Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In Laws! can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em

Aloha friends,

Can I say HOLA friends instead? Because I have a sick child home from school today watching Dora the Explorer.

Actually he's flipping between Dora and the Price is Right, which isn't helping my IL seperation anxiety and my get-your-buns-back-to-school-already complex.

Can I ask you guys a question? Do you guys ever get the urge to haul off and smack me?

Thought so.

Me too.

I really need to be smacked around today. Anyone up for it? Anyone? Anyone?

I'm flat today.

Totally deflated.

I don't even have an urge to inhale whipped cream from a can.

I think my ILs tricked me. I think they melted my stone cold heart when I wasn't looking, then poured it into a shampoo bottle and took it home with them on the jet plane. I just hope they didn't pack it in their carry on because that would mean my heart is stuck in some trash bin at the airport right now.

Ain't that just like life.

I am such a hypocrite!

There I said it. I like my ILs, OKAY! So sue me!

In fact, if I get enough sleep, I actually find them extremely entertaining.

Life is so JUNK when they're not around to point at and laugh.


(I think I'm going to have to add Barry Manilow's Can't Smile Without You to our BAA playlist.)

Hey, but Martha's parents are here now. Maybe I can point and laugh at them.

Or maybe I can point and laugh at my friends.

I'll start with these feet.

These are Swirl's feet. HELLOOOOOOO, Swirl. Haven't you ever heard the saying, Shoes make the man?

Well, shoes make the woman too, girlfriend. What the what are these 2 mismatched, oversized, two right slippahs saying about YOU? Especially on inaugaration day, darling.

I would have let it slide had it happened only once. The first time was funny, but repeat offending is just wrong.

Could everyone please go here and give Swirl a swift kick in the pants. And while you're at it get in line for her great bookclub4boys giveaway. (Grab me a fast pass while you're there. I want the Franny K. Stein books.)

Okay, now let's point and laugh at my next door neighbor, Martha.

Here's Martha trying to be a rock star on New Years eve. If you listen closely you can hear her singing LaBamba with great enthusiasm. (I would put it on the playlist, but . . . no.)

And here's my friend, Colleen. You don't know her yet (unless you read my comment box). We traveled to D.C. together last year and happened to run into Obama in the train station. She started screaming and waving her hands in the air like she just didn't care. (You would have thought it was Jack Johnson.)

(Not to be rude, but he's way thinner in person. And kinda blah. We couldn't get him to say two words.)

Oh and here's a picture of my MIL after I got her hooked on Rock Band.

She's the one in the Old Navy shoes. (SNIFF).

And finally, DRUMROLL PLEASE . . . here's what we got my son for Christmas.

And here's my son (in his STEELERS beanie--GO STEELERS!!!!) when he opened it.


Do you think this could be a magic baseball card? Maybe I could rub it and go back in time and tell Jackie Robinson that there's a black president in the White house. Do you think he would kiss me if I brought him such news?

Okay, I'm going to go blow my nose now.

Adios Amigos.

P.S. speaking of kissing . . . here are a few more . . . ahem . . . kissing stories:

Shelle, my virtual twin. Grab an ice water spray bottle for this one girls. (And Shelle's got 91 followers. Let's get her to the 100 mark.)

Mariko, my daughter's hoity toity English teacher waxing poetic on (im)perfect romance. (As only she can wax poetic.)

Jen, part II of how she got kicked out of the virgin lips club at Ricks. The conclusion was worth the wait.


Nutty Hamster Chick said...


Kristina P. said...

I sort of wished that Shelle's kiss story was mine.

And don't tell anyone either, but I actually love my inlaws. My MIL reads the same books I do for book club and emails me about them! Awesome.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

I was first. Nani nani boo boo Kristina. I bet you have fallen asleep in that snuggli thing huh. And I saw you rubbing in your priceless possession all over the place. he he he I am going to call you smurff girl from now on.

