Monday, May 25, 2009

Boom boom clap, boom de clap de clap

That's right, peeps, I'm doing the Hannah Montana hoe down. Get on your boots, click on track 62 and let's pop-it, lock-it, polka-dot it!

Why, you ask?

Because I finally saw the Hannah Montana movie.

Why, you ask?

Because my hub is finally out of town. 

And that folks, is the reason my stress level was elevated to an orange alert last week.  I wasn't just trying to get my hub on a plane, I was also trying to get my son on the plane with him, which meant my son had to finish all of his school assignments early, (including his 50 page fully illustrated autobiography.)

After the 50 page fully illustrated autobiography was handed in, I turned my attention to my hub, who was packing for his father/son trip. This is the photographic evidence:

It's an age old argument around here. I say all you need is lub and he says all you need is a basketball, a baseball mitt and a couple of tennis rackets.

I put my hands on my hips and said, "And what, pray tell, do you plan on wearing when you use this basketball, baseball mitt and tennis rackets?" 

He put his hands on his hips too and replied, "The same thing you plan on wearing when you fill the suitcase with lub," he smiled.

What a silly goose!

I'm not going to tell you where he and my son are because I don't want you to show up at their hotel and ask for autographs, but I will say they've been to two Padre games already and caught 4 balls at batting practice--one of which came straight from Derek Lee.

Whoop dee doo da!

Now that they're gone, the rest of the fam are hopping on the ParTaY train!  Our first stop was Hannah Montana. I give the movie a thumbs up.

Seriously, it's got something for everyone-- outrageous physical comedy, culturally diverse hoe downs and tons of roosters. If you are a ten-year-old boy from Laie, this movie is your rooster heaven.

Despite the sub-par acting, it made us laugh (out loud during the Marx brothers-esque revolving door scene) and it made us cry (poor Miley had major hat head after she took off her wig at the concert) and best of all it made us tap our feet to the fun soundtrack (so sad Miley didn't collaborate with Kara on that American Idol finale song about mountains).

Who can resist a movie about the great identity crisis we all face as we struggle to strike a balance between holding onto our dreams and holding onto our relationships.

And who can resist a movie about breaking out of your cocoon and learning how to fly (with a sweetie-pie cowboy butterfly).

This movie reminded me that EVERYONE is an undiscovered super star.  It was almost as inspiring as sunday school.

So while I was watching  the movie and tapping and laughing and crying and thinking shallow thoughts about cowboys and deep thoughts about butterflies one person came to mind:

Melanie J.  @ Write Stuff

Melanie J.  just received the exciting news that her dream is coming true. Her first novel has been accepted for publication by a big time publisher! WAAAAAHOOOOOOOO!

HIGH FIVE MELANIE J.  I knew you when. And even though you support Yo Gabba Gabba, I am soooooooooooooooooooooo PROUD of you.

I just LOVE it when people tap into their inner rock star and SHINE!

So places,please! In honor of Melanie J. we shall now commence to boom boom clap, boom de clap de clap! (before track 62 ends!)

If it's already over then listen to track 63, light a candle and think about Melanie J. climbing a perilously steep mountain. 

(Save us a spot at the top Mel J.  We're still climbing. )

Hey, let's all crash her blog and scream some Barry Manilow Looks Like You Made It at the top of our lungs. 


Amanda said...

You're a braver and more adventuresome person than I am....Hannah Montana (just shaking my head over that one)

Amanda said...

forgot to mention, my girls are digging #62. My 3 year old even ran off to her room to get her boots on then came back to dance some more. Can't say that I am enjoying it as much, though. Let's just say, "I'm glad this song is not in my playlist."

And congratulations Melanie J! How exciting!!!

T said...

congrats to Melanie... with no hidden jealousy issues whatsoever!

My 14 year old son wanted to see Hannah Montana (don't tell him I told you) but I talked him out of it... I figure we'll rent it someday to keep the little girls happy and he can sneakily watch it then... thereby keeping his "cool" intact

Annette Lyon said...

Melanie is one talented writer--I'm one of the cool lucky people who's read some of her stuff.

I took my kids to see the HM movie. Made me real cool in my girls' eyes. My son tolerated it.

And gee thanks--now I have the boom-boom-clap-whatever the heck stuck in my head . . .

Homer and Queen said...

No hot guys in the movie? My kids loved it and even hubby liked it...I got to stay home all by myself which is a rare occasion! It was a tough choice but quiet won out...

Wheelchair Boy DVR'd the climb video so I have heard it 6 million times!

IWA said...

Isnt the sound track addicting?... maybe it's because I have three girls and we have it on repeat all!

So I love that your son wrote a 50 page fully illustrated autobigraphy! So after you paid all the printing cost, did you opt to get binded? so that you can put it nicely on the shelf and stare at it ..... and when he ever gives you grief about not being there for him, you can pull it out and start reading it aloud!

Yay hubby gone and 1 kid gone..... 3 more kids to go! Have fun!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

We haven't seen it yet, maybe today. Love the songs. My daughter can sing and dance the boom what ever.

Why does it seem like addition by subtraction when people are gone?

Barbaloot said...

I'm so jealous--I totally want to see that movie. I'm trying to drag my friend along, but he thinks the fact that he's male and 28 means he shouldn't go. Please.

LOVE your son's autobiography cover. And I'm sorry about the computer issues. I don't really know anything about computers---my skills are limited to blogging and email but glad you got it done!

Mariko said...

Some of my students have been trying to convince me to see it.
No means NO!
Not even to LOL. I really hope my daughter doesn't get into pre-teen Disney. I will move us to the hills of a foreign country.

Heidi Ashworth said...

witty riposte delayed due to lack of brain function . ..

Melanie J said...

Thanks for the shout out, yo. I don't feel very glamorous because I'm up to my elbows in some odd lime jello concoction for a barbecue later, but I sure appreciate the props. You made me smile.

April said...

Did you call Miley a hoe? NICE! Oh...congrats Melanie!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh Mariko, you hoity toity little Disney snob you. Good luck in the hills of some foreign country. I do hope they are alive with the sound of music. And no hoe down throw down music.

I'm glad all of your children liked the additions to my playlist. '


HAppy Memorial Day.

Annette Lyon said...

Mariko, Moving to a foreign country won't work, either. The Disney marketing machine is freakishly powerful.

Last fall I was in Finland of all places and saw a bus with a High School Musical ad plastered on one side.

It gave me a shiver.

You can't escape Disney!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

HELLO--First of all, I totally VIRTUALLY Hi-FIVED Melanie as soon as I read her post on READER... LUCKY GAL! So proud.

SECOND OF ALL-- and this is so crazy... My HUB and SON went on a BOYS... father/son trip this weekend. CRAZY!!!

No padre's for them.

WWE... I know funny huh!

Anyway... our families are virtually twins also!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

OOOOHOHHHHH and most important part... when they left for their trip.

PEEPS and I went to Hannah MONTANA movie! LOL! No lie!!!


I give it a two thumbs up also!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh Shelle, that is toooo crazy! We're living simultaneously!

Annette, you are so right. Mariko needs to just give it up and let her daughter pop it and lock it and polka dot it.

It's inevitable. Mariko, maybe you can get the best of both worlds.

Hardy har har (I crack myself up)

Martha said...

I love the picture of the suitcase. That is so classic.