Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's a pArTaY!

Today is a special day, and it's not because it's the day we get ready for Sunday.

It's because it's a pArTaY! day.

Two of the hottest blogging mamas were born on this day. Shelle @ Blokthoughts and New England Alyson.


Not only do I heart them both, I lurve them, I lub them, and I luuuuv them.

But above all, I LOVE them.

I don't know how old Alyson is, but poor ole' Shelle is hitting her third trimester, if you will, with three whole decades under her belt.

Oh, Shelle, I hope you handle it better than I did. It was horrible for me. It was just awful. It was as funky as it gets.

THIRTY!??? Yikers!!

It sounds soooooooo old. It sounds at least 10 years older than 29. Really, if you think about it, once you hit 30 you're like an old maid. You're that much closer to being a granny. Break out your puzzles, girlfriend, because life in the hot lane just hit an ice burg.

Big time brain FREEZE! brrrrrrrrrr.

hee hee hee hee hee

Just JOSHIN, Shelle Belle. It ain't so at'all. I promise. Right Aly? Back me up here. You just keep getting better and better until you hit 40 and then you really start smokin' up the runway.

Look at Jennifer Aniston.

So everyone rush to my comment box for the pArTaY!

I asked LoW to bring the cake and ice cream.

I was gonna bring root beer for the floats, but I'm off POP (eww, hate that word) so I hope you don't mind V-8 floats. They ain't too bad if you pinch your nose.

And I picked up tons of fruit from Costco--I got kiwis and cuties and pinepples and cara cara and green grapes and purple grapes and bananas and baninis.

(Okay, I didn't pick up baninis.)

After the pArTaY! make sure to drop by their blogs and poke them in the eye.

Oh, and Shelle and Alyson, I dedicate track 31 to you. And my birthday wish is that one day we can all get together and play Charlie's Angels. (But I don't want to be Sabrina.)

P.S. For those of you who didn't get the memo, Nevadanista won the Caramacs for guessing which American Idol I actually called in to cast my vote--Bo Bice. I was totally in love with Bo Bice.

My husband was in love with him too so it was a mutual fascination disorder. I'm pretty sure our votes got him into the finals. TMI: I loved calling American Idol just to hear Bo Bice say, "Hi Dummy, this is Bo Bice. Thanks for voting for me. Now it's time for you to grow up and get a life because Carrie Underwood is going to kick my bootie."

MORE TMI: We were at Disneyworld during the finals and we actually dragged our kids out of the park so we could watch the finals in the hotel.

WEIRD NEWS FLASH: After it was over, I never listened to him again. And I didn't miss him. I think I loved watching him sing SOULFUL CLASSIC songs, but I didn't love hearing him sing WIMPY WANNA-BE ALTERNATIVE songs.

P.S.S. I'm asleep right now. I just wanted to make sure this was posted at midnight, the minute these girls turned into a pumpkin (in Hawaii).

(I bet they're asleep too. Let's go mob them. hee hee. Anyone have shaving cream? Let's freeze their bras . . . oh, wait, I can't, I'm asleep too.)


Haynsy said...

I'm sitting at my computer at 4 in the morning and wondering what's happening at the scene of the "Crash".

Can't sleep, who knew that there were people awake that are in the United States.

Do you ever sleep? But it was nice to get a reminder about birthdays. My sister was kinda born today. Feb 29th which means a gift every 4 years and a greeting is never really late. Wishing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Shelle and Alyson on their own pages.


Todays word verification: beramoti

kasey ferrell said...

OH AI is a great show, my fam gets way into it, we usually end up crying when our favorite leaves, i mean real tears here! We are CRAZY! bo bice? ah i couldnt look at that long haired man when he sang! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHELLE AND ALYSON! woo!!! sorry its really late i got back from wal mart just barely and i got cute shoes from there thats a surprise!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Ahhh!! My sweet, sweet, Crash! I LUB you too! What a wonderful surprise party. Totally surprised that I almost swallowed my gum when I saw you all here!

By the way, I'm a bicentennial baby. I love the number I hit because both numbers are the same. Something kind of soothing about that. Don't know why. So, yeah, I'm 33 today!

Shelle, happy birthday! And hitting 30 didn't do anything to me. Didn't bother me at all. Just felt like to sounded so grown-up. When you're still in your 20's you can still kind of sound like a kid, but put a 3 in front of your age, and you are fully adult. At least that's how I felt. Hey, how about we throw a belated birthday party for ourselves in, say, um...July! Place: Connecticut. You up for it? I'm totally cool about prolonging this birthday thing.