Crash, I totally get what you mean. It is like, can we never be happy. What the what. I'm starting to think I am addicted to sadness or something. Jared went back to school, but the house feels so empty and I worry about him being away from me. I've got problems, I tell ya. Oh and I just posted about the self esteem file, so if you want more details check it out.

The sad thing about being first is that there is no one else to talk to. And do you notice how I cheated and posted just one word before anyone else could get in there ahead of me? Who says cheaters never prosper?

I hope I can come back and see what everyone else posts. I have to take my daughter to stupid family learning night. That's right if you have a smart family you can't go. Only stupid people allowed. April would be a mess and need a gallon of benedryl.

I need to write about that.

wv racingl, I was racing to be first and for once I actually was. What will I do with my life now?

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Oh no, Kristina has come and gone and will not get to read my taunting. How sad. Her loss. Lova ya smurffette.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

I love my first post of my cute screaming face say "HA". I seriously crack myself up sometimes.

Stephen said...

I don't feel like smacking you around cuz your just nice and happy, But I did remember one time when we were kids and we were fighting over video games and I think i kicked the controler out of your hands or something and had to do stand off.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh Pat, I'm sorry I missed you. I thought the same thing when I saw your HA with your screaming face.


Too Bad Kristina P didn't get to hear you call her a smurfett and a cookie monster. SO funny. I can't believe she posted that snuggli as her profile. ha ha

I can say anything I want about her too because she isn't going to hear me.

OH NO. My verifier is saying uncreati

YIKES! That's the first time my WV has been out of touch.

Have fun with all the stupid people tonight, Pat!

And WOW! Jared went back to school today!

YAY! and :(

I don't know how I'm going to get this comment posted because I refuse to the words uncreati.

Oh, I just typed them. Twice.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hee hee. Stephen, I remember a FEW more incidents than THAT!

In fact in my journal there were several STEVE IS AN IDIOT pages. Sorry. I didn't mean it. But you did tell on me for staying out past curfew on New Years Eve with Brigham.

I guess you knew about Michelle so you were protecting me.

Thanks, bro.

Heidi Ashworth said...

Holy cow, batman, that kid looks just like you! You know, you are so talented and clever--you just make such great pictures in the mind--you really should write a book! (I'm going to nag you until you do!)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ah Miss Heidi, I'm blushing. That's the nicest thing that anyone's ever said to me. Especially coming from YOU! Everyone go give Miss Heidi a hug!

Sandi said...

I think we should take up a donation to buy swirl some new shoes that match and fit. I am very jealous that you really like your IL's because I cannot say the same.
I love your boys face in that last pic-that was such a great present, where did you find it?

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Crash, you didn't miss me, I have ten more minutes til doomsday.

Sandi said...

Oh, and I totally wish that Shelle's first kiss story was mine. I am beginning to see the sucky-ness of mine in a new light.

April said...

First of all I have to get this off my chest....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

NHC!!!!!! You are hysterical!!!!

Cleansing breath.........nope... hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

And now....honestly how can you take ANYTHING Kristina says seriously when she's wearing that bolt of fabric? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! crack me up girl! I needed these laughs today.

April said...

Now I have to go read the post all over again because I was side tracked! hahahahaha

Anjeny said...

Aww have to post like that uh? I can't even say "in your face" about the IL.

I love the bit about Swirl. I still can't believe that she went back to the beach after that first time I was there with her in those same sorry looking "ships". LOL

What's Martha think about her rock star pix? And your MIL is cute. Glad to know underneath all that finger pointing and teasing you do LOVE you MIL cuz then I don't have to feel guilty to say that I adore my MIL, she can drive me nuts if I let her but I adore her nonetheless. I love that when I have a disagreement with my hubby, she takes my side and straightened him out.

And the picture of ur son...that is sooo precious. He had that "disbelieve" look on his face first, then that "is this for me? really?" look and then when the final realization hit, the total excitement look on his face. That just made all your hunt for the perfect present He looked like he had a great Christmas.

