Monday, January 26, 2009

(Swirl gets religion) (and Kute Kasey gets engaged)

Good grief, peeps, guess which three people I'm sick to death of right now?

Me, Myself and I!

And I'm sick to death of my thoughts and my words and my ideas . . .

Shall I go on?

Living on words and fumes, here.

No, living on words and a prayer.

No, no . . . just living on words, actually.

And not fun words, either. BIG words. Boring words. Hoity Toity words.

So exhausting pretending to be smart, you guys.

And guess what? There's no rest for the word-weary. When I look to the horizon all I see is wave after wave of words tumbling towards me.

I know what my daughter would say right now. Due dates and projects are (winnie-the) POOH (bear).

(Wow! If feels so good to say things like winnie-the-POOH-bear after saying things like prophylaxis and recombinant.)

Hey, do you guys want to know the results of my psychological experiment in sociological assumption?

It works!

If you want to get someone to bend to your will, Public humiliation is the #1 Doctor recommended method of choice.

Remember Swirl's fanatically self-righteous shoes that insisted on flaunting their committment to choosing the right?

After I publically humiliated her on my blog and privately spoke to her about the hypocrisy of choosing the right in open-toed shoes she saw the light. Within days I received this photo via email.

She has reformed and shall be welcomed back into the fold as soon as she purchases nylons.

Look to it, Swirl.

Oh, and GUESS WHAT! GUESS WHAT! GUESS WHAT! Sandi's daughter, Kute Kasey is engaged. Let's all go jump up and down and scream and look at her ring in her comment box.


Kristina P. said...

Ha Ha! I'm not asleep now, Pat. So you can kiss my Snuggie bottom.

Heidi Ashworth said...

Look to it--that's the best! I am deff going to have to work that into Miss D part deux. Or is it duex? I can never be sure . . .Should I leave six comments on this post to make up for the three times three on mine today? Oops, that was three and four. At least I wasn't guilty of public humiliation in order to bring you to that pretty pass. Though, the last time my twin sister sent me a really snotty email (which was last week) I forwarded it to the entire family. Haven't heard boo from her since. I hope it keeps on working!

Kritta22 said...

Way to go Heidi! I love that forward button!

OH MY WORD!! WV= blogic !!!!!

Oh awesome is that!! Now there is a new word for your essays!

I'm digging our play list. Chris Brown RUn IT, is my favorite right now.

Kritta22 said...

Do they even sell nylons where you live?

T said...

Just say No to Nylons!!!

April said...

Words are so over-rated! An expressions says soooo much more!! Just ask my hubby and kids!

Nylons are over-rated too! YUCK!! I think a man invented them!

Where's my sidekick??? She has an announcement!!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ha Kristina! You go, girl.

And Yes, please Miss Heidi. And ha ha ha ha ha on the forwarding trick. You go, girl.

And Kritta, my word verifier is a genious. Thanks. That's my new favorite word.

And JUST SAY NO! YES! (as in I agree.)

And YES, April where's your sidekick. What's the big announcement? Don't tell me . . .
OMGOSH! NO WAY!!!!!! Aaahahhhhh

SWIRL said...

Thank you- for those who support the NO NYLONS! Geeez- I bought new shoes just to run to your house in CRASH.. now I have to be proper and put hose on too??

humiliation is a good tactic- but I am giving your MIL credit for this mind game...

April said...

AAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Go look!!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! I better go post an announcement.

April said...

WOOOOO HOOOOO!!! Sandi is going to be a MIL!!!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Now that you put it that way . . . lol, hee he hehehehehehe

Sandi, are you okay?

April said...

I'm trying to track her down....hmmmmm maybe talking to her future SIL???

Kritta22 said...

OH that's sooooo exciting!!!!!!


How's life going April?

Mariko said...

I agree with your daughter.
My husband is actually getting mad at me that I'm reading your blog right now. He asked what I'm doing and I said, "I'm looking." And refused to answer any more.
Poo(h) on deadlines.
And I didn't even get to LOOK at your post yesterday. I totally deserve extra time today.
When you said you were getting sick of 3 people, I definitely assumed you were about to say HTMJ.
Hee hee. That leaves 2 more.
And threading sounds much worse. Why would I want to feel each individual hair as it is pulled out? HUH? HUH?
I can't believe you pluck your eyebrow hairs. I thought they were naturally perfect.

Melanie J said...

Congratulations, Kute Kasey!

And I have to echo Kritta's question. They sell nylons in Hawaii? When I moved to the OC, they stopped me at the border and confiscated my pantyhose, then handed my a can of spray tan. This place is weird.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Miss Heidi what an honor to have you use look to it. However, I did lift that line from Shakespeare, fyi. Just saying.

