Sunday, January 18, 2009

Friendship Basket

This is the first week in 2 years I will be going to church as a non-relief-society-president.


Can you guys help me transition? By just being there for me? And letting me be there for you?

Okay . . . I'll conduct. (If you don't mind, that is.)

How's about we pull the yellow sub over at the nearest rest stop so we can stretch and freshen up before we begin.

Okay, humor me here:

ALOHA Everyone!

First I'd like to welcome any visitors and invite them to please stand up and introduce themselves in the comment box so we can get to know them better.

I'd also like to thank everyone for helping me compile the CTD Blog-Across-America Soundtrack. It truly binds us together in spirit.

If any of the songs annoy you, please don't blame me, blame someone else. I personally like all of the songs because they represent YOU and sometimes YOU are annoying too.

But that's life and I still LY.

I'd like to open with a song. My apologies for not singing hymns but I gave my husband's hymn book away, (a few times).

Opening song: For Good, from Wicked

Practice song: He Ain't Heavy by the Bee Gees. (Don't hate me because it says Bee Gees. I think it's actually the Osmonds incognito.)

Closing: Wonderful World/Over the Rainbow by Braddah Iz

Kritta22, can you lead the music for us, since that's your new calling?

Our lesson today will be on testimony and will given by Jami. It was her anniversary last night and she was busy with some wholesome recreational activities so if she's not there when you arrive just talk among yourselves . . . I'll give you a topic . . . ummm . . . . hows about testimony? Or you can just tell each other about your first kiss. Your choice.

Before we begin our lesson there a few announcements:

1. Stupid Smart girl needs a hug. And she may need a hand cleaning out her closet. I'll send around a sign up sheet.

2. Kristina P is absent today and I'm worried that she's been playing truth or dare. Can someone please check on her and make sure she isn't going inactive.

3. Robin is still recovering from her sinus surgery and could use a visit or a hug, but please don't bring any scented candles.

4. April is still in quarantine from her radiation treatment and the roadie choir will be singing You Light Up My Life outside her bedroom window at midnight. Please warm up your voice before you arrive.

Okay, time for the good news minute? Anyone have any good news?

Anyone? Anyone?

Me neither.

Let's move on to our friendship basket.

Today's friendship basket goes to one of my favorite sistahs in the blog world. She's had an incredibly tough year so I filled the friendship basket with all her favorite things:

I'm not going to tell you her name, but she's nutty and she's a hamster and she's a chick.

Okay, I'll tell you . . . It's PAT!

Here's a post that will give some insight into what Pat has been dealing with.

Besides her son's hip surgery she also recently received the heart wrenching news that her mother has breast cancer. Two of my favorite blogging sisters, Jen and Annie, are dealing with the same heart wrenching news.

I have asked Jen and Annie, as well as a few other sistahs to come up and embarrass Pat.

Jen from Jen's Jingle: I just love her attitude, and her ability to be serious, funny, thoughtful, and spiritual - sometimes all in the same post. And she's SUCH a loyal fan. Seriously. That says something about a person. I don't think I could ever be that energetic or passionate about a hobby! I love Pat, and I truly hope that the many personal tragedies she's been facing will quickly be behind her. I don't know any details about her mom's cancer, but I hope she'll feel encouraged by the fabulous recovery rate for breast cancer! They can do some really amazing things these days. And I'm sure she's already putting her trust in the Lord, because that's the kind of girl she is. Love ya Pat! You are amazing!!!

Annie from Regarding Annie: When I first saw Pat's blog name, Hammond's Hamster Wheel, I thought she was clever, funny, and probably a little silly. But I've spent the past few months watching Pat and her wheel. Watching her run. And boy, does that girl know how to run.

She runs for her son. I have seldom seen a mother as devoted, invested, and loving with her child. She put it best when she said that he's been to Hell and took his mother with him. The thing about Pat is that I know there is no place she'd rather be then right there, with her boy. Be it a cot, couch, or traffic jam, Pat runs as long and as hard as it takes to lift him out of this mire and back on both feet. Trust yourself Pat, you're doing good.