Alright, I'm going to go play chauffer again...too bad I don't get paid doing that, I would be a millionaire by now..LOL

Anjeny said...

Oh wow...April got a new profile pix. Did I miss the memo somewhere? Is it a new do-over time or something?

Crash? You didn't announce this new profile look in RS on Sunday...should I say what the what? LOL

April said...

(ANOTHER cleansing breath)

Now, I don't want to hit you Crash! I just want to poke you in the eye! You are just so adorable!

OK, sometimes I want to smack you with a high five sista! But they are way old school so we would just look silly!

But I do want to smack Swirl for wearing those shoes! Not only are they the same foot but they aren't even the same size!!!! What the what???? How can that be comfortable? Is that what happens when you become a book nerd for boys? Say it isn't so!

And it looks like you son might have needed a smack to get him out of the shock he was in on Christmas morning!!! How cute is he?????

Breath out

April said...

Hey I am going for the "blue" look like Kristina! hehehehe!!

nevadanista said...

Oh man, giving the perfect gift is better than getting the perfect gift, isn't it? Well, I might take that back if I ever get a Nikon D-90 and Ashton Kutcher shows me how to use it. But mostly giving a special gift like that is the best thing EVAH! Good for you!

Hahaha - I saw a blue Snuggy come out of Bed Bath & Beyond today and thought of Kristina. I wonder if she got hers for $14.99?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Wait! Bed, Bath and Beyond sells snugglies? Say it isn't so!

April I LOVE your new Profile Pic. You look gorgeous.

Anjeny no one passed me the announcement about the new profile pics. See what happens when you get released from R.S.

Nevada, ha ha Ashton Kutcher teaching you how to use your NIKON! Good one.

Sandi said...

WV is being very weird tonight- just so you know.

Barbaloot said...

Hmm-do you really miss the ILs, or are you just saying that now cuz you know they've started reading your blog? :)

And I have nothing but understanding for Swirl. Clearly she knows that it's comfort before fashion when it comes to shoes. Love her for that.

April said...

Thanks Crash! That is me after getting home from a BYU game! BYU won!! Even if we were on the last row of the bleachers!!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh Barb, first of all, they don't read my blog. They don't even know how to use a computer. It's their KIDS that read my blog so I'm just saying it for the KIDS!

And I'm really worried about you not wearing your magical red heels to church now. Can you please take a photo and post it. I want to see your feet.

In fact, I want to see everyone's feet RIGHT NOW!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

April, how come you put your best face forward in your profile pics and then you put your stupid-people allergy attack pic on every post?

hee hee

Sandi said... many more days of the rules??

Sandi said...

Am I here by myself tonight?

April said...

Crash, people can see the silly me at my blog! I just don't want to stare at it wherever I may choose to wander. My self-esteem isn't that good. I have to do NHC's 10 steps!

Sandi, sadly, I am not even half way through...SERENITY NOW!!!!

Sandi said...

we can do it April- carry on!

April said...

PS- I have NEVER EVER EVER in my entire life had a pedicure! EVER! So I may post silly pics of me on my blog, but I will N-E-V-E-R post a pic of my hideous "Fred Flintstone" feet on the internet for all to see. I do have some standards. All of you and your pretty feet can beg away....never gonna happen! NO WAY. NO HOW.

April said...

hahahaha Sandi!! Thanks for the support gf!!

Mariko said...

I agree Kristina. I want Shelle's first kiss story. Can we trade? Hot Latino guy at 13 for your hot sauce guy? That guy is really big by the way.
Pat, I'm addicted to feeling too tired and lazy to do anything important. Does that count?
April: You seriously think those people haven't seen uglier feet than yours? Come on. It's just like the dentist. I have no idea why anyone would want to do that, with all the ugly feet and teeth and gums out there. One must be affecting the other.
Generally I'm against pedicures, but I do remember with the ONE that I had, that they massage your feet. THAT, my friend, is awesome. I need a personal foot masseuse.

