell the Universe to leave me alone already!)


Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Ha Ha

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Oh mylanta, that was a close one. Criminey, I finished reading the post and then saw that NO ONE had commented yet, not even my bbff snuggi wearing Kristina, so this is a chance to say nani nani boo boo to her, because I know she will be along any nanosecond.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Aqnd Kristina I felt like I was the kid in the picture racing you to the finish line, and then curse of all curses, I wasn't logged in and I had to type my whole log in and pass word besides a stupid word verification. It was very stressful and I could hear you breathing at my footsteps. Would I make it before you? Such pressure.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Of course it is not something that I lie awake dreaming of being the first commenter or anything, it is just when I get the chance, it kind of takes my breath away. Just saying.

Mariko said...

Oooooo, I think one of your blogstalkers is going to like that one.
I know! People ARE amazing! The bird w/one tail feather lives in my house and I didn't even KNOW she was in a play. I totally freaked out when she started singing and dancing like a star. I think people should not be allowed to surprise you with their amazing-ness like that, because you come home feeling stupid.
I went on Friday. The universe has foiled us again.
Oh, and I NEVER grade at 4:15 am and think my students are amazing. I just think I am the worst teacher ever. So, you must be a good teacher. Case solved.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Ok Kristina, I am done with you. Where are you anyway? You just commented on my blog about 15 minutes ago. Maybe you have gone to bed, in which case the time difference totally played into my favor.

Now Crash on to you. I LOVE Suzzical. Totally amazing and those are my two favorites songs also. But I also like the one that Maisy sings about all the trouble she went through to help Horton. But seriously Alone in the Universe just about brings me to tears every time I hear it, and I have the CD on my MP3 so I can hear it as often as I want.

Anyone who loves musicals and has a chance to see Suessical, if you haven't, it is a must see.

It is one of my life's dissapointments that it is no longer playing in New York, so when my dream of making it to Broadway comes true, that is one thing I won't get to see.

But good news for me, Lion King is coming to Vegas to stay for a while. It kicked out Mama Mia. How great of a trade was that? I mean I saw Mama Mia and it was OK, but Lion King, that has been on my list of musicals I must see or I will die, for a long long time.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Kristina, Kristina, Kristina

(said in the voice of the teacher from Ferris Buellers Day Off)

Martha said...

Yes, Spencer was great. My parents think he is so cool now, especially since they saw him yesterday being pulled by his beautiful dog on a skateboard. I had never seen him smile so big as after that show. I hope he keeps it up and that he has found his gift.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha NHC. You kill me. And my verifier say hurre. It appears Kristina P. wasn't in a hurre tonight. I'm hurt that she raced to your blog and not to mine.

hee hee J/K Kristina P.

NHC. I have never seen Suessical before until last night and it blew my mind. I loved it so much. And I LOVE THAT song too that Gertrude McFuzz sang about all she went through. That was my favorite too, except doesn't have it so I couldn't add it.

And Mariko, you're right. Lauren blew me away. She was incredible. Everyone was such a superstar.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Doctor Suess is a genius and putting so much of his great stuff to musical, well super genius. I heard the music a few years before I got to see it, but the songs are so awesome, that it hardly mattered.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

I wonder if everyone is watching the Oscars. Is that it? Kritta where are you. I am finally sitting here talking to myself and no one else is here. I feel so alone in the universe. And they all call me a lunatic.

Anjeny said...

LOL Pat. I wonder where Kritta is too. This is usually her time to chat up the comment box by herself. I think Kristina is busy passing her snuggi around the Oscars...LOL.

Crash, I feel I should come and shake your hand and tell all I know that I shook the hand of a really talented dummy who rub shoulders with famous people and superstars.

As for neighbor part, I'm sorry to say that I definitely do not want to shake hands with my two neighbors on both sides of my property, not only are they not superstars wannabe but they are the meanest people I have the unfortunate luck of meeting. Can I just come over and shake the hands of your neighbors instead? After all you're the one living next door to a new rising star and mother of the month AND the universe talk to you all the time...LOL

SWIRL said...

We missed it! sold out show!
I didn't even know he was in it!- and he lives right next door to me! what a humble- unassuming guy!

I first noticed him.. in May Day school performance- he's so quiet- I just assumed he would be shy performing... but NO WAY- he shines on stage! And can dance! I heard he was fantastic... wished we went...

Barbaloot said...

Man-I hate when the universe starts making me appreciate people. Fortunately it's quite rare and I'm usually very good at being unexplainably irritable.

Sandi said...

I love this post! it makes me really jealous that I don't have an inner superstar but so appreciative of those who do and will share it with all of us! I love to see people shine and especially when they totally rock your world with talents you had no idea they had. I definitey have superstar neighbors and I just might have to go hug them all today.

♥georgie♥ said...

LOL Love it!
Can i have your autograph?

sara said...

I love Seussical the Musical! I just auditioned for a local community theater play and I sang "Notice me Horton" That's awesome that your neighbor was Jo!

T said...

point taken... I'm unfortunately booked to be amazing all week at the elementary school...

but I did need a reminder that all those short people are superstars before I started dealing with them!

I am LoW said...

Fun!! But hey- the kids run without shoes there? For real??

And I really need to know about you and the shaved ice and beans? Did you?? Have you?

Melanie J said...

Yeah, kids kinda totally, utterly rock.