I am LoW said...

hApPy BiRtHdAy GIRLIES!!! :-)

Do you like the cake? I know it's not the traditional, missing the icing with rosed and scalloped edges, but I thought ganache was more grown up. :-D

And yummier.

Barbaloot said...

Thanks for the head's up on that!

T said...

what a party!!! "they" say 30 is the new 20 - but Crash is acting like 30 is the new 50... what do "they" know anyway?

My word verification: kings... though I think you should really be treated like queens on your birthdays - apparently the word verifier is gender neutral... I'll name it Pat!

Jami said...

Happy, happy birthday Alyson and Shelle dear! Happy days come to you all year. If I had one wish then it would be a happy, happy birthday to you from me!

Ya young'ns!

Kristina P. said...

You know what this party is missing? SNUGGIES!!!!! Have no fear, Kristina is here!! Woo woo!!

Taking a picture of Alyson and Shelle sharing the Snuggie, eating a birthday cake. Awesome!!!

Anjeny said...

Ok so V8 float?! ewwwww...gee, Crash, if you were going to throw a party, the least you can do is make the stuff right. Scoot over, I'm bringing the Root Beer...I know you like cold red but come on, some of us are off caffeine and you're trying to torture us with V8? ahahahah.

Ok ok ok, you are sleeping so there is no way you could hear me complaining, aight?

I will sooo freeze your bra, dummy...LOL


Oh yum LoW..that cake looks divine!!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Happy Happy Birthday Birthday! (Have to say it twice!)

I hope each birthday is completely awesome! And wow, Shelle's ONLY thirty? Finally I'm older than someone :)

Happy Birthday Girls!

Jen said...

They ALWAYS made me be Sabrina. But onto happier things - HAPPY B-DAY GIRLS! You guys are awesome!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Haynsy and Kasey, can't believe you're up so late/early.

How strange to think of people sitting on their computer at 3-4 a.m. checking the scene of the "Crash"

I'm glad I could remind you of your sister's birthday.

And ftr, I WAS in bed. I scheduled this partay post in advance so I could get my beauty rest.

Kasey, do you want me to keep your Walmart/cute shoes run a secret from your mom? My lips are sealed.

Thanks for bringing the cake Lo, and thanks for bringing the primary song Jami and special thanks Kristina P for bringing the Snuggi!!!!!'

Anjeny I can't believe you don't like V-8 floats!!!

Andrea it's so good to see you again. I have missed you.

Hi Barb and T!! Can you guys start some games. Shall we roast Shelle and Aly?

Jen, I always had to be Sabrina too.

val of the south said...

wv: tocry

I want to cry Happy Birthday x2!!

Hope you gals are having a fab birthday!!

It's my husbands non-birthday today - He's a leap yearer, but we celebrate - cause we're nice that way!!

Crash, you host a rockin' partay, but next time, I'd be happy to bring the drinks!

Sandi said...

I used to be 30.
I love V8, I also love ice cream, I will probably love a V8 float.
I don't know what ganache is.
Back in my day, snuggies were a type of wedgie.
I already know about the cute shoes.
I want you to know that KK's feet don't look that deformed in real life as they do on her blog.
I also want you to know that I ate huli huli chicken in Arizona tonight.
I will now go say happy birthday to those 2 birthday girls.
Then I am going to bed.
Because I am not 30 anymore.

Mariko said...

Guess what Crash. It's not even actually midnight. Which time zone is your blog in?
I'm hitting the big 3-0 relatively soon. I was just thinking about how when my students ask my age I am so cavalier about telling them, because they have some knowledge about how 20 something is supposed to be young, but 30 something is definitely old. Funny how it works. BUT, really, 30 is so young. SOOOO young, as my BFF would say, and then poke me in the eye because she hates it when I talk about getting older.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh Mariko, it really is sooooo young. You have no idea what a baby you are. I thought it sounded ancient though and it was a big adjustment to make the leap.

I was so afraid I only had a good 10 years left of being awesome. It's been more than ten years and now I figure I have at least another 10 years before I turn ancient.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Sandi, you are so cute!

And Val too.

But where's Shelle? So rude to miss her own party!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

CRASH your the best party thrower ever...other than I couldn't wear my BRA this morning...or yesterday morning.

But guess what I did save some of my caramacs you gave me and dug in!

Thanks for making my day and when I got home from LA I was full of birthday wishes!!! I love attention so that was ALOT of fun!!!

I was hoping for banini's but I'll just go have me a V8 float also, because I hate POP...burns my throat as it goes down the tube ya know?

Is that old age?

Because I use to love pop when I was like 8 and didn't have to worry if it was going from my lips straight down to my hips!!!

Thanks again...besides my eye hurting from all the's been a FABULOUS first day of 30!!!