Sandi said...

winter feet are nasty. only people who live in tropical locations are allowed to post feet pics. I call!

Mariko said...

HA!I was so sidetracked by the comments that I forgot that this is CRASH's blog, and I didn't respond to her post.
Uh, what was it about again?
Hee hee. Just kidding. I totally get you about the IL's missing thing. Especially because we all miss that you have lost that material for another 365-42 days.
Hey, I'm an English teacher. I have no need for math.

Sandi said...

someone tell me how to delete a comment of mine...??

Sandi said...

ok I'm an idiot. I just saw the little trash can.

Sandi said...

DUH! why didn't I just delete that stupid comment before anyone saw it?

Sandi said...

and someone please also tell me why bespelled wont give me a "Z" but demands that I spell zoo??

val of the south said...

Wow, look at all the fun I missed by going to Pack Meeting - man I am so ditching next time! My evenings must remain free for my new BBFF's (I'm pretending y'all are anyways!! Just let me live my fantasy!!)

wv: betro ... today may be sucky, but tomorrow will be betro I promise!

nevadanista said...

I'm literally watching a Sugglie commercial at this very moment :D

T said...

commenting during LOST... can't be too witty...
Shelle's first kiss was hot and steamy like a Stephenie Meyer novel...

nevadanista said...

Oh my gosh April! I've never had a pedicure either, or a manicure. I even blogged about it once. Hang in there :)

Barbaloot said...

Crash-just cuz I love you and the chatroom that is your comment box-I will post a picture of my magic heels. Probly within the next few days so keep an eye out:)

And April and Nevadanista---please go get a pedicure ASAP. Listen-I'm not what anyone would mistake for a girly-girl, but those are THE best. Forget getting your toenails painted, it just feels good to soak your feet in hot water and have someone massage them. Have I convinced you yet? No? Well, how about if I tell you it's good for your health?

Oh, and don't worry about getting manicures. I'm pretty sure they're highly over-rated. I wouldn't know...but I bet. Right?

Sandi said...

I want to know if Crash ever had a pedi at Turtle Bay. That was on my agenda on my last trip because their description in the brochure sounds soo amazing. Sadly, plans changed and my agenda went out the window.

Barbaloot said...

Sandi---you'll just have to go back there. And take me with you. Okay? Okay.

robin said...

I love my ILs.

robin said...

See April... I can post a comment without being verbose. hahahahaha!!!!

And Crash... I feel your pain. My 8 year-old was home from school today and the rule is you are either in bed or busy doing school work. He chose school work. He lucked out when I ran out of things to give him and I ran out of steam (darn surgery) so he got to watch a Sponge Bob Square Pants movie while I took a nap. so much for the rule. -sigh-

April said...

wow...i am impressed Toad! BTW I just posted a sweet pic of you on my blog! PAYBACK!!!

♥georgie♥ said...

well isnt your son just adorable!!!! but i have to figure out why u and shelle are not showing up in my blogger follow thangy!!! before i can go any I am putting on my sluething hat and my plaid coat and some spy glasses.....thats how i roll a nerd....
oh and i could use a few more followers...since your pimpin peeps out...i"m just sayin I am easy!!!

I am LoW said...

April!- You have Fred Flinstone?!?! I've been told I have Barney Rubble feet! :-)

And that I laugh like Betty (?).

Love the new pic.

(not a fan of mani's and pedi's)

debilyn said...

1. I like my In-Laws better than my parents.
2. Can't Smile Without You should be on every playlist everywhere, because everyone knows 80% of people are closet FANILOWS anyway
3. Your son is too darn cute!

I'm off to read the hot kissing stories now instead of getting in bed with my husband...

T said...