She runs for her mother. We found out two weeks ago that my mom has breast cancer. I know first hand how that kind of information feels. The first wave hits hard, but it's the aftershocks that really get you. As a daughter, I feel helpless, like there's nothing I can do. It's a bad, bad feeling. So this year, I too am going to run. For my mom. For Pat's mom. We're in this together, my friend.

She runs for the Lord. Pat, watching the way you live, never hesitating to fall back on Christ's teachings, continually sobers me. In the midst of your humor and wit, you are ever an example of Christlike behavior and I love you for it. Whatever this new year brings you, just keep running. We're all right here, running with you. love you,

Alyson from New England Living: Pat is one awesome broad! And I say "broad" in the best possible meaning of the word. She's been through a lot, continues to go through a lot, but she maintains a wicked sense of humor with a softness and tenderness befitting the amazing mom, daughter, and wife she is. We're all behind you, Pat, with prayers, comments, and love! You rock, girl!

Emily from Art-n-Sewl: Pat is totally hilarious and is so sweet too. I hope her troubles become small very soon. All her blog friends LOVE her!!! Keep your chin up :)

Kristina P from Pulsipher Predilections: Pat just makes me smile. I love her unwavering faith and devotion in the Cougars, even if they completely suck, and her love and support of her family and children. It is clear that she loves being a mom, and I hope I have the kind of relationship with my hypothetical children that she does with hers. Cheers, Pat!

And Pat, Shelle from Blokthoughts sent me a tribute but I spilled Code Red on it and . . . okay, truthfully . . . I can't find it. I'm sorry. But I know she would have said something that would have made you go What the What?


Class dismissed.


Lo from I am Low has refreshments. (YOU GUYS, she is the cutest retro/vintage sistah in the world. Give her some comment love.)


Tiffany said...

Lovely post. I thought I would stand up and introduce myself. I read all those above mentioned blogs faithfully. Oops I lied, I will have to go back after I comment and check all the links to see if I do actually read them all. I dont want to be lying during RS. Well I am just a normal mom, not witty or clever like all of the blogs I read, but I am a follower and Ya gotta have those. You are all awesome and Crash test, you keep me laughing.
I am the first?

Kritta22 said...

I'll lead you guys!

Shelle- wanna help with the dance moves?

Pat- you are one strong chick!

I heart all of you! Have a great Sunday!

Crash- What are you going to do doing RS? Actually have to sit with everyone else?? Weird.

Jen said...

Released! What a strange sensation that always is when you've been prez. The whole sit-down-in-RS-and-stay-there-the-whole-time thing always throws me for a loop. I tend to get antsy.

And Pat - I meant every word. Even if Annie said more words (which shouldn't surprise anyone. She probably said them louder too. That's what famous people are like. Especially if their name is Annie Valentine).

Oh, and what about the refreshments? In Blogland RS aren't there refreshments? I was sure they would be here somewhere...

Heidi Ashworth said...

I would get up and say a word but I't so tired from staying up late updating the primary class lists and rosters that I would probably fall over. Plus--I'm in primary.
wv: morking. That's just too funny!

Heidi Ashworth said...

But not as funny as chabooka. You have been morking around doing the chabooka. No wonder they released you. (JK--I am absolutely convinced you were a most warm and tender hearted RS pres.)

Kristina P. said...

First, Tiffany is awesome, so I'm glad she decided to join your RS lesson.

Second, I'm still here! And I would rather come to the church of Crash than my own branch. I was once asked for 5 weeks in row if I would say the prayer in RS, and if I was new. 5 weeks in a row!! I miss one post, and you notice. I feel so loved.

My branch is much better now.

And I hope Pat is able to smile today.

