Friday, February 6, 2009

My cup of envy runneth over!!!

Did you guys hear me screaming at the top of my lungs?

It sounded a lot like this:


No, it was more like this:


No, it was more like this:


My daughter just called me from her soccer slumber party, which just so happened to be hosted by the neice of Jack Johnson, who just so happens to live right next door to . . . you guessed it . . . Curious George!


I just love that little monkey!

And GUESS WHAT!? Guess, guess, guess!

Okay you'll never guess!

Jack Johnson came over to the slumber party and sang a bunch of songs for the girls!


And guess what else!? Guess, guess, guess!

Okay you'll never guess this one.

Jack Johnson talked to my daughter.

And you know what he said? Huh? Huh? Huh?

He said, and I quote:

"I think I met your mom. She looks just like you."


It just goes to show how important it is to spawn carbon copy offspring of yourself so they can jar the memory of famous people you love.

I wonder if he remembers wrapping his arm around me and kissing me on the cheek?
I still haven't washed that cheek, btw.

(I just hope he doesn't know that I found out about his Eagle Powers.)

P.S. Sorry for interrupting my skillz post. You can go back to ooh-ing and aah-ing over my uber awesome new photog/blog skillz now.


Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Wahoo! That's awesome. You know a celeb like know know a celeb! I'm so jealous!

Youngblood4ever said...

WOW! Can I be your friend? Then I can be the friend of a friend of Jack Johnson. How cool would that be?

BTW- can you please wash that cheek? It is starting to smell a little funky!

Jami said...

Perhaps if we explained the hygiene dilemma you are having, he'd be willing to kiss your cheek again after you wash it, Marcia.

Ashlee said...

I think I would die if I acutally met Jack Johnson! Soooooo Dreamy :)

nevadanista said...

My jealousy runneth over ;-)

Barbaloot said...

Holy cow! I kind of wish I was your daughter now. I don't mean like another one---I mean the actual, physical one that met Jack.
So cool.

wesley's mom said...

WOW! I'm getting so jealous I may have to look away.

CaJoh said...

From the looks of that last scream it appears you may be losing your voice. Just don't go into a coma if JJ ever comments on your blog.

T said...

shoot - if only I were MANY years younger and invited to that slumber party - then I could have an un-washable cheek too!

Heidi Ashworth said...

She does look just like you! I always thought so, the first time I saw either of your pictures. Which just goes to show, Jack and I think alike. (I would be so totally stinkin' jealous of your daughter right now if I were you!) (What's that? You are? Figures.)

I am LoW said...

None of my kids look like me, I'll never know what it's like to jar the memory of famous people I love. :-(

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

hahahah Young Blood...don't you just love her crash, she comments over at my blog and she is always SOOOO funny!

Of course Jack remember you, because HELLO you are my twin and we are HOT!!! (Do you have any underwater pics of yourself?) :)

Sandi said...

Holy Honkin Crap

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Of course HE remembered you!! You fine woman!

Kritta22 said...

You are a nut!

*Shakes her head, walks out of comment box to check out the quilt blog*

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Kritta I'll take that as a compliment coming from you since I often find you wandering around in here and talking to yourself. hee hee.

So, girlz . . . gather round I have so many stories to tell that my BRAGGEDY ANN daughter told me on the way home from the slumber party.

My cup of envy no longer runneth over, now my BUCKET of envy runneth over.


So I drove down to Sunset Beach to pick my daughter and her friends up from the big party. Get this, five minutes before I get there guess who comes on the radio singing my favorite song? YES, JJ himself, singing Better Together. The universe totally loves to tease me. I really love the universe.

So then 9 girls pile in my van and we giggle and squeal all the way home over all the Jack Johnson stories. And we listen to one girls IPOD of the recording she made of Jack Johnson singing Banana Pancakes and BETTER TOGETHER to them out on their back porch on the Sunset Beach. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAh. And ftr, he sounds just as goooooood, if not better live on an IPOD.

And my daughter got to make smores with him. And he invited her and her friend to his house to borrow a movie. aaaaaaaaaaaaaah. AND, he came over like 10 times and she got to play with his kids. aaaaah. And she said his kids do the robot dance really cute.

So there you have it peeps. Let's all live vicariously through my daughter today, shall we?

Blogging mama, NICE NEW PIC, lovely lady.

Ha ha Youngblood and Jami.

Hi Ashlee, I KNOW!!!!

Hi Wesley's mom, Barb, Nevada,T, Heidi, Lo, Shelle, Sandi and Aly. Let's all jump around in a circle and scream.

CaJoh you can jump too because I think your comment was my favorite. Losing my voice. ha ha.