April - seriously - I had my first pedicure not too long ago, and it's a wonderful luxury... AND the local Taylor Andrews school/salon does a great job for a good price (and if you tell them I sent you I get a kick-back... except they won't know who "T" is anyway) When you're all done with your quarantine you need to make it a priority!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Okay there are SO many things to comment about...

First off...Crash thanks for PIMPING out my followers! lol!...but seriously I only want people who want to be a little WICKED reading my in WICKED the musical...HA!

I am totally laughing at PATS comments...girl wins hands down...and I love that Kristina doesn't even know we are calling her SMURF (which fits PERFECTLY) and the COOKIE MONSTER...which ALSO fits perfectly...seriously GENIUS...

THere is just nothing better than making fun of people that DON'T know you are poking them in eye behind their back...but I KNOW we only poke and tease in GOOD fun...

Now...about my post...GUYS, did I write a little RISK-AY??? That is SO goal has always been to be a ROMANCE novel writer...kinda like a DUO personality!!! lol!

BUt I did wait WAY long for that kiss so I deserved Fireworks and Goosebumps and stuff...right? Can I get an Amen??? AMEN! are LOOKING WAY Smoke-tastic in that pic...seriously...beautiful!

AND Crash...we should start a fund or something for a PEDICURE for both April and Nevadanista...I'll deliver April's and then FLY to Nevada and deliver hers...or mail her a gift card in which she will SWEAR, cross her heart and HOPE to DIE, to ONLY spend it on a PEDICURE...a girl, especially one that is RADIOACTIVE deserves a good pedi!!!

We need to take the OFFENSE on this one!

LOVE your boys face in those pics and the fact that you caught it on camera...

And totally would have laughed SO hard if I saw you walking with those flip flops...I mean, your feet look so WEIRD. I can tell you are FUN to be around!

And your MIL is so freakin CUTE...she has to be loads of fun...and personality to boot!



Jami said...

So busy here, but just stopping by to say I love you all.

(Had a feeling you were a softy on the mighty intelligent lady. Because I'm insightful like that.)

singedn Hmm. Sounds like we've got a whole lot of smokin' smooching stories going on.

nevadanista said...

Okay, I would like totally, like get a pedi if you all come on out to the desert and we have a girls night out! I had a freak accident with my big toe last year though, and my toe nail is still growing out. Almost back to normal, but not quite. There's a wonderful picture of my naked toe in this post if you've never seen one - it's pretty disgusting.

That's not pink polish on my toe.

Amazing first kiss story Shelle!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I knew it was a baseball card. And I remember now that's when I first started reading you, during your son's Jackie Robinson project :)

I don't know about missing the IL's, I think that's kinda crazy. Well, for me anyway, I could never miss my mil. In fact if hubby again suggests we move back to NJ (where she lives) or PA, I may just have to smack him.

Anjeny said...

Oh Shelle, you would absolutely love Swirl. She would even let you poke her in the eye, for reals.

I still think Crash should have taken picture of from top to bottom, how she was wearing sweatshirt with her camera in place of her purse and then down at her feet, she had those on.

My daughters always request her to come hang out with us whenever we have girls day/night out just so they can watch her get grooves on. She would make people laugh at her expense, that's just the cool kinda gal she is, right Crash?

Kritta22 said...

I am NOT getting a pedi. I had one once and the ladies laughed at me.

My toe nails are no longer there because i was on the swim team and i guess our pool water ate toe nails. gross huh? Yeah so I have nasty looking toe nails and that's not ever going to a pedi place again.

But I'll chip in $10 for April to get a pedi! Just helping a sister out.

Colleen said...

Awww, thanks for reminding me that I too met Obama--although you might have said that I too am thinner in person, and more exciting (JK). I'm in for next summer.

Martha said...

What do I think of my pic? Well I like my new shirt from It looks very tropical. Maybe I should change my profile pic to that one.

I had to sing La Bamba because nobody else could pronounce the spanish correctly. (Just watching Dora isn't enough to be able to pronounce the words of La Bamba). Our intention was to get those spanish speaking RM's to come join in. But, the Tuellers were at tithing settlement and your hubby wouldn't budge.