Pedaling said...

uhm, yes, my name in the blog world, is pedaling.
not the rs pres but am her current #1 helper in our ward.
i am a new follower to your site and am looking forward to checking out all of the sistah's listed for further guidaance. thank you. and happy sabbath.

Youngblood4ever said...

Aloha! I guess I'm not really a "visitor" since I frequent this RS A LOT, so I won't waste time introducing myself. I just wanted to say how awesome the friendship basket was. I am sure that Pat is feeling the love!

Now that you are a recovering RS pres, what are you going to do with all of your free time? Wait, how did you find time to blog, teach and be absolutely wonderful when you were RS pres? Are you going to be even more wonderful now with all of your free time? Is that possible????

Stephen said...

The pictures of the hamburgers distracted me. I am off to Burger King. Bye.

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Loved the friendship basket! Pat deserves all the words of love she got.

Now can I be excused from RS early because my kid is giving a talk in primary. Ok, no not really. I'm just tired and headachy and church was cancelled in CT today anyway, so I think I should get a break. You guys talk amongst yourselves.

Oh, but before I go, may I make a suggestion for the soundtrack? I want "I Wonder Why The Wonderfalls" by Andy Partridge. He's my fav, especially for a road trip because his music is bouncy and fun and makes you do a little jig, even when you're belted into your seat. And since I'm one of the photogs, and actually get to ride in the car, I want to do a jig.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

OH MY GOSH! I am so feeling the love right noew. And I LOVED LOVED the friendship basket. So awesome.

Seriously you guys are all the best. And I hope you realize how much you have been a part of my being able to endure this past year.

Big hugs and kisses.

And Tiffany, if you were looking for a place to feel loved, supported and poked in the eye when you need it, you have come to the right place. Welcome.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Oh and I have that book by John Bytheway, it is great.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Oh and I have that book by John Bytheway, it is great.

val of the south said...

Thank you for providing RS for us today since I broke my ankle and can't attend my own!

I am new, so I'll stand (sit) and introduce myself - I'm from Utah, it's my first winter here and I broke my ankle standing and watching my kids sled. I was just standing there and the ice/snow shifted and my ankle snapped. This whole snow/ice thing not exactly endearing itself to me!

Y'all seem like an awesomely fun and amazing bunch, and I hope there's room for me to run along side the bus (but can I ride until my ankle is better?).

And I've never seen such fun discussions in the comments. Crash, you really are da'bomb (your friends too!)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

HEY! Welcome Tiffany and Val and Pedaling. We are sorry about Val's ankle. I'll pass around a sign up sheet for meals.

First Utah winters can be DIFFICULT. Val will need a lot of support.

Tiff, you don't have to be clever or witty, you just have to be real.

Hey Val, I like that . . . CRASH-N-FRIENDS! That would make a great Saturday morning cartoon.

Jen, antsy is a great way to say it. And refreshments are at Lo's. Look at the bottom. I would never close a meeting without refreshments.

Poor Miss Heidi--primary! My condolances. hee he

Kritta, good idea about the dance moves.

Young Blood, recovering R.S. Pres. hah ahahahah That's a great one.

Stephen, grab me a whopper. And what are you doing in R.S.? This is a girls club.

Alyson, why did your church get cancelled? Are you guys snowed in? Do you want me to organized a shoveling committee to get you out?

Kristina, welcome back to the fold. I was about to send your visiting teachers over.

And PAT! YAY! I'm glad you like the friendship basket. I can't believe you already have that book. Can I have mine back then? I might as well return it and get my money back.

April said...

I'm glad you are holding RS today. I didn't want to miss out. I was called and ask to say a prayer in mine today. So I had to break the news to them!

PAT!!! You are so awesome!!! As soon as I saw the IN-N-OUT burgers I knew it was you!!!

Crash-Thanks for ALL of the support! It has helped me more than you will ever know.

Friends-you are awesome!!! Thanks for the lurve!

I'm glad we stopped the van to have RS cause I'm a little nauseous. Anyone have a bucket?

