Monday, February 9, 2009

This is not a post! This is self defense!

When I told the Old Boat Guy that I was cured of my HTML disorder, you know what he said?

"You'll never be cured. You're addicted!"

How rude!

Well here's me thumbing my nose at you, OBG!

Notice the seat is UP. (Clearly not MY throne.)

But fo' real, my favorite OBG has entered his boat in a beauty pageant--Miss Elegant Thang, or something something.

I was thinking she needs a great name to represent her. Something elegant, yet ironical (as my husband always says).

I'd like to nomiate . . .

Will anyone second the motion?

Anyone? Anyone?

And hey, go read Sandi's contribution to The Magic Quilt. It's beautiful.

And Tu Tu's having a Great Aloha Give-away. (I like her blog).

And Emily (my blood relative, thank you very much) is teaching us how to make cute valentine banners (if you're krafty like that).

And Wesley's mom, (Sue Ann) has a fun love song guessing game going on. Check it out.

And please go poke Kristina P in the eye. She's selling the ShamWOW now and she's been caught in the act of PDS--public display of snuggi. I think it's a disease, peeps.

And check out this Heelarious little video clip at In Time Out's blog. She calls it hilary ous. It's worth the watch, peeps. I'm going to go follow her while I'm there. Wanna come?


Kristina P. said...

Jealousy, I tell you, jealousy! The Snuggie should be worn in public most of the time!

And I would totally vote for a Crash boat. Although, is that really a great name considering you want it to do the opposite?

Sandi said...

LOL...who names a boat crash? teehee thats funny!

Annie Valentine said...

I want a crash boat. Are you selling them on ebay?

Heidi Ashworth said...

I noticed OBG's comment and wondered how long it would take for you to call him on it. (I have been off shopping all day to difuse the despair that has me in its grip what with NOT being a finalist in the Whitney's and all--I think it worked. Mostly. I think if I had actually bought something, it might have worked better. What do you think?)wvw: is actually bludalse!! The perfect word for you when you are having a blue day--you are in a bludalse!! Love it!

T said...

naming the boat Crash... I didn't know what to say about that until WV supplied the perfect word...

Ophiga... hahaha, I couldn't have pseudo-sworn better!

Sandi said...

OK sorry to go off topic here but CRASH- did you hear who was backstage at PCC tonight performing STAND BY ME?? did you did you huh?
Oh my I am a little jealous of KK right now. It was cute little David Archuletta! She said he was adorable and sounded amazing! I know I'm a dork but I am an AI addict and although I loved David Cook a little bit more, I still had some lurve left for Archie...Anyways, that was exciting!

Sandi said...

Ok Now I'm thinking something's up. 1st Crash's daughter gets a private concert from JJ, then my cousin gets the same thing from Jericho Road and now my KK gets to hear Archie sing. Whats going on?? when is it my turn?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

What the what???? What the helk?

Archie was HERE????

I'm so freakin' mad right now. Why didn't anyone tell me? KK is going to get a good talkin too.

I so could have had photos for the blog for you guys!

I think I've just realized something about my destiny.

nevadanista said...

I really love OBG's boat name already - The Other Woman. But maybe he could add 'Crash' to the end

The Other Woman - Crash

Can I just say that Archie started to creep me out after a while...I loved DC a little more too Sandi...

*ducks flying shoes*

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

That's a pretty boat. I love the old wooden ones.

Word today - subbeann that's almost like sunbeam

♥georgie♥ said...

LOL@ the boats name loves it and the ♥ on it!

geesh who does a girl gotta know around these parts to get her name dropped? I kid I kid

Martha said...

Missed you on the hike.

The Talk of the Town from 9B is that JJ's daughter is in swimming lessons at Gunstock and he was Sitting, Waiting, Wishing for her to finish today in case you are not quite over him yet and wanted to take a Wrong Turn and do some People Watching.

Now go fix your printer!!

April said...

Oh my goodness...I love the website that you found the cartoon on! THAT is heeelarious!

And I was still under house arrest when Jericho Road came a-calling!!! HOW RUDE!!!

I think that CRASH is the perfect name for a boat but only if a dummy drives it! hehehehe!!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Martha, how funny that you integrated all of those JJ songs into your comment. YOU GO, GIRL!

I heard that talk of the town too. I would really look like a stalker if I did that. ha ha

Mariko said...