I know the singing was bad, but the band was desperate. It was kinda fun so I did a couple more songs too. What would you have done if your hubby invited 5 neighborhood ladies over to be in a band? I had to fit in and pretend I was rock star too.

I'm going to tell my mom that you miss your MIL soooo much. Then she'll feel sorry for you and come talk your ear off at all the bball games. Then I'll have Rachel snap a picture on her new camera (that's not quite as nice as yours)of my mom boring you to tears and telling you the same story 20 times. So you better wear matching shoes and comb your curls when you go to the twins' game tomorrow. Is that kinda like hauling off and smacking you?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh guys, I missed the pedicure! Shucks.

I've only had one and it was awesome! Girl day with cousins and sisters.

I'll have to post my pics and see if you can guess which feet are mine.

I've been at a soccer game all night. My daughter's team won and now they are going to the State playoffs. Woohoo!

Martha! I'm so excited I have a surrogate MIL now that your mom is here. That will help me transition. Very cool that Rachel got a new camera.

Colleen IS MUCH THINNER IN PERSON everyone! And MORE EXCITING TOO! She's not the humor police in person. And she doesn't deconstruct either.

And Anjeny is right, you guys would love Swirl in person. She is super fun and loves it when you poke her in the eye.

Hey Mariko, I still have a lot of stored up material about my MILs. I promise to use it so you don't get bored.

Shelle, AMEN on the you deserved that kiss after waiting 5 years. That should be a romance novel right there. The whole build up could get anyone all . . . bothered. YOU go girl! I'm impressed.

You're welcome. I really didn't think I'd like pimping this much.

Everyone go follow Georgie now!

And you're right, it's so fun to make fun of Kristina P behind her back. She never comes back to see if anyone is talking about her.

Hey, let's all go buy snugglies and then get a pedicure. Shelle and Alyson can take pictures.

Gotsta go to bed so I can study Shakespeare all day tomorrow.

adieu! adieu! adieu!

Mariko said...

Martha: There are words to La Bamba? I thought there was just a period of harmonious mumbling.
Crash, what are you saying? That Co is not exciting not in person? Huh? Are you? Huh?
So rude.
Your daughter wore different colored socks today. Blatantly, because she wore shoes that barely covered them. Is that as silly as wearing different sized shoes?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Mariko, I'm only saying what Co asked me to say. I do as I'm told. Unless I'm told to wear nylons to church.

And my daughter wears un-matching socks everyday. Pay attention teach.

She said she wrote her whole definition essay in her head on the bus to her soccer game.

Does that count?

SWIRL said...

Crash- Thanks for sending everyone over to kick me in the butt!

SWIRL said...

i even showed her the completely NORMAL shoes I was wearing yesterday!

{relph) is my verifier..
I didn't say it... I'm just saying... that is what your verifier thinks of all the abuse I get from your comment-boxers... they can really serve a mean kick!

debilyn said...

I must confess that I have no favorite number...

but I WILL tell you that I used to live in Hawaii...only for a year, Kailua

I worked in a restaurant called The Plush Pippin and hung out with the Marine Corps at Kaneohe Bay (at age 18)...

best year of my life!

April said...

Mariko there is a reason that I just started wearing open toed sandals 2 years ago and I don't own a pair of flip flops!

Nevadanista I used to get my nails done (fake ones) on my hands only, none of that fake toe nail crap!

LoW- I wonder what the difference is between Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble feet? We'll have to email each other and compare! hehehe

T-I might just have to send you the same email pic that I send to LoW. Seriously. Look away, they're hideous!

Shelle thanks for the smoke-tastic compliment! You are looking mighty hott yourself! (ignoring pedicure comment)

I am LoW said...

April- I'd just assume share a picture of me topless than shoeless! haha!!

