Saturday, May 16, 2009


Over here . . .

It's me, Crash!

I'm scratching this message to you will a paperclip.

I'm being held hostage by my hub and kids and students. They're keeping me tied up in the basement and right now my hub is forcing me at gunpoint to clean the garage.

Please drop 1 million dollars in my comment box if you ever want to see me again.

I will try to escape while I'm waiting for you to come up with the money, but I can't promise anything.

I have so much to tell you, but it's hard to write with a paper clip so for now I just want to wish my drop dead gorgeous sister, Melanie a happy birthday.

I thought this photo appropriate because we had just eaten chocolate cake at IKEA, which is exactly what I would have given her on her birthday if I hadn't been kidnapped.

Melanie is the most talented, generous, glam-bam sister in the world. LY Melanie.

I also want to wish my saucy/sassy/salty soul sister Sandi (say that five times fast) a happy birthday. She doesn't have a blog so you'll have to wait here for her if you want to poke her in the eye.

Or you can go to Kute Kasey's blog and look at her hilarious photo tribute. It's a must if you want to see her 12 year-old hub. I stole this photo of Sandi because it's my favorite. It's just sooooooo Sandi!

LY Sandi! I threw you a Tim Tam Slam party in my class yesterday. I'll post the photos if I ever escape from this basement.

P.S. Did I mention I fell in love with a lost puppy? sniff!


Anonymous said...

You and your sister totally look alike! Oh, and I love IKEA. Good choice on the cake.

I'm working on the money.

Still convincing my love that I need it for something very important.

Might be a while.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

AGHH! They kidnapped you! Quick someone lend me a million smackers so I can save Crash.

Wait a minute. If they kidnapped you, how are you blogging? Crash....

Happy Birthday Melanie! You guys look so cute.

And here's a poke for Sandi, cause I want that strawberry thing she's got. That looks delish!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Happy Birthday Sandi. I went and looked at Kasey's blog. So so so cute. What a cute family.

Sandi why don't you have a blog yourself? Have I missed the answer to this.

Crash what is that Bette Middler movie where she is kidnapped and then she works out and looses weight? That could be a bonus to being kidnapped, not that you need to loose wieght.

Too bad it is not pirates. Kidnapped by pirates is good.

Good luck, can't wait to hear about your great escape.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

What stage of grief are you at with the puppy lub.

I have a friend going to see Donny and Marie tonight. How cool is that. She is going back stage even, because her brother cleans Donny's pool and he got her tickets. So I have instructed her to get her picture taken with D & M. Then she is to send me the picture so I can post it on my blog and then I will post my picture with her and it will be one degree of separation between me getting my picture with them.

Pretty coolio, huh.

DeNae said...

Boy, is my face red! I just sent my last million to this Nigerian princess who is also being held hostage by her evil step mother in a refugee camp somewhere horrible. Modesto, I think it was. Anyway, as soon as her assets are released (I think she's going to use scissors) I'll get my money back, and then it's all yours, baby!

Looking at your sister's picture on my dashboard, I thought you were going to write how you had blondified yourself. Holy Family Resemblance, Batman! Both too cute for the rest of us. Happy Day, IKEA cake eating sister!

I think the name of the movie Nutty Hamster Chick is looking for is "Man's Search for Happiness", although now that I say it out loud it doesn't sound right...

DeNae said...

Wait! It's "Ruthless People"!

Naaah, that's the movie they show at the Temple Square Vistior's Center.

Never mind...

Jillybean said...

If I had one million dollars I would send it to you.

Not really, I would probably use it to pay someone to clean MYgarage.


Do you still have the puppy?

April said...

awwwww....I miss Sandi....I miss going to eat at Eva's with her! I miss that woman! (She says "woman" all the time!) COME AND VISIT ME SANDI!!!

I'm sorry you have to clean the garage Crash. I just sat at my computer, nursing a migraine and paid bills. It didn't help the migraine. Then I sent the hubby on errands. He was making too much noise. That's how you do it. If the hubby is running errands, he can't hold you hostage/make you clean the garage.

You come from a gorgeous family! HOLY COW!!

hahaha wv says oodatt! hahahaha!!! Totally agrees with me that you come from a gorgeous family!

Kristina P. said...

So, if you guys adopted me, would I automatically morph into looking like you?

Homer and Queen said...

I want to be your cute sis! do look just alike!

Tiffany said...

Hey Crash,
Thanks for the hugs over on my blog. I am doing great, thanks, crying only every other day. So good. I spoke at enrichment today on Joy in the Journey of life and it is my motto now. So if things are sad I just enjoy that for awhile then pull it together and go on enjoying happiness again.

I love Melanie, we were childhood friends and it is amazing to see her as a grown up. She is as lovely as ever.

Sandi said...

I'm glad my sister is not near as gorgeous as I am, it might make me insecure. I wish I had a million bucks to drop in here because I really really want to hear from you again. Thanks soooo much for my little shout out, I only wish that I could have been at that Tim Tam Slam partay, but I have been nicely spoiled by my fam and friends so I guess it is okay. LOL at my 12 year old hub...when he was there last week, my old friend Francis ( who is now KK's bishop) didn't recognize him and thought he was a student. It is SO not fair! Thanks again for the lub!!

Rockstar said...

Happy Birthday, Melanie.

Love, your Rockstar brother, crazy SIL, and your adorable mother.

Sandi said...

p.s. I just saw your little note on KK's blog calling me a geaser and plotting to steal pics....dang it I wish she had some cuter pics of me!

April said...

I thought they were cute pics of you! You are being hard on yourself and your cute son....I mean hubby! hahahaha!!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

We become more and more like identical twins... I have gorgeous glamorous sisters also!!! Happy Birthday Melanie!

Happy Birthday sandi!!! Love that pic of you!!! :)

Now I'm want to eat cake!

IWA said...

Happy Bday to your sister! Your right she is gorgeous and everyone is so right that you guys look like twins!

Cleaning?..... what? doesnt he know it's saturday? sorry... it seems like everyone here in laie is cleaning something!

I thought of you when i went shopping today... I saw Mountain Dew... BLUE... It looked potent!

Happy Bday Sandi! I love the pics of you on Kasey's site! especially the one with those two samoans! whoohoo! heehee! I actually knew that security guard... growing up he was in 7th ward with us! and the breaking into the pool one! we tried that when we were kids.. now there are camera's! hope ur bday was a good one!

Sandi said...

I feel a little famous.

Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

Happy Birthday Mel!!! Does she read your blog Deb?

I missed all the puppy drama...can I just say ADORABLE and I am so sorry his owner was found. totally lamo :(

Heidi Ashworth said...

somehow I keep missing the chocolate cake at Ikea. I must rectify that post haste!

SO said...

I hope you escaped the garage.

Happy Birthday to your sister and your friend!

SWIRL said...

I am coming over to spring-you from your captures! I had no idea- that was why I hadn't seen you in a while!