AH! It's so annoying that I have to comment on this post about all the last posts just so my comment gets noticed.
Crash, your HTML may be (un)cured, but your photoshop skills are excellent.
Oh, and can you lend me your bronzed legs? I PROMISE to give them back. When I'm done with them.
While you're at it I'd like your hair as well.
I am also in love with Jack. For a while I noticed that every single guy I had a crush on had the initials J.G. Seriously. There were 5 in a row. That's why I did a totally backward thing and married a JJ. But I would never call him that because I hate that nickname (sorry, JJ's out there).
And, CRASH. You haven't fixed your printer yet? REALLY now. How do you expect your daughter to get A's without a working printer? HUH?
And The Importance of Being Earnest is my favorite play, just behind Midsummer. 3rd place is Twelfth Night, and if your cute daughter doesn't love that play when I teach it in a couple of months, I will just scream. I almost screamed today when they told me that To Kill a Mockingbird is only a classic because everyone reads it in high school. Yes, I said. English teachers rule the world and we decide what's hip and what's not.

The Crash Test Dummy said...


I have to tell you a story about Jericho road. I went to a concert here at PCC (LUCKY I heard about it, unlike the David Archeletta performance). I liked JR a lot and then my hub and I got to go on tour to China with the concert choir here at BYU-H. Justin Smith was the tour director so we got to hang ten with him all over China and hear all about Jericho Road. He was very nice, btw. A real cool cat.

Mariko! LUCKY your name is JACKson. And your hubby is ALMOST a Jack. He's about as close as you can get, so you're good. It's a good thing he's not a real Jack or I might fall in love with him.

You can totally HAVE my hair. FOR free. But no returnsees. I'll need your hair, btw.

You're crazy girl.

Where does A Doll's House and Hamlet fall into your ranking? I guess ADH is too mature for high school students.

Kritta22 said...

You better stop sending people else where to go visit. Your comments go down here!

Kritta22 said...

I'm comforted to see the Kristina P is number one again. All is good in the world.

I am LoW said...

My wv: uppers. :)

I want photoshop!!

CaJoh said...

We all know that it's you— but will the judges get it. Almost a double entente. You got my vote.

Sandi said...

I SO thought you would be in the know, crash! KK said she would post a video on her blog but who knows when she will actually get around to it. I am getting really tired of everyone getting serenaded 'cept for me :(

Sandi said...

OH and I heard that Troy Polamalu was there last week. Your kids should have definitely been invited to go meet him, considering the whole praying for the Steelers drama. I guess PCC is the place to be!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Ya know much as I support you in ALL things...I don't know if I can second a name like CRASh on a BOAT...the irony of it ya know?

But I love ya...and because of that...THROW IRONY to the wind...I SECOND YOUR NOMINATION!!!

And you know that video on the TIME OUT blog...I WAS going to post that today! NO LIE! I laughed my HOTTEST MOMMY BLOGGER NOMINEE eyes out! So funny...

OLD BOAT GUY is pretty clever with the whole OTHER WOMAN Theme...I mean, my BLOG is the OTHER MAN!!!

Ya know?

Love ya sista!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Hey, my friend! So sorry I haven't been commenting as of late. Freakin' kids keep coming down with freakin' viruses and I'm getting over mine.

Oh, and I second the nomination of Crash for the boat! Sort of like saying "break a leg" to an actor. You don't really want the actor to break a leg, just as you wouldn't really want the boat to crash.

Anjeny said... I decided to baptize my house with toothpaste(read it on my new post) and tilex these last couple of days and DA decided to show his face in my backyard. DRAT!!

Crash, I thought the universe was talking to you. How did you miss that one? David A. was here last night singing his lungs out and you weren't even there to happen to accidentally take pix of his unmentionables..LOL.

Ok so Sandi...I like your idea about the poking. But since Crash is going to lay the guilt trip on ya, I think I should go over to her house and have her mom poke her eyes and then I'll post about it...what do you think about that uh uh Crash?

The OBG's boat is a beauty and the name is really fitting.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I hear you Anjeny. DRAT! I even considered spending $100 bucks to go to the Probowl to get photos of him singing the national anthem. I figured with my new photoshopping skillz I coulda stuck myself in there singing with him if I wanted.


Toothpaste, eh? Great idea. I bet your house has fresh breath. Did you think to floss it?

Alyson, that's exactly right. Break a leg. You're such a smartie pants. It's nice to have you back. hope your kids get better soon.