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

April, have I taught you nothing? Geez girl, get a zip lock bag. They are the best thing to throw up in. Especially in the car. And I am glad that you had to fess up about what is going on. How are people suppose to share your burdens if you don't let people know about them. I think that is stupid self reliance, when Satan tries to tell us to just keep our problems to ourselves. Crazy how he can twist good things like self reliance into something bad. Ok lecture over.

Sorry I posted twice about the book. I was not trying to make a point. It is a great book, by the way, he he get it. Sometimes I crack myself up. Love the irony in it.

Crash which post did you pick, becuase it didn't work when I tried to look.

Happy Sabbath everyone, I better go finish my sunday school lesson. It is on the first vision.

Anjeny said...

Yeaah, my first RS sit down after a long while in Primary. I am sooo loving this RS and you ladies rock!!
Pat/Hamster Chick, I came in late in the game so I'm just now catching up on things. I'm glad things are coming along on your end. These ladies really care about you and I've got lil confession...I have been stalking you, I like what I read on your blog, just haven't got up the nerves to leave my prints in ur comment box...will soon though as soon as I can come up with something that wouldn't sound so ridiculous.
Crash, I'm glad you get Kritta to lead our song today and not me...I would have totally started leading and singing "out-of-tune" the song Eye of the Tiger seeing how you love that song and all..LOL. That would be just the kind of conflict you were looking for, no? ahah
Ok, lemme go find a bucket for April...I think we're out zip lock

April said...

I think I just got my "a" handed to me by a NHC!!! That was AWESOME!!! And what better place than in a RS meeting!!! Is this a foreshadowing of things to come on our little trip? hehehehe! You know I LY Pat!! How could I forget that you bow down to the idol of Zip Lock bags! I am ALL about convenience!

And I know, I should have told my RS about my treatment...but I don't expect much from them (or anyone for that matter--sad I know)..... That way I am not disappointed. But I do expect others to ask for my help....Nice contradiction, HUH?

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Anjeny, I love stalking, it is one of my favorite things. I feel so flattered to be on the other side of the coin.

Don't you know that it is not about what you say, but that you say somethine.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Anjeny, I love stalking, it is one of my favorite things. I feel so flattered to be on the other side of the coin.

Don't you know that it is not about what you say, but that you say somethine.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Wow. A lot of stuff going on. I'm popping by blogs to lend a word of encouragement (or music or help yourself to my closet - whatever it takes!)

There are some great ladies here going through some tough stuff and I hope your words and those who let them know just how awesome this blogosphere of friends are will help :)

Marjorie said...

Crash, I wanted to thank you for the lovely tribute to Pat. She is a wonderful person. I am so blessed that she is my daughter. She has been through a lot this past year. I felt guilty that I had to add my cancer to her burdens. For what ever reason God thought we needed a little more tweaking in the faith and refiner's fire department. When we look back we will be blessed for her wonderful example of service. Thank you for being her friend and support.

I have been through the mastectomy which is about healed. The first cycle of chemo was on Jan 12th. This first week has been rougher than I hoped but at least I know the drugs are working, they are killing my gut! We have good hope that a cure is at the other end of this treatment. Many have told me that I need to find a way to bring laughter into my life. I put out the word for advice for movies, books, etc to accomplish this and immediately Funny Farmer recommended your blog. I will be stopping by more often, but I am not so much for comments (I think it is a generation thing!) But THANK YOU THANK YOU dear Crash for your friendship and your blog that brings so much joy to so many! You are the greatest!
( I wrote another post but it didn't show up so I am trying again. Probably hit the wrong key!)

Melanie J said...

Oh, lovely Marjorie!

What a wonderful outlook you have. Your faith can make you whole. I'll add you to my list of strangers I bump into on blogs and then find myself praying for.

This was a nice RS. The best part is how my little one isn't climbing on me and pulling my hair. I had to leave my own early today and put him down for a nap.

