Friday, May 22, 2009

My Virgin American Idol Finale Review

Is anyone still talking about American Idol?  Am I too late to chime in?  

I haven't read a single review or opinion since the winner was announced so here's my virgin take on the finale:  

Thumbs up for Alyson and Cyndi Lauper. 

Thumbs up for Steve Martin and Miss Utah, what's her name?  That cute eclectic chick with the original voice (the first few times you hear it) that got embarrassingly sassy before she got the boot?

Thumbs up for Danny Gokey and Lionel Richie! 

Thumbs WAY up for Adam singing Queen!  Been waiting all season for that moment and he didn't let me down. (And Kermit singing with Keith Urban was pretty cool too (if I kept my eyes closed)).

GINORMOUS highlight for me when Kara upstaged spray-tanned bikini babe.  WOW!  Kara's got vocals.  She should sing songs about  mountains and hurricanes.  (And is it bad that I shouted TAKE THAT BIKINI BABE! when her wardrobe malfunctioned?)

My favorite song of the whole night was the Ford commercial.  Adam and Kris sounded incredibly in-sync.  They should hook up and do a car commercial world tour.  I would pay to that my husband to that.  It's like killing two birds with one stone. 

And it looks like I switched camps just in the nick of time because I ended up on the winning team.  Woohoo.  I'd hate to be on the losing team because we all know what happens to the losers of American Idol--they get to be on the Disney Channel.  

I'm excited to see Adam on iCarly.  I hope he wears those black sparkly wings he wore when he performed with Kiss. 

(The only thing that would have made that performance better is if Adam, or one of those old dudes in spandex,  had taken a spill in their clod hopper shoes.) 

I need to give you an update on that uber pooey feeling I've had,  (I think it would look cuter spelled poohie, don't you?)  Which has now turned into that uber duber poohie feeling.  

I also need to give you a progress report on my son's autobiography and on my puppy lub and on my unwashed kids.  

But you'll have to sit tight--stay tuned--don't touch that dial.  The weekend report will come tomorrow--because I've dozed off a half a dozen times since I started this post.      

Can you guys tell which parts I dozed off during?


How do you spell a snore?

Carmen.  Is her name Carmen?  


Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Idol schmidol. What is it with that show that makes everyone love it so much? I seriously don't get it.

I'll still say howdy anyway though cause you are my favoritiest Dummy in the world.

IWA said...

i loved the finale! i didn't watch any other part of the season.. but it was pretty entertaining!...favorite part: cyndi lauper! and kara ripping her dress open and then getting all embarrassed about it! i totally didn't get the Kermit the frog thing til last night.. and then again tonight on Jay Leno! Too funny!

i was going to comment yesterday on the uber pooey feeling, but i didn't want to make you feel worse! but just in case it happens again... Two words.. TVA OFFICE... all you need is your byuh user name to log into the computer and it cost .06 cents a page to print!!

I am LoW said...

I didn't watch this season, well I started to, but didn't like who made the finals. But Carmen.... yes, you are SO right about that voice. And reading your not too late to weigh in post makes me wish I had at least watched the finale.

Melanie J said...

I thought the whole thing was fun EXCEPT I hate bikini girl so much that I accidentally fast forwarded through the Kara thing that I totally missed it. I got caught up on YouTube. That was funny.

Sandi said...


Homer and Queen said...

I don't watch it, but I did catch Adam singing Queen. But seriously...could they have butchered Pink any more than they did? Maybe that is shy I don't watch it, besides somebody was probably killing someone on another DVR'd channel! I'm addicted to CSI stuff and anything else that makes me feel better about my life!

T said...

The only thing I knew about this season was that Taylor V got cut early (she's the cousin of my daughter's friend... we got daily updates in first grade) and that April is pretty sure that one of those guys has Dig'em the frog in his ancestry... the one that sang with KISS...

sorry - can't chime in : )

Sandi said...