Anjeny said...

~~~~throws M&Ms @Crash~~~~

Ouch!! My ears! my ears!! I can feel/hear your envy {excitement} all the way over here.

And he should remember you...after all you are the one who has a pix of his undie on your blog, taken by accident I'll remind ya..LOL.

I'm glad your daughter had a great sleep over...makes me so green with envy...eheheh.

nevadanista said...

I am totally channeling your daughter right now!

aniC said...

i'm offically jealous of your daughter.

IWA said...

YAY....He remembered you.... who could ever forget you? Your smile and your laugh are just too contagious!

when i got on to your page.. Diary automatically came on... I didnt have to scroll to number 39 ... it made me smile!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Iwa, I'm so glad you like that song. I love almost every song Bread sings.

Jami said...

Wow. Just wow.

SWIRL said...

uh? I tried to log on your crash n friends site and it says i'm not "invited"

is this an RSVP thing?

My Diary said...

so So so lucky girl.

Martha said...

I thought I had special privileges because I got to be the only chaperone to his kid's concert last year. You so have me beat. I'm thinking next sleep over at the nieces you need to chaperone.

We went shopping today and I was playing his songs for my mom and she thinks they are quite catchy. Isn't that nice. Since you are so on the in with JJ do you think he needs a new bass player? P has been practicing a lot.

April said...

Never mind washing your cheek! You still haven't washed your comment box either!!! I can tell!!!

BTW great job on the spawn! And now the hubby will REALLY be jealous!!!

Kritta22 said...

You girls are nuts over here! I hope he comes over here and sees all your craziness hanging out all over!

Where's Kristina P? Did you make her mad? I'm going to go check and see if she went on vacation and didn't invite me, her new blest friend.

Kritta22 said...

it looks like she went to Hollywood to do so interviews!!!


Just cuz I'm pastey white cuz my legs haven't seen sun in 6 months to 3 years. That doesn't mean I can't hang with the cool crowd.

Whatever...I'm going to go paint myself with orange paint so I look tan.

Kritta22 said...


Just kidding. I don't have anymore orange paint.

But I do have to go write on my own blog. And taxes...yay!

I am LoW said...

So crazy cool!!! I never got the idea of living your life through your child, but I sure would want to for that experience!! haha!

Funny Farmer said...


I'm gonna go out on a limb here and beg to differ from the herd: while your daughter does resemble you and has your coloring, I think she looks a lot like her dad. Especially her eyes. And her smile. Now, your 12-yo son, HE has your eyes, bless his heart.

I'm just sayin'.

binks said...

I am sure that I wasn't under that rock very long, but I still have no clue who that JJ is. Yes, I KNOW he sang for the new Prez, but still clueless.
Now, if you were to run into a Jack from another media over there.....

The Crash Test Dummy said...

OUCH Anjeny! Why are you throwing m&m's at ME? I didn't get to make s'mores with Jack Johnson!!!!

Back off, girlie!

That goes for you too Kritta. Who you calling nuts, girl!? Ain't that like the pot calling the kettle black?

Swirl, the Crash and Friends site isn't ready yet. Still working on it. It's going to be so uber awesome! Can't wait till you guys can all crash at my Crash and Friends pad.

Martha I'll see what I can do about getting P into JJ's band. hee hee

FTR, I TOTALLY agree with Funny Farmer. You are so right. I don't know people always think my daughter looks just like me. From the moment she popped out she was a spitting image of my husband. My mom was like, OH! Wow! She looks just like . . . well, not YOU.

My twelve year old is my spitting image, enhanced. And he's my spitting personality. We laugh at all the same things and we like all the same foods. The only thing different is he's annoying and I'm not.

hee hee

Binks, you have totally made me have an epiphany. I'm going to write about it tonight.

Aloha everyone!


Sandi said...

Hmm, that's funny, I have kids that are annoying too and I have NO idea where they got that from haha.
I just CANNOT get that image of JJ sitting out back on sunset beach, with no shoes and his guitar just singing to those lucky girls. I am so very jealous. sooooo is just wrong of me. Will JJ's niece be playing soccer next year too? because I'm thinking KK needs to go volunteer to help with the team so she can get in on some of that JJ action! And then I can live vicariously through her. As it should be.

Sandi said...

Me again...I just made my hubby sit down here and read all about your JJ experiences, because he LOVES his music too and just so you know...he thinks you are kind of crazy..haha.

Funny Farmer said...

"My twelve year old is my spitting image, enhanced... The only thing different is he's annoying and I'm not."


Oh, and, LY!

val of the south said...

I know this is going to sound blasphemous - but the only way I would know JJ is if he were standing next to you!! I've only heard his music on your music thing - I know, I know, it's wrong!
I'm doing my best to jump on the bandwagon so I won't be thrown off the yellow submarine!!

But my niece on the other hand is a HUGE fan and has flown far and wide to see his concerts. I'm going to have to send her over so she can see the picture of his eagles! And she would be soooooooo jealous of your daughter!

Jen said...

I'm currently AWOL from Blogland, but I just had to stop in and say that what he no doubt MEANT to say, was - Hey, I read your mom's blog, and it ROCKS!

Because we know he's secretly reading your blog. I mean, afterall - isn't everybody?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh Jen, that was my favorite comment ever!

♥georgie♥ said...

OMGosh you completely crack me up!!! ina good funny kinda way not in the break an egg over your head kinda way