April said...

Sweet Marjorie! I wish you the best! I'm so sorry that you are going through this! I hope that you get to feeling better soon!!! That is my prayer for you!

nevadanista said...

Now I'm actually missing Relief Society! Been in the nursery for a while, and it looks like it'll be a while longer.

Yay for Pat! What a wonderful friendship basket you put together (the link to Pat's post didn't work for me though). Friendship baskets are kind of like eulogies for the living, which is much better than people saying all that nice stuff after you've died. So cheers :)

Alyson (New England Living) said...

What a nice comment Marjorie left! They must be one great family.

Church was cancelled because we got like 3 inches of snow! And it was a slow, fluffy snow too. Silliness! I swear, New England shuts down at the mere prediction of snow. This never would have happened in Park City.

By the way, after reading over half of "An Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New England", I must say that your writing style reminds me SO MUCH of that book. You both are so funny! Did you recognize your similar style when you read it? At least I thought you said you read it. Anyway, I meant all that as a compliment.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I can't believe you DELETE ANY of my EMAILS!!! Truly, I thought our twin blood was way closer than that..oh well...pat I will send you MY LOVE via Email...apparently I can't trust my twin to hold on to it! :)


YEA--WELCOME Tiffany...since crash didn't assign a NEW ward member/ visitor goody, I have wrapped some gummy bears up to give to you!

OOOH and Pedaling, you get some too...I love the flashy color of pink that adds to your pedals! Does that mean you will be riding along with us and NOT running?

Okay Val, you get some too...sorry about your ankle, but I have to take pictures and we don't have any room for you to ride INSIDE the maybe we can get a side car for you to ride along the side! lol! Okay I kid, you can share my seat, just don't bump me while I take pics. Crash hasn't officially assigned me as the PHOTOGRAPHER...but, I'm crossing my fingers.

PSSTT...Kritta, you are AWESOMe at leading the music, didn't get lost once.

Marjorie--I had an Aunt that went through the same procedure...GOOD LUCK...we are all rooting for you and we LOVE LOVE PAT...our sweet NUTTY HAMSTER CHICK!


April...I think whether you tell the RS presidency or NOT...they soon find out! :)That's their specialty, and I love it, takes the burden off my shoulders! lol!

Heidi--I don't know what MORKING is? Am I out of your group of cool people? Am I?

Okay, well RS was great...enjoyed everyone.

I had good news for good news minute and even though I was Frantically Waving my hand at the RS prez...she overlooked me?

aaaahh well, maybe next week!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Ummm...gotta push the follow comments link..

Don't mean to interrupt!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Shelle - she did assign you as photographer. You and me. You can take your awesome portraits and I'll do some landscapes. Deal?

T said...

Having been stuck in Primary since the age of 17 (really - not even kidding, except for the "stuck" part) I feel a little more of the RS sistahood already :)

I am LoW said...

Hi Tiffany! Hi Pedaling... Hi Val of the south! (I'm from the south too!) and everybody else! :-)

If I knew everyone was stopping by my blog I would have made more than just sammiches. I knew I should have made truffles!Although Youngblood4ever mentioned chocolate chips being added to the sammich- so that might dress it up enough for such an event? But anyways, thanks for letting me do the refreshments, that's my favorite part of meetings. :-)

Cancer is such a bummer. :( My brother Elvis (yes, my brother is Elvis) has leukemia. His mom keeps a blog for updates about him-

Crash- thanks for this post (and again, for letting me feed people. My fave). Yer the bestest ever!!

Sandi said...

WEll, I left town for a few days and didn't get home until after the ACTUAL RS, so it was very nice to come here and find one going on- I think I also missed out on some random road trip that you all planned without me. Dang , that will teach me to stay home wont it?
This was such a nice post, and of course I have to add my best wishes and praises to the nutty lady- I think you are an awesome example of everything that is good (except that creepy stalking thing you got goin on). Carry on, NHL!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Aloha everyone!