CaJoh said...

So glad you had a revelation about everybody. I tend to see that everybody is great on the inside but it's how they behave that annoys me.

dolly etta said...

I am so bummed we missed that performance! I put the notice on the fridge and told Sean to take Izzy since I was in San Diego for those three nights. I got home last night and also found the uncooked, uneaten broccoli still in the fridge. I didn't think it was asking to much since, those were the only two things I specifically asked him to do. She loves broccoli and she would have LOVED that performance. Oh well, I still have gratitude for all things. This will just make it so that I will plan to go out of my way and take my kids to that performance someday and it will be a meaningful experience at that time. Perhaps on our cross country excursion this summer I will find it playing somewhere in the US. I just bought a used 30 foot RV and actually drove it on the southern California freeways! If I had a blog I would post my photo of me standing in front of that RV. I look like a dot on a blank sheet of A4 paper. =)

I am so happy that so you got to see and enjoy it the musical! (Unlike some people, who want to hurt you when you experience joy that they are not.)

But to the actual point of your post; I think it's one of the beautiful serendipitous moments of life to find your neighbors, former neighbors or anyone you ever knew and shared time with, as superstars! It shows how amazing the spirits are that inhabit the bodies that are all around us. I totally get it when you ask us to pause and think about the quality of humanity in all of it's simple forms and in the everyday way it presents itself. (Despite the weirdness and crankiness that also comes from it.)

Side note to LoW - Shave Ice with beans in the bottom - Yes! We have them and my husband likes it. Kids running without shoes - all the time! And it is amazing to see what surfaces they can walk and run on without any sensitivity. If you were walking on broken shards of glass and stepping very carefully they would pass you by on the same surface as if walking on a fine, soft grass. After 13 years in Hawaii, it still amazes me to see it.

Kris said...

I love finding superstars parading as normal people.

word verifier Philis, my superstar Grandma

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

You know what the universe told ME??? The universe told ME that I LOST 3 followers?

I wonder if people judged me because I have admitted to tapping into my inner testosterone?

What do you think?

I have just spent like 40 minutes reading all the posts I've husband has been stealing the lap top and I'm to lazy to type at the desk top...I'm sorry,

I have MISSED you though!!! Yes I have!

BTW I think my posts are not getting recognized as being posted? Weird right?

I know I'm talking to myself...but if feels good to talk to myself, I've been talking to my sick 6 year old for a while and needed to get away...

he must think I'm his slave or something..."Mom do this" "mom can't swallow that" "mom my throat hurts"

Doesn't a kid understand a Mom just needs her blog time?

So I have myself 40 minutes and your posts took it all up

plus this comment...

but I love you site!

I'm going to have a moment of silence now for my 3 lost followers...

******** ya!

springrose said...

You guys are the laugh I need each day!! Seriously, cracking up over here with 5 kids thinking mom has finally lost ALL her marbles! Can I just say I love you guys, this is my adult conversation time! Everytime I call my sister, neighbor or hubby at work they are busey! Do you think they really don't want to talk to me, and are avoiding me, because my sensitive pshyche can't take that right now!! Snif, sniff, JK!! Hope you all have a great rest of your day, since it is longer than mine! Ok, I know we all have 24 hours in a day, but I am MStime and you are not, so therefore you have more hours left in your day! Ok I better go find some cottage cheese before my brain turns into more mush than it already is!

The Wixom Zoo said...

I super want to be a super star! Please, please puh-lease???

Anjeny said...

Crash, I just wanted to drop in and say I am sorry you've lost some followers, esp. one of your friend. I'll split three ways to make up for that but alas, it's not in my power to do so. But hey, you're still my favorite dummy. LY, Crash.

Oh btw, did ACE have what you were looking for?

Jami said...

I suffer from this disorder, but my family suffers more. Much more.

Jami said...

Oops wrong post. Which way is up?

Youngblood4ever said...

WOW! A really honest to goodness superstar in your neighborhood. That is impressive.

Oh, and you are one patient soul. I'd knock the universe silly if it decided to kick me out of bed that early. Of course there are many days when I haven't even gotten into bed at that time, so maybe I'd try to be a little patient with the universe. NAH!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I know it's kinda late to come over here and reply to ya'll. I did come yesterday and spill my guts, but it never showed up as a comment and I never took the time to re-spill my guts. Re-spilling is not my favorite thing to do.

But here goes:

Georgie said the right thing. And so did Anjeny! YES you both have my autograph and shake my hand.

Sandi, you said the wrong thing. YOU ARE TOO a SUPERSTAR! You are one of the funniest people I know.


Lo, YES! Beans are good, but I usually just eat it with icecream. YUM-O. I am so going to send you a Matsumoto shave ice.

Dolly, how beautiful. I can't wait until you have your own blog. We will need you as a correspondant on Crash and Friends. My designer for that site has a virus. And her computer has one too, so who knows when the site will be up. ;( But I'm still working it.

Shelle, I missed you too! Thanks for spending your only free 40 minutes on me. I bet you lost those followers because of google too. We can't let google mess with our minds. Let it go. Let it be. I bet one of them was Jami.

Springrose, you are so cute. I'm so glad you find us adult enough to be your company. hee hee. It ain't easy being preggos. Oh, oops. Did I just let the cat out of the bag?

Wixom, I officially deem you a superstar! YOU TOTALLY ARE!