Hee hee Swirl, I totally believe in giving credit where credit is due too. GOOD ONE, girlfriend! Who taught you to be so snarky?

Ha ha Melanie J. That was funny!

I'm going to drop by your blog tomorrow. Or maybe tonight since I'm still up again. To borrow a line from the love of my life, John Adams, I will have to borrow a litte time from my sleep to get things done. Miss Heidi, you should work that into Miss D. Part duex/deux/two/II/2/dos/too.

Mariko, I can't believe your husband is looking over your shoulder just becase you're LOOKING at my blog. How funny. That conversation sounded so familiar. You silly goose. And I hope you didn't mention to JJ's neice about me imagining him in his under roos because I totally edited that post after you said she freaked out. And I really NEVER even thought about imagining him in that way. I don't think that far ahead. SO, anyway, bottom line . . . if you don't want me to get sick and tired of HTMJ you better keep your mouth shut.

Yes, that's a threat.

kasey ferrell said...

AH thanks guys! nice talk at the fireside by the way, so many people loved it and were talking about it today!!!

Sandi said...

Hi girls! Yes it's true, I'm going to be a MIL! But I'm going to be a very nice one, I promise! Gotta go- more later!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Kristina, thanks for the love. :p

Wow Crash you better be careful to use your powers for good. Just think what we could all be wearing on our feet, it you suggest it to us.

Jami said...

In a teensy bit of a hurry, but I must pause to say the only good use for a pair of nylons is tying up vines in the garden, Certainly they can be used in bank robbery as well, but can we really call that a good use. No, I think not.

Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

Nylons are forever banned at my house. I HATE them :)

nevadanista said...

Yay for KK on your engagement and to Sandi on becoming a MIL!!! It's so much fun to fall in love :)

And congrats to swirl on the shoes too :)

nevadanista said...

Oh, I have to say I love the suck in the gut factor of nylons. I miss that in the summer when I wear sandals :)

Youngblood4ever said...

I was thinking her legs are fabulously tan. Little bits jealous over here. I am a WHITE girl, my body just says "NO" to tanning.

WV- boopins. No definition on this one, it just made me giggle, so I thought I would let you in on it.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hey Kritta 22, I got your quilt today!!!! Soooo cute! Thank you so much. I'll post a photo soon.

NHC, you're right. I will try to use my power for the good and equality of footwear everywhere.

Global footwear! That's my motto.

Ha ha Jami!

Sandi said...

You have been waiting on that quilt forever, it just now got there? Thats just crazy. I want to know why Miss Heidi's twin sister sends her snotty emails?

Barbaloot said...

Congrats to Kute Kasey!

I'm liking Swirl's shoes. Speaking of which, I posted a picture of mine on my blog, just for you:)

Sandi said...

Yep Swirl's shoes are very cute, and so are yours barbaloot because I peeked on your blog and looked!
Thanks for the congrats for KK :)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Nice shoes, Barb. Can I call you Barbie now?

Hey, am I seeing things or does it look like Swirl forgot to shave her legs in her photo?

See why nylons are so important, girls.

Sandi said...

Shaving your legs is so overrated.

April said...

I'm heading over to see Barb(ie)'s shoes!!!

I was just celebrating cause I shaved my legs today! hahahaha!!! True story!!

Mariko said...

Oh, you silly goose. She wasn't actually freaked out. More like completely paranoid about a stalker.
You mean you practice self censorship?
What a concept.
And to date, I have only told 4 people about your blog. That I can remember. And 1 of them became your follower. Remember, I came along because of your own blogstalkers, so there can be benefits to being famous.

Sandi said...

As for Crash and feeling sick of those 3 people. It's just the January blahs. I'm sure of it.

Sandi said...

Hey is it true, is Hawaii finally getting a Target?

Sandi said...

Okay..a quick thanks to those of you who dropped by KK's blog to tell her congrats! So nice of you and I want to give you all a big fat kiss on the lips. haha

My Diary said...

No Crash I am not golum, although I do love Lord of the Rings. I gotta give ya hints to slowly drive you crazy.

I'm a little miffed at My, Myself, and I right now too. Stupid Jerks.

♥georgie♥ said...

OOOOO those are some cute shoes swirl bought...nylons really? lol

off to wish my congrats to the newly engaged...I will be incognito tho...the beans are home yet again from school...I will either be in my ninja outfit,rambo or one of the village people see ya there ;-)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Okay wait! Did my diary just call me, myself and I stupid jerks?

What the what?