Ugh..I HATED that they let bikini girl back on for more air time, and I wasn't so sure I liked Kara getting almost nekkid too, until I read that she did it as a bet and her winnings went to charity- then I quit being judgmental and went with it.
Sorry Crash dear, but I HATED Cindy Lauper and Alison, thought it was awful LOVED Kris and Keith Urban, Loved Adam's "Beth", Loved Kris and Adam singing we are the champions and their Ford song...they do sound great together. LOL at seeing Adam on iCarly...hahaha you are a funny one. I am sad AI is over, I had such a great time watching it with my friends every week!
by the way, David Cook was AMAZING!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Hey Crash did you know that the AI tour will be in West Valley on July 14th. Are you still in SL then or is that when you head down south. I am seriously tempted to take Diana to it. That was the thing I loved about the finale was seeing all my peeps who I was sad to see voted out. Great review.

Sorry about the UPF but I can so relate, do you think it is just part of the exhaustion that comes with the end of the marathon that is the end of school each year?

val of the south said...

Thank you for doing the review JUS FO' ME!! I'm honored! :) I hope you got some sleep!!

I did read it early, early this morning - just WAY to tired to actually comment!! So your staying up was not in vain! Great review, I loved it! (and apparently I LOVE exclamation points!!!!)

I think NHC is on to something there - we should have a Sisterhood of the Traveling Dummies AI concert extravaganza! I wonder if there's any tickets left...

Heidi Ashworth said...

Those of us who watch I Carly totally get the I Carly reference. Poor David A.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

MEGAN! That's right! Who's Carmen? (And why in the world isn't she in San Diego?)

Oh YES, peeps let's have a sisterhood crash bash at the AI concert. What a ParTaY! Let's look into it, ASAIFMY (As soon as I finish my nap) I'm snuggled up right now in fetal position because my Uber Poohie week is over. I just came home from my class and I'm going to sleep until Monday night.

Starting NOW!

Don't bother me, Martha.

Nutty Hamster Chick, I love the UPF acronym. We must make UPF rings and sell them at Deseret Book.


Or make t-shirts. I love wearing my Tamn t-shirt that says LOLOMGWTFLDSBBQ. People always stop me to ask what it means. I also love it because it's the only time I ever get anyone gawking at my chest.

YES, NHC I think my UPF has a lot to do with the end of year marathon exhaustion. You should be a psychologist. I would totally come to you for therapy.

Sandi, Keith Urban and Kermit WERE Awesome! That was a definite thumbs up. But you better watch your mouth, girlfriend--don't you dish on Cyndi and Alyson. I LOVE Alyson. And Cyndi looked so good. Better than she did in the 80's.

I love AI too. Andrea, what's not to love? I missed half of this season though because of my stupid night class.

Queenie, my daughter is addicted to CSI. Absolutely addicted.

IWA thanks for trying to spare me my UPF but the documents I needed to print had photos in them so it was trickier and exaserbated the Uber Poohiness of the whole situation.

I will explain it all after my long nap!

G'night everybody!

Anjeny said...

Two thumps WAY way up for the dummy and her virgin AI finale review!!

I missed the first hour of the show and I cheated also and looked up the winner online way before it aired here so I skimmed through most of the showing that's why I missed Kara's bikini display...of all the rotten luck, something actually worth seeing I missed it...ahahah, ok don't get any ideas now aight?

I thought Adam looked ridiculous in his wing outfit he wore when singing with KISS. I sooo uperly lub lub Steve Martin and his answer to who he thought would win...totally classic!!

I rooted for Danny but he wasn't in the final two but at least he was in the final three. Really funny how you keep referring to Kris as did kinda look painful watching him sing, didn't it? LOL

At least this time, my daughter Jen is happy that her choice won...she was literally in a fit last year when Archulleta didn't win.

I hope you're getting over your uber pooey feeling soon...I wonder what's going on.

April said...

Actually, Kris "Sugar Smacks" Allen is what he should be called, because he isn't green like Kermit, but more neutral in color like the Sugar Smacks frog on the cereal box (which T so graciously google for my sister and I because we couldn't remember the frog's name).

I thought the season finale was AMAZING! I am not a Kara/Cara fan, until she showed up bikini girl. THAT was funny! And also Ryan asking her what was new, and then saying oh never mind, I think I know what is new! hahahaha!

I am disappointed that Adam didn't win. He was my favorite. I thought he and Alyson should have been in the finale. She has such an amazing voice. (For a chain smoking 40 yr old stuck in a 17 yr old body.)

I loved all the star power that showed up...what about Rod Stewart? Stumbling all over the stage? Great singer, but I think a little tipsy!