Sunday, May 3, 2009

Photographic evidence that my daughter is a super model

This is my daughter. Isn't she lovely?

This might just be my favorite photo of her. I snapped it yesterday at May Day because I thought she looked stunning.

And my son . . . well . . . this is how he looks when he's bossing me around.

But this post isn't about my bossy son, it's about my lovely daughter.

Last Saturday I took her to Charlotte Russe to get something special for her Freshman Banquet. Fifteen minutes later we dropped $80 for two summer dresses, an undershirt, 2 necklaces, a pair of cute red shoes and a deliciousy yummy perfume called Refuge. Mmmmmm

And then I dropped another $10 to have her eyebrows threaded.

Last night was her banquet so she clicked her new red shoes together and repeated bibbity bobbity boo three times.

SUDDENLY her fairy godmother appeared and turned her into a super model.

You want photographic evidence?

But let's get up close and personal, shall we?

Why does my daughter look like she's holding a gigantic mug of hot cocoa you ask?

Because she is holding a gigantic mug of hot cocoa. (Come on, peeps, stay with me.) We're shooting a Tim Tam commercial!

One of my students gave me a bag of Tim Tam's and told me they are fine and dandy as is, but they are simply divine if you dip them in a gigantic mug of hot cocoa.

Actually what my student said was that you have to suck the hot cocoa through the Tim Tam as if the Tim Tam were a straw.

Uh, yea, that doesn' work. I spilled hot cocoa all over the outfit I was going to wear to my employee banquet while trying to make that work. (Sorry no photographic evidence available.)

But sucking on a Tim Tam does give you Tim Tam teeth. It doesn't matter how pretty your eyes are if you have Tim Tam teeth. (eww!)

Notice I'm trying to get in on the shot. I had this idea that it would be cute to have a mother/daughter photo shoot, but I had my zoom lens zooooooomed all the way.

That's how I got this imitation shot of that freaky horse on Man From Snowy River.

Wanna play dentist?

I'm right handed anyway so I switched sides in an attempt to fit both our big heads in the view finder.

I really wanted to capture my new wooden heart earrings. Can you see them? Instead of wearing my stone cold heart on my sleeve I've decided to wear two wooden hearts on my head.

After a thousand shots my daughter finally said "I am so done with this photo shoot!"

To which I said, "Wait! It ain't over till the dumb lady sings!"

(Bless my (wooden) heart(s).)


Martha said...

Just wanted to comment that your eyebrows look great too.

I knew you'd post tonight with the twins running around outside and the rest of the fam not home.

Anjeny said...

Awwww she's soooo gorgeous!! How did she like the banquet? Jen had two of her friends over to get ready at my house so I was playing both the hairdresser and make-up lady with only an hour on the clock so I just fake the whole

Your daughter has such beautiful out!! You're going to have to get a gun to keep the boys away..eheheh. Love the mother daughter shoot!!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Yes... she's a TOTAL super model! You guys are both gorgeous... but I already knew that because HELLO you are my TWIN!!!

Seriously though, I love all the pictures! :)

SWIRL said...

can't believe I didn't see you at the banquet!!! Anjeny looked like the Ponapi Princess- be-ut-T-ful.. We sat with Martha & Perry- NEVER get to see those guys.. so that was good to catch up...

and... I love the mommy-daughter pics.... you both are adorable!

the eye brows... yikes... looks a little scary..

Sandi said...

What did that dumb lady sing anyways? Cute pics/cute post...glad that that whole psychological warfare drama has passed- also glad that the full grown mustache is GONE.

Sandi said...

p.s. that 80 bucks was well spend, the looks oh so cute!

Sandi said...

So I should have deleted that lost comment since I obviously cannot this late at night. Oh well. Good night!

kasey ferrell said...

OH im jealous! i need to go shopping and have a makeover! You guys are so dang cute!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Martha, are you proud of me that I waited to post until after I made the twins wash the car and the porch and scrub the garage door and sort the recycling and get their hair cut? It took a lot of self discipline since I was alone all day.

And Wyatt poked himself and gave himself his medicine today! Wahoo! First time. We're trying to train him so he'll be able to do it when we're in New York.