I fixed the post, Pat. It's the one about your year of hip surgery stories.

Can I just say OMGOSH!

And Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!

Did everyone see that Pat's mom is here. Margorie, I don't know what to say. I feel so humbled that you are here. Did you see all the pink ribbons we tied in your tree. I hope you enjoyed the home made herbal bath salts we left on your door step.

I'm just honored that you came to RS today. Will you travel with us across America and tell us all about what it's like to have breast cancer. I've always wondered but was too afraid to ask. We can tie a ginormous pink ribbon to the antenna and we can stop along the way and give breast cancer workshops.

I'm so happy all of you from Primary could come today. All of you said such wonderful things I can't even begin to remark on all of them. Thanks for patting each other on the back and offering your support. It's truly inspiring.

I added You Light Up My Life to teh playlist so we can practice as a choir.

I also added bicycle by Queen for Val and Pedaling and Kritta and my brother Stephen who is a major cycler.

Shelle, GIRLFRIEND, you are so for sure officially our photographer. Thanks for clearing that up Alyson.

GROUP HUG everyone!

I am LoW said...

Correction- - - my brother's SON has leukemia.


I am LoW said...

Oh, I LOVE Queen!!

Way more than cycling.

Crash- If you see me on your blog for hours on end, it's b/c I am using you for your music. I mean, I am reading everything too, but the hours is the music. :-)

Sandi said...

ha ha too, I am probably going to get busted at work for being on a blog allllll day long, but it was the best way I had to listen to JJ without interruption.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Crash, thanks for helping to make my mom feel better. I know as a mother who is so helpless to help a child in pain, well when someone else does something that helps that child, you just want to kiss their feet. I am not sure if that came out right.

Anyway this really did help me carry my burden and remember that people do like having me around. That is huge.

You are all the greatest.

And as you can tell my mom is an awesome example to me of keeping the faith and the hope. So that is where I get it from. big wave mom.

And isn't that sweet that she is reading this blog each day for her daily dose of humor. Thanks for that Crash.

Amie Earl said...

I am going say hello I am Amie sister of Pat and daughter of Marjorie I just want to say that I think that Pat and all of my sisters are the best (including sister in laws) I just wanted to say thanks crash for everything you do for us!


Barbaloot said...

Hey-how come you get released as President right as I get called as Education Counselor. Not cool.

JustRandi said...

This is the best meeting I have been to in a loooong time!!
Tell me you're coming to Colorado, pleeeze???

Jami said...

Sorry I'm late on the lesson. It's over there now.

What a lovely and fun faux Relief Society meeting. Friendship baskets are the best.

A hug for Pat. One for April. [Is safe 'cuz it's virtual.] One for Stupid Smart Girl. And one for Robin. A warm handshake for Val and Margorie. [Don't want to scare you.]

I'm loving the love.

val of the south said...

best. relief. society. EVAH!!!
Can I hear an amen sista?

April said...

Thanks Jami! You are too cute! Hope I didn't get any any virtual gunk on you. Can't wait for your lesson. This being cooped up thing stinks!

Kris said...

Thanks for havin RS and Thanks for giving the friendship basket to Pat. I love it when I get to watch someone who needs it tons get it instead of someone sailing through a happy part of life.
I'v only been RS Prez for 9 months, so I don't feel your pain yet Crash.
Here is the spiritual thought -Last
night I got to hear Sister Julie B Beck in person. She told us that we are not here to live the dream, instead to have an experience. In the next life we get to live the dream. It was awsome. Can't wait for dream time.

Mariko said...

OooooO! I love the friendship basket. I have been terrible about my blog responsibilities lately. But I try to read everybody. Sometimes I don't have time to comment. My bad!
NHC, one thing I LOVE about you, is your profile pic. I just love love love that pic. I laugh just looking at it.
Um, is it you, or is did you steal it from somewhere?