They are THAT embarassing! :-D

I have a feeling Fred and Barney feet are the same. I'll have to watch an episode to be sure though. ha!

nevadanista said...

Oh Martha, Your Dora comment made me laugh! I never took Spanish, and Dora has actually helped understand some Marc Anthony lyrics :) It's true! One day she was saying 'help me' in Spanish (don't know how to spell it though), and I realized that's what Marc Anthony repeats in his song 'Que Lio'. So there you go :)

Hey April, I make a big effort with my toes during the summer. I paint them and everything :)

Damaris said...

speaking of in laws Colleen is my aunt-in-law. She's great and I love that picture of her with Obama. I wish i had been with her during the inauguration to hear her comments. You should convince her to start a blog of her own.

dede said...

I have never wanted to slap you BUT I do love slapping my desk in laughter as I read your posts! Your J.R. gift pictures are awesome - what a memory!
April - next time you are down we can go get pedicures (my treat) and my feet would beat yours in an ugly contest any day (just ask Robin!) - it is still worth it!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Okay people, I'm sensing some issues here. Feet issues. We need to have a little foot therapy it appears. Next stop on the road trip, PEDICURES for all. ON ME. Except April's Dede and Kritta22 are paying for April's.

Then I'm going to take you all to the nearest Bed, Bath and Beyond and buy you all a snuggly so Kristina P. won't be the only dork in my comment box. Shelle and Alyson can take a group photo for our Blog-Across-America Rockumentary!

In fact my word verifier says outin, which means it's time for a girls night out. Ooooh, I better add that GNO song to the soundtrack.

I can't believe LO says she'd rather go TOPLESS than SHOELESS! Wow. Lo, you've either got a really awesome top or really aweful feet.

btw, one of my twins seriously has Fred Flinstone feet. For real. I should take a picture and we can compare. He'll win! Hands down.

Swirl, you're welcome!

Debilyn, Plush Pippen at 18 years old. That would be a good year.

Damaris. OMGOSH! Tell us what it's like to kiss a Palmer boy. I've always wondered.

Emily said...

I think Swirl has another pair of those slippers, too! Like a backup!

April said...

Kritta is too sweet to offer to pay for a pedi and Dede is extra sweet in offering to take me out....but SERIOUSLY people!! I would win the ugliest foot/feet contest! (shiver)

I am LoW said...

Crash- the latter.


Damaris said...

It's the best that's why i married him. Coming from Brazil I had a very different definition of dating and kissing. We have a term in portuguese called "ficar com" which means to stay with WHICH MEANS to kiss someone that you might not know and who cares because you'll never see the person again. It's totally acceptable, totally gross, and totally awesome in that you get A LOT of kissing practice.

I had no idea the Palmer boys were such nerds and had close to zero experience with girls. When I was dating Christian he'd tell me all these "hang outs" he had with girls. I just figured that "hang outs" was a translation to "ficar com" and assumed he had kissed tons of girls. Nope. hang out meant HANG OUT like not even holding your hand but maybe getting 3 feet close to you if I'm lucky. If I had known he was so unexperienced I would of been totally freaked out and would of never dated American men again.

Being lost in translation was a good thing and when he kissed me for the first time at a salsa party he was very suave. he danced and kissed me at the same time which proved my theory that he had mad skillz.

Only later I found out that his skills was just good luck and talent (they are very talented boys you know) and not years of experience. By then I didn't care about his past and just focused on our make out sessions that were totally delish.

Is this more info than you wanted? I'm assuming it is. Oh don't tell his aunty about me making out with her nephew o.k it might gross her out?!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Okay, I totally wish I hadn't asked that. That was TMI.

Now I'm totally jealous and imagining what it would be like.

Don't tell your auntie!!!!!!!!! Shhhhh

Kristina P. said...

It's a SNUGGIE, not a Snuggli. How dare you desecrate my backwards robe!!!

And how do you get all the same people to come back on the same post? Must figure this out.