Anjeny, how fun. Wasn't it such an exciting day with May Day and then banquet. ;) I didn't see you at the banquet but Swirl says you looked like a ponapi princess.

What's a ponapi princess? I wish I could have seen you.

Swirl I was there. I saw you sitting with Martha. We we clear over on the end so we could duck out early.

Shelle, CAN'T wait to get photos with YOU! Might be better if you got photos with my daughter. Both of you have those EYES that pop off the page.

Sandi, I'm soooo happy to see you. I missed you. I miss Mariko too. When does she get back from Utah? And I miss Andrea. When does she get her internet back up?

Kute Kasey, you are so dang cute already! You don't need a makeover. But we should go shopping when your sister gets here. Jamba Juice and Charlotte Russe. (Does that rhyme?)

Anjeny said...

LOL@Ponapi...totally cracking at that word. I think she misspelled the's Pohnpei, my island and NO I did NOT look like a Princess. I looked like an over dressed idiot..hubby told me the dinner was aloha wear, I found I could actually fit my Hawaiian dresses I bought ten years ago so I thought last nights dinner was the perfect time and place to wear it.

We sat kinda behind a row above Swirl and Martha. Oh yeah, my hubby was teasing me and calling me Michelle Obama the whole walk from the car to the dinner. When I was straightening Jen's hair for the banquet I decided to straighten my hair too so I had Steph did it for me, only because my hair was short, when it did get straighten, I guess my hubby thought it would be fun for him to call me Michelle

I kinda like having my hair looking like our First Lady, just too bad I wasn't dressed like the first lady, I would've made him serve me hands and

Wolfgang said...

you must have left the party really early, because I didn't see you. I was actually looking for you and I couldn't find you. I was sad about it. :( well, i had to work at Hale Kuai, the luau, so I showed up at Hale Aloha at around 7:45 ish, but i guess you were already gone by then. oh well.

Anonymous said...

Your daughter IS a supermodel and your eyebrows look great.

Kristina P. said...

I assume I will be seeing you on Oprah next week, on the show about not being able to tell the mothers and daughters apart?

Homer and Queen said...

HOw come the freckles look cute on you guys and not so good one me? So not fair!

The Framptons said...

She does look gorgeous, I always said she looks just like you.

Heidi Ashworth said...

I agree, with "The Framptons" You could be twins of different mothers (and, er, generations).

Katria said...

You two are beautiful.

Also, Tim Tams are divine. And so are Tim Tam Slams, but I remember spilling hot chocolate on myself the first time, too. So don't feel bad.

IWA said...

T is sooo Pretty! Even with TimTamTeeeth! and everyone's right... she looks just like her gorgeous mama!

The TimTamSlam didnt work for me either! Maybe you have to be samoan/or from NZ for it to work!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

OMGOSH you guys! Funny Farmer is here. She's here! On my blog right now. She made comments on the last 5 posts and guess what!!! She said she'd come to the meet and greet at the Olive Garden if I get up and do a table dance.

You got it, Funny Farmer! I'm so happy to see you again I'll do whatever you ask. And bring your dad, The Old Boat Guy. I'll bring my cute mom. Someone bring candles and we'll give them a private table so they can fall in love and we can be wicked stepsisters.

Wolfgang, we didn't leave until 8:30. How come you couldn't find us. I want my hub to meet you. And I wanted to see you hairless chest. LOL J/K peeps. I like hairy men. (Not Robin Williams hairy though). (Sorry Robin).

And you're all crazy. I don't look like my daughter. She looks just like my husband.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Anjeny, I WANT to see you with Straight hair. Did you take a picture? How cute you looked like Michelle Obama.

Iwa and Katria, TIM TAM SLAM, huh? That's what you call it. That sounds dangerous. ;)

Funny Farmer said...

Thing is Crash, I don't recognize half your commenters anymore. Your blog has grown on without me and I feel like the new kid on the block again. I'll have to muster up my best snarking skills to re-establish my BBFFness, if the position is even still available. :)

Martha said...

You are getting so tough with those boys. I also noticed that they didn't complain at all, which means they have finally come to accept chores and just do em and get on to something else.

Tell me the dates when we are watching them so I can put it on my calendar. Jim and Nan really are excited for it.

You know they have to come to my tennis this summer. It will be MWF at 8 am starting June 8th. When T is here would she like to help? We can make a deal, T helping, W&G coming for free. She can use it as some volunteer hours for personal progress of something. Then next summer, when she's 15, she can get paid for real. Ask her what she thinks. So far I don't have any assistants and they told me that I cannot directly supervise Josh.

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Your daughter is stunning just like you! You two could be twinners.

val of the south said...

Definiterly twins! Such fabulous eyebrows!

Can't wait for July! You, musubi and table dancing. What more could a girl ask for!!

I cooked spam for my kids for dinner tonight - I told them about musubi - they wanted to know why you'd ruin it with seaweed!!

val of the south said...

I just googled Tim Tams - yum! There's even youtubes on how to do the Tim Tam Slams!! Who knew?

I am LoW said...

My 15 year old daughter doesn't like photo shoots with mom. What's your secret??

T said...

You both look gorgeous! Like mother like daughter - and with those earrings no-one can call you heartless!

Yay that Funny Farmer is back :) She was missed - really, we talked about her over lunch last week!

WV says tiones... is that some Hawaiian thing... ?

CaJoh said...

Those group shots remind me of those photos you get in a photo booth.

You both look fab— I can see where she get's her model-like appearance.

Barbaloot said...

She definitely looks gorgeous! I hope her magic red shoes bring her as much luck as mine do me:)

Skeet said...

Aaaahhhhh, my niece is soooo cute. I love her. Not only is she knock out gorgeous, but ya gotta be dang confident in yourself to show off your Tim Tam Teeth to the whole blogging world. I can't wait to see her on America's Next Top Model. LY

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Such beautiful people, the both of you.

Check my post today where someone thought I looked like my sisters mother. Quite the opposite of you cute post of your cute daugher.

Yay for table dancing.

SO said...

That is a serious super model you have there. And you give her a run for her money!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Funny Farmer, you don't have to be snarky to be my BBFF. It's a secure position. And don't worry, I don't recognize half of my commenters either.

J/K commenters. I know you like the back of my hand.

Martha, my boys WERE complaining. They told me I was treating them like slaves.

Alyson, we got the Wicked tickets. YAY! Me and Alyson are going to Wicket together in NYC. I heart NYC AND Wicked AND Alyson. So excited!

Val, I am giggling that you cooked SPAM for your kids and then googled Tim Tam Slams. I am going to google Tim Tam SPAM slams. hee hee YOU DA BOMB, VAL of the south.

And you guys. OMGOSH! LoW watched a YouTube video on eyebrow threading and tried to thread her own. lololololol

Oh LoW you silly goose. You're so self relient. So independent. I can't believe you attempted it. I hope you post before and after photos.

Ha ha T, thanks for acknowledging that no one can call me heartless now. ha ha.

CaJoh it's so cute when you say FAB. It's like hearing Yoda say RAD.

Barb, ha ha ha ha ha I hope you wear your magic red shoes to Olive Garden.

LY Skeet. You are my favorite SIL now. Don't tell my other favorite SIL's I said so.

Pat, I'm on my way over right now.

I am LoW said...

'Course I did!! Didn't everybody?? :)

Siana Burgess said...

What is so cool is that you and your daughter have such a wonderful relationship! Its so wonderful you can laugh and do things together as mother and daughter, and also as best friends. I totally feel that when I look at these pictures, but especially so when I see you both together.

A couple of weeks ago at primary Wyatt was (as he always is) exuberantly participating during sharing time. I miss you always and when I see your children its like I am seeing you and a warmth and happiness wash through me. Back to Wyatt :) Sister Falevai was asking questions and he was like at the edge of his seat with his arm outstretched as high as he could go all the while he's like "ooo! ooo!" (like pick me pick me). It totally brought a smile to my face cause I so see you like that, so excited to participate and share with others. I was smiling and chuckling a little to myself at the thought of your greatness :D <3 U!

wendy said...

You've probably NEVER heard this before, but she has the most expressive eyes, eyebrows and FRECKLES are to die for.

Jami said...

Your lucky daughter is as beautiful as you are. What? Were you ten when you had her?

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Yay for WICKED!!! And yay for meeting